How To Fix Sim Not Provisioned MM2 in 2022 (Steps by Steps)

sim not provisioned mm2

People who get a new phone with a new sim card or who move their number to a newer sim card sometimes run into the sim not supplied mm#2 issue. You’ll get the “Sim not provisioned mm#2” problem message only while making emergency calls.

This malfunction prevents you from calling anybody other than emergency services, who will be the only ones who can help you. However, you won’t have any trouble accessing the phone’s menus or making use of its other functions.

Sim Not Provisioned MM2

SIM not provided mm#2 most often occurs when a SIM card is either not active, suspended, or recognised by the mobile network operator. This error message may appear if you have just purchased a sim card and have not yet activated it. In the event that your sim was functioning normally before this issue began to appear, you may have encountered one of two possible causes.

The first possibility is that the sim card has expired and is no longer functional. The second possibility is that your service provider has cancelled your sim card after you requested a number port. There are several additional possibilities, but ultimately, they all boil down to your sim card being dormant and network-less.

Exactly What Does “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” Indicate?

SIM Not Provisioned

Why does it matter if a SIM card is not provisioned? If you take this error message at face value, you won’t learn too lot from it. The reason for this is because the notification does not explain what caused the mistake or what may be done to fix it. The message has a reasonable explanation, however.

When your phone reports that its SIM is “not provisioned mm#2,” it signifies that the SIM card is either not enabled for usage with your phone or that service has been temporarily halted. It’s possible it’ll happen once you port. In order to use your phone, you must first supply your SIM card. Your phone will keep displaying the above notification until you do so.

When You Try To Make A Call, You Get An Error Saying “SIM Not Provisioned For Voice”

The “SIM not provisioned for voice” problem is occurring more often. This is especially prevalent on Google Pixel smartphones and other gadgets that use the Google Fi network (a hybrid of mobile and Wi-Fi). However, the “SIM not provisioned for voice” problem may also show up on other networks and devices.

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Strategies For Resolving “SIM Not Provisioned” Problems

If your Android keeps showing “SIM not provided” issues, you may try re-enabling your SIM card using these steps.

Solution 1: Ensure That The SIM Card Is Not Damaged

Whether you get a message from your phone saying that your SIM card is not provisioned, the first thing you should do is see if the card is physically damaged. There’s a chance that your SIM card is functional but damaged, preventing your phone from accessing any information stored on the SIM.

SIM card health checks require removing the phone’s card tray.

After that, remove the SIM card from its tray and examine it. Verify that there are no scuffs or other visible indications of wear.

If your SIM card shows indications of damage, you should contact your service provider about getting a replacement. Contact your service provider, and they will gladly provide you a replacement SIM card.

If the SIM card is undamaged and functioning properly, go on to find other solutions to your problem.

Solution 2: Modify Service Carriers

An app manages the phone’s interactions with mobile networks, much like the rest of the phone.

Google’s Carrier Services is pre-installed on Android and is constantly being improved by Google. If you haven’t changed phones or inserted a new SIM and you’re still getting the “SIM card not provisioned MM#2” error, it may be due to an issue with Carrier Services.

What has to be done to correct this:

  • Activate the Google Play Store.
  • Your profile picture serves as a menu that you may access by tapping it.
  • Select Apps & Device Management.
  • Select Updates accessible under What’s New. Find Out More
  • Carriers should be sought out.
  • Make Sure You Are On The Latest Version By Tapping Update
  • If you don’t see Carrier Services on this list, then the SIM not supplied problem isn’t caused by a lack of Carrier Services.

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Solution 3: Get In Touch With The Company Providing The Service

Your wireless carrier is the only entity with the ability to switch your SIM card on or off. Consequently, if you’re experiencing issues with your Sim card saying it’s “not provisioned” in mm#2, you should get in touch with customer care for your service provider. If the current sim card is broken, they will replace it with a new one, and if not, they will just activate it.

Solution 4: Inserting The Sim Card Correctly

It’s possible that the problem lies not with the service provider but with the phone or the SIM card. If your SIM card is not correctly inserted, you will see an error message. A defective sim card holder means that the sim card might have migrated even if you haven’t handled it.

Follow the instructions below to verify that the SIM card was inserted correctly.

  • Do not disturb us by using a mobile phone.
  • Remove the phone’s back cover. If you are unsure how to open your phone, see the user guide.
  • It’s time to track down the sim holder. In order to access the sim card slot, you may need to remove the phone’s battery. It might be buried somewhere under the battery.
  • Take out your sim and replace it. It must be fully and correctly entered. A little indication next to the sim holder should indicate which side of the sim should be inserted.
  • To finish assembling your phone, replace the battery (if you removed it) and snap on the back. Try restarting your phone and seeing if that helps.

If you tried the aforementioned solutions and they didn’t work, the issue may lie with your phone or SIM card. In order to test the SIM card, you may use it in a different phone. If it’s functioning well on another phone, it’s likely that yours has a problem that requires fixing; to find out what it is, visit a mobile repair shop in your area. There may be an issue with the SIM card if it doesn’t function properly on that phone, too. A new SIM card will be required in such situation.

Solution 5: Force your Android device to restart

If the problem “SIM did not provide and MM2” appears on your Smartphone, try restarting it. If network congestion is the cause of the issue, it will be resolved. As a result, if your phone is acting up, the best first step is to restart it. The warning will go away after a restart.

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