Who Gets Fired On Below Deck Down Under: Every Star Getting Out Of The Show

below deck down under

On March 17, 2022, Peacock Original debuted the Australian reality television programme Below Deck Down Under. Following Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht, the programme is Below Deck’s third spin-off.

The series, which debuted in February 2022, follows the lives of the crew members who work and live onboard a 150-foot-plus superyacht during an Australian charter season that involves six weeks of filming with the cast temporarily taking the place of the regular crew.

Aesha Scott, who appeared on Seasons 4 and 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean, was a Stewardess. Australia’s regular news viewers might be familiar with Chambers. When the superyacht Moatize collapsed in Northern Queensland in 2019, he was its skipper. A second season is currently being discussed by the producers for 2023.

Let’s check who gets fired from the show through the year.

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Below Deck Down Under Full Cast

  • Jason Chambers – Captain
  • Ryan McKeown – Chef (Episode 1–14)
  • Nate Post – Chef (Episode 14–17)
  • Aesha Scott – Chief Stew
  • Tumi Mhlongo – 2nd Stew
  • Magda Ziomek – 3rd Stew (Episode 1–14)
  • Taylor Dennison – Stew (Episode 14–17)
  • Jamie Sayed – Bosun
  • Culver Bradbury – Deckhand
  • Brittini Burton – Deckhand
  • Ben Crawley – Deckhand
below deck down under cast

Cast & Crew Who Gets Fired On Below Deck Down Under

Magda Ziomek

Magda was terminated from her position in the interior department during the first season of Below Deck Down Under because of her lack of progress. Aesha Scott ultimately made the decision to bring in a replacement rather than completing the charter season with Magda since the stew became distracted by personal turmoil involving the woman’s lover.

Ryan McKeown

The chef was fired at the end of the season of Below Deck Down Under because the guests and Captain Jason were unhappy with the food he prepared throughout the season. While the reality star was walking away from the pier, he flashed his butt to the cameras and to his old manager.

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More About Below Deck Seasons & Casts

Do the plank walk! Although Below Deck and its spinoff series are reality TV shows, the crew’s decisions both on and off the ship may have real-life repercussions. Stars like Hannah Ferrier, Peter Hunziker, and Shane Coopersmith have all had their respective charters terminated over the years for a variety of reasons.

Hannah was fired from Below Deck Mediterranean when she was found on board the ship with Valium during the fifth season of the show in 2020. Following her termination, Below Deck alum Kate Chastain revealed exclusively to Us Weekly that Captain Sandy Yawn had no choice but to take the pills after witnessing the evidence of them.

In September 2020, Chastain said to Us, “This decision happened because there was really no other option.” No one wanted Hannah to go in that direction. She has long been a wonderful contributor to the show, but due to legal restrictions, Sandy’s options were limited.

about below deck

After making racially offensive remarks during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in June 2020, Peter had been fired from Bravo two months earlier. Shane from Below Deck, on the other hand, was fired during season 8 due to subpar performance aboard the boat.

During a December 2020 episode, Captain Lee Rosbach informed the deckhand, “Unfortunately, the time has come for us to part ways.” Simply said, “You’re not doing it for me.”

After learning of his termination, Shane expressed his shock to the cameras, saying, “I feel empty, like a vacuum just sucked everything up inside of me. Even after giving everything I knew I could, it wasn’t sufficient. The likelihood of more than one crew member being fired during season 8 of the original series was hinted at by Captain Lee two months before.

During his appearance on Watch What Happens Live in October 2020, he said, “Boatmances are those things that you wish don’t happen and you are powerless to avoid them.” “You just hope they turn out for the best because you know they’re going to happen. God, they go south so rapidly when they do. It’s necessary to get rid of two persons occasionally.

Will there be Below Deck Down Under reunion?

The first Below Deck programme to air as a Peacock original was Below Deck Down Under. Bravo shows are now able to add to popular franchises like Real Housewives on the streaming service.

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip did not have a reunion show, unlike the Peacock original The Real Housewives of Miami. It turns out that Below Deck Down Under will borrow several strategies from RHUGHT.

Fans now know there won’t be a Below Deck Down Under Season 1 reunion thanks to Aesha, Tumi Mhlongo, and Brittini Burton. The three women recently gathered to conduct a mini-reunion via Instagram, during which they revealed that there are no official M/Y Thalassa crew gatherings scheduled.

At this point, it is unclear why that is the case. Not that the cast didn’t have a lot to discuss. Maybe there was a scheduling difficulty, or maybe the cast reunion will happen when Bravo’s season of Below Deck Down Under is through.

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