Is Chrissy Teigen Pregnant? Emotional Journey In The Lead-Up To Baby’s Birth

is chrissy teigen pregnant

It will be Chrissy Teigen’s second kid. According to E! News’s sources, the author of Cravings couldn’t be happier to welcome a new child into her family. On August 4th, she revealed her pregnancy. Another child is something she’s always wanted, a trusted insider says.

Chrissy admitted in an Instagram post that the “last few years have been a mix of emotions to say the least.” At 20 weeks pregnant in 2020, they shared the news that they had lost their son, Jack.

In interviews over the years, they’ve discussed their feelings and thoughts about his death and shared memories of him. Since Chrissy and John were already parents to 6-year-old Luna and 4-year-old Miles, they opted to keep their pregnancy a secret for a while.

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Chrissy said that despite hearing the baby’s heartbeat

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At each doctor’s visit, she still couldn’t bring herself to make the announcement. So far, everything has been wonderful and beautiful, and I have a sense of optimism and awe that I don’t recall ever feeling following an appointment.

They continue to have faith in humanity’s eventual triumph. Someone close to her stated, “She is cautiously optimistic.” She is attempting to keep her spirits up despite her fears. One day at a time is all they can manage right now. Fans are also sending their best wishes.

Chrissy’s fans were ecstatic when she announced her pregnancy and showed off her growing baby bump in an Instagram post with the caption, “1 billion shots later (in the leg recently, as u can see!) we have another one on the way.”

John tweeted five heart emoticons to express his delight

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After informing her fans that she was “balls deep in another IVF cycle to save as many eggos as I possibly can and maybe produce some strong, healthy embryos,” Chrissy announced her pregnancy about six months later.

Having just learned that she is expecting again, she is overjoyed. A second source close to Chrissy told E! News that she is “overjoyed” to be expecting again and is looking forward to welcoming another kid.

She had been holding back her feelings until she could tell her closest friends since she knew they would understand. The ups and downs of their relationship have affected them equally.

They are trying to maintain a positive outlook and can’t believe this chance has come their way. Legend and Teigen are parents to Luna, age 5, and Miles, age 3.

She told the world in February that she was undergoing IVF treatment in an effort to conceive again, but has since urged her followers to stop asking her when she’s going to have a baby.

Despite the pain, I don’t mind getting shot. If you ask me if I’m pregnant, I know you’re just trying to be nice, but it still hurts a little because I’m not pregnant and those questions make me feel like a doctor or chemist, plus the bloating is annoying.

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FAQs – People Also Ask

What really happened with Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy?

They had been trying for around nine years without success before deciding to try IVF, she added. According to Teigen, the couple would have had children five or six years earlier if everything had gone according to plan.

How far along was Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy when she had to abort it?

In late September of 2020, Teigen and her husband John Legend experienced a miscarriage at the 20-week mark.

These are photos taken by our crew during their shoot in Mexico for the Wild music video. As early as week 10, I knew I was going to be a mother, and I was overjoyed.

Could Chrissy Teigen have had a placental abruption?

A placental abruption, Teigen revealed, was the cause of her miscarriage, which she discussed at length alongside her agony and sorrow.

Because it only affects 1% of pregnancies, the illness is rarely reported about. Increased awareness of the illness is largely attributable to Teigen’s tweet.

Is it possible to get pregnant after egg retrieval?

An unprotected sexual encounter may result in a spontaneous pregnancy using sperm that has survived in the female reproductive system for several days, even while every precaution is taken to recover a healthy egg.

When exactly is Chrissy Teigen due to give birth?

For you and John, my heart bursts with happiness. Despite being open about her reproductive struggles, Teigen kept the news of the birth of her son Jack at 20 weeks to herself until October 2020.

The food writer required repeated blood transfusions and was bedridden after experiencing serious bleeding.

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