Who Killed Bunny Only Murders In The Building? Review All Available Evidence

who killed bunny only murders in the building

A shared love of the band All Is Not OK brings Charles, Oliver, and Mabel together in the pilot. Also, in the first season, we learned that Cinda had identified the killer of Becky Butler.

What if, nevertheless, she did lie? Is there a chance that she and a certain overzealous New York City detective conspired to set up this case?

After making the connection between the Becky Butler and Bunny Folger cases, Mabel meets Cinda’s overworked assistant; the girl appears exceedingly pressured, almost panicked, and advises Mabel to leave it alone. I mean, how could that be?

On the ninth episode of Season 1, Poppy says, “You don’t know what she’s capable of.” She will literally do everything to get what she wants, so you better watch out. Apparently Poppy is aware of this, but how? Because I’m Becky Butler,” she says simply.

Witness: Glitter Guy, aka Detective Kreps

who killed bunny only murders

In episode six, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel come up with a sophisticated plan to identify and apprehend the person who has been sending them texts as Detective Williams. They invite the mystery texter to Morningside Park with the promise of a bloodstained matchbook.

During the time that the glitter bomb they’ve set up to hoodwink the suspect goes off, the three are too concerned with a conversation about Charles’s love possibilities to stop the texter from escaping with the evidence.

At the end of Season 7, Glitter Guy shows a chicken patch on his rucksack, letting everyone know he works at Coney Island after he loses his security patch. The audience can see that one of the actors has a broken arm; they should be suspicious of the character.

And at the very end of episode eight, Mabel realises that Glitter Guy is actually Detective Kreps because she sees glitter behind his ear. Beyond his apparent enmity against Charles, Oliver, and Mabel, Detective Kreps doesn’t appear to have much going for him.

He calls the three of them out for interfering in what he calls “the case of his career” and begs them to leave him alone. To be honest, I can’t fathom a motive for Kreps to murder Bunny. Maybe he’s working with one of them.

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Lucy (Zoe Margaret Colletti) revealed a potentially crucial detail: the killer sneezed in the hidden tunnels that night, so we can’t rule out Jonathan (Jason Veasey), who we first saw in episode 8 of this current season. It’s no secret that Jonathan has an allergy to animals.

Given what little we know about Jonathan outside of this, it’s probably just a distraction, but we’re keeping an eye out just in case.

White Poppies

White Poppies

When Cinda’s overworked aide Poppy told Mabel that she was really the fictional victim Becky Butler from an earlier episode of Cinda’s true crime podcast, everyone was taken aback.

Why would the person who is presumably dead still be employed by the podcaster who gained notoriety because of the case? is only one of the concerns brought up by this. Just what is going on, and does Cinda know about it?

Although none of this definitively implicates Poppy (previously known as Becky) with Bunny’s murder, she is certainly a compelling suspect.

Cinda Canning

Let’s zero in on the most likely culprit. Cinda’s chances seem to be decreasing despite the fact that she has been a contender all season (Tina Fey). Since she has already shown she will stop at nothing to get a good podcast, it is not surprising that she will try to frame our heroes for Bunny’s murder.

Through the course of the season, Cinda established herself as a formidable foe, and we now think she would make a satisfying killer.

We have to wonder if this is the formula the programme is going to proceed with (a very believable one) or if another twist waits in store after the penultimate episode of the previous season unveiled Jan (Amy Ryan) as the murderer.


On the day of the murder, Bunny is contacted by the building manager, who wants her stamp of approval on an elevator inspection fee. Ursula is seen tossing a box of papers into the dumpster in the alley during the mourning service. These, in our opinion, are essentially sideshows.


As a former employee of the Arconia, Marv is intimately familiar with its many nooks and crannies and is a dedicated listener of the Only Murders podcast.

Could this superfan have committed murder to preserve the harmony of the trio? As he was with the other Arconiacs when the three of them were arrested in the season one finale, it has been hypothesised that he would not have had time to kill Bunny, morph, and escape.

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Bunny Mystry Video

FAQs – People Also Ask

Who plays Bunny’s mother in Only Murders in the Building?

Season 2 episode 2 included Shirley MacLaine’s Leonora telling Charles that his father, the man shown in Rose’s artwork, was an adulterous who had affairs with both Leonora and Rose in the mid-1950s.

Who did it in the second season of “Only Murders in the Building?”

Glitter Guy is revealed to be Detective Kreps (Michael Rapaport) at the end of Season 2 Episode 8. Detective Kreps is one of the policemen helping Detective Williams with the Bunny investigation.

Mabel recognises the connection between Kreps’s appearance at the Arconia and the citywide blackout that occurred earlier.

How many episodes does season 2 have if there are only murders?

Each season consists of ten parts.

When did Leonora Folger become famous?

A Sheryl MacLaine

Is there any idea how long Only Murders in the Building will go for?

Is Only Murders in the Building returning for a third season? Yes! According to Variety, only Murders in the Building has been picked up for a third season.

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