Who Killed Alison In Pretty Little Liars? We’re Going Crazy

who killed alison in pretty little liars

In anticipation of next week’s series finale of “Pretty Little Liars,” the show gave us a bombshell episode this week that revealed a number of controversial truths. The identification of Jessica DiLaurentis’ murderer is even more shocking.

In the most recent instalment, Mary Drake is shown to have killed and buried Mrs. DiLaurentis, and Spencer’s father returns to town to solve the mystery.

They are indeed identical twins. According to Mr. Hastings, Mary murdered Jessica using one of his medications because she wanted her sister to shoulder the blame.

If you thought that was unexpected, you haven’t seen anything yet from this week’s pivotal episode, which featured several more surprises.

Alison is definitely expecting Emily’s child, proving what many fans have suspected all along. AD impregnated Alison with eggs provided by Emily.

No, that’s not cool at all. Also, the Liars found out that Pastor Ted is Charlotte’s biological father, thus the drama surrounding the pregnancy and paternity hasn’t subsided yet.

D. Bethany Young

alison's love story

Fans have been watching Jessica Belkin’s Bethany Young as early as the pilot, even though she doesn’t make her proper debut until Season 5.

Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) disappears during a sleepover with Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario), Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), and Emily Fields (Troian Bellisario) (Shay Mitchell).

In the same episode a year later, Alison’s body is found and she is assumed to have died. It becomes evident that Alison is still alive and on the run from an unknown enemy over the course of the ensuing seasons. This begged the question, “Who was the body that the police recovered at the end of Season 1?”

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Marion Cavanaugh

Marion Cavanaugh’s (Karla Droege) tragic death also fails to shock audiences since she is killed off before she can make a significant impact.

Spencer’s mother, Marion, is also the mother of one of the men she has a crush on, Toby (Keegan Allen). Her first appearance in a flashback did not occur until season 4, however in season 3, Spencer desecrated her grave.

While looking into the events surrounding his mother’s suicide at Radley Sanitarium, Toby discovers that Bethany pushed Marion from the roof, resulting in her death.

When will the news break that Alison DiLaurentis is still alive?

alison's career status

Alison DiLaurentis’s continued existence is revealed in the twelfth episode of season four, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.” Carla Grunwald was also the one to exhume Alison from the shallow grave she had excavated for her.

Alison DiLaurentis could approach Grunwald in confidence because he had psychic abilities. After finding out that Alison is still alive, the Liars begin to wonder if she is in fact the mysterious “Red Coat,” a blonde lady who has been keeping an eye on them.

The Liars meet Alison in New York for the first time in “A is for Answers,” when they are given the full story of what transpired on September 1, 2009.

Alison tells her pals that Grunwald tried to take her to the hospital and that her mother saw her seemingly die. Alison, fearing a second murder, ran into Mona Vanderwaal, who took her to the safety of Lost Woods Resort.

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FAQs – People Also Ask

Who or what caused the death of the young woman widely believed to be Alison?

However, Bethany and Alison looked like twins from behind. The realisation that she was to blame for Bethany’s death hits Mona hard. Charlotte mistook Alison for Bethany and aimed her punch at her, but she instead hit Alison.

Will we ever know if the person who killed Alison is the same one who killed Jessica?

The events of Season 5 indicate that Big A was also involved in the death of Alison. The attacker and the gravedigger in “A is for Answers” are fictitious.

The mother, Jessica DiLaurentis, witnessed her daughter, Alison, get hit in the head with a rock, and then buried her alive because she assumed she was dead.

What brought about Alison’s sad demise?

Charlotte DiLaurentis later hit Alison over the head with a rock, and Jessica DiLaurentis, believing Alison dead, buried her alive under the gazebo construction site to protect Charlotte. Alison was about to be buried alive by Carla Grunwald when she came to her rescue.

Where was Alison when she vanished?

Alison disappeared on September 1st. Alison and Ian went to Hilton Head so she could distract herself from her “A” stress.

Because she was sharing a room with Melissa and Ian, she overheard their conversation. Melissa informs Alison that she is familiar with Ian and that he must not approach her again.

What happened to Alison’s remains?

Mona is now resting in the grave, having passed on to the next life. When Emily screams, Mona immediately covers her mouth to silence her.

Emily sees a blonde woman (Red Coat) in the distance who is dressed in a red coat. Mona mentions a graveyard visit with Red Coat in “A DAngerous GAme,” during which he wears a mask to protect his identity from prying eyes.

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