Is Afterpay Accepted By Amazon in 2022? Know About Payment Procedure

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Amazon is a well-known internet merchant.

It’s one of the most convenient and simple methods to acquire the things you need sent directly to your home because of the vast variety and quick delivery periods. When it comes to purchasing anything from Amazon, you may be concerned about how you’ll pay.

Although Amazon supports a wide variety of payment methods, Afterpay is not one of them. The other split payment choices are still available, though.

What Exactly Is Afterpay?

Is Afterpay Accepted By Amazon?

A service called Afterpay lets you purchase something now and pay for it at a later date or over a period of time.

If you’re looking for a safe and secure method of payment, you may want to consider Afterpay.

On a slew of websites, customers may pay via Afterpay.

By doing so, you may spread out the cost of a significant purchase across a number of smaller, more affordable instalments.

There is no yearly interest charge with Afterpay compared to a credit card or other kind of financing.

Instead of accumulating debt, you are given a certain period of time in which to pay off a predetermined sum of money.

After you pay it off, you’ll be able to borrow even more money.

Afterpay utilises a credit or debit card of your choosing to keep on file and automatically charge your weekly payments.

Amazon Accepts Afterpay

However, Amazon Australia does offer BNPL through Zip, but does not provide access to Afterpay. You may, however, utilise Afterpay in a different method.

This feature isn’t being considered by Amazon since they believe it isn’t worth the effort for such a powerful platform. In order to provide customers with other payment options, a small number of retailers have begun taking Afterpay.

How Can I utilise Afterpay On Amazon?

How Can I utilise Afterpay On Amazon?

Like many other websites, Amazon does not accept Afterpay as a form of payment. Amazon still accepts Afterpay payments. Using Afterpay’s one-time payment option, this is accomplished.

Using Afterpay’s one-time payment option on is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • In the Afterpay app, go to the Shop page and choose Amazon.
  • Add items to your shopping basket on
  • To complete your purchase, go over to Amazon checkout and complete your transaction there.
  • The credit/debit card area will automatically have the one-time payment information filled in.
  • The “In-App Only” stores in the Afterpay app accept the one use payment option.

Is Afterpay Accepted By Amazon?

Is Afterpay Accepted

Afterpay is not accepted by Amazon. But don’t worry, BYPL is there for you. Amazon’s BNPL programme lets customers to purchase a product and pay for it at a later date.

In order to utilise Zip, customers must enter their Zip Card information, which will subsequently be used to pay for the goods you’re planning to purchase, In this case, you’ll have four weeks to make good on your debt.

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What Gives Amazon The Right To Refuse Afterpay?

That is why the question “Does Amazon accept Afterpay?” has no satisfactory response at this time. For the most part, the biggest e-commerce corporation in the world does not accept Afterpay.

Many companies are increasingly offering Afterpay as a way to reward consumers and provide a wider range of payment choices. Amazon officials, on the other hand, are wary about integrating Afterpay into the company’s most popular e-commerce service.

Afterpay is a popular payment method used by many retailers to provide their consumers extra alternatives for payment. This shop, on the other hand, does not need the usage of this system due to the large number of clients it already has.

Even if they pay using a different method, Amazon’s ideal client appears to have been identified. However, this does not rule out the possibility of Afterpay being offered in the future.

Afterpay is a little-known payment option. No one knows whether this choice will be popular. They may instead choose to use Amazon’s services.

Is Amazon’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” Feature Available?

Is Amazon's "Buy Now, Pay Later"

Absolutely! In recent years, the expression “buy now, pay later” has gained notoriety in the financial community.

If you don’t want to pay for an item entirely at once, you may use Afterpay or Klarna. Using a credit card or an account with this shop to order products allows you to make interest-free purchases of various items.

However, there are methods for you to avoid having to make a decision when checking out on the website. If specific purchases and goods are eligible, you may set up a monthly payment plan!

This company’s products may be paid for using this method. Kindle e-readers, Amazon Fire tablets, and Amazon Echo smart home devices are all known as these devices. Customers love these.

There’s no better site than Amazon to get high-quality electronic products at low costs. This information should be shown on the product page if you opt to buy one of their most popular tech items.

Upon receipt of the first payment, your device will be sent to you, and after that, four equal monthly payments will be billed to your chosen payment method.

More payment options are available to you if you register for and are permitted to use an A-brand unique credit card when making purchases on the website or app.

When you shop online or via an app, you’ll have access to extra options and rewards if you have a store card.


We really hope that our article on “Does Amazon accept Afterpay?” was helpful in guiding you to the information you sought. If not, don’t be alarmed! On Amazon, there are a number of additional payment methods available. Credit cards and other online banking options are available for payment.

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