How To Tame A Minecraft Ocelot With Fascinating Animals (Know More About)

how to tame a minecraft ocelot

The Minecraft universe is full with cuddly animals like cats, lambs, ocelots, and turtles. In a nod to reality, these species will only appear in certain overworld biomes.

It’s no secret that ocelots are one of Minecraft’s most fascinating animals.

These are the neutral monsters that can become allies if you earn their trust. They were introduced in the game’s version 1.2. Ocelots before then behaved like domestic cats and were difficult to get close to and domesticate.

Thankfully, these massive cats are far less difficult to befriend in Ocelot thanks to the game’s updated rules.

Nowadays in Minecraft, ocelots often take a break on furniture like beds, stoves, and chests. We also raised their spawn rates, so you can find them more quickly.

Here, we’ll demonstrate the ins and outs of taming ocelots in Minecraft. Okay, so let’s begin!

In Minecraft, Taming Ocelots: The Ultimate Guide

How To Tame A Minecraft Ocelot

In Minecraft, taming an ocelot is as simple as taming any other animal. There is a one-third probability of gaining the ocelot’s confidence if you feed it raw salmon or cod. It is far more difficult to tame an ocelot than a wolf or other pack animal.

Gaining the trust of ocelots is the most important step.

Ocelots Are Coming Within Range

Ocelots Are Coming Within Range

Feeding an ocelot fish like salmon or cod can quickly earn its confidence, but the real challenge is getting close enough to touch it.

Because of their stealthy nature, ocelots are able to avoid being caught by players and other monsters. They normally flee when they see you. However, Ocelots have been seen to approach players who are carrying raw codfish or salmon. Your offering of food is fair game if you get near enough.

Ocelots are often startled, so it’s important to stay still while you feed them. The ocelot will run away at the first sign of movement, which is as little as moving your head. The ocelot will run away for a short time if you remove the fish from its mouth.

Earlier, we indicated that ocelots had a one-third probability of trusting you if you give them fish like salmon or cod. To gain the ocelot’s confidence, you should have at least two or three raw fish options available, such as salmon or cod.

To Remind You, Ocelots Can Despawn!

When you’ve won an ocelot’s confidence, it’s important to keep in mind that they sometimes disappear. The same rules apply as with hostile mobs: if you stay away from them for too long, they will despawn.

In this instance, keeping your ocelot under constant surveillance is essential for maintaining control.

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Locating Ocelots

Only in the jungle’s humid conditions can you find an ocelot. Look for them in wide-open areas, since they are unlikely to come near to you in confined situations. The Ocelot Spawn Egg may be used to spawn an infinite number of ocelots in Creative mode.

Methods For Domesticating Ocelots

The only foods that an ocelot will consume are raw fish, namely salmon and cod. At the very least, you’ll need twenty raw fish to keep their interest. In order to catch fish, one must first construct a fishing pole and then go to a body of water such as a lake, pond, or river.

Ocelots: Their Uses And Abilities

Even if you feed your tamed ocelot, it won’t follow you around all the time as a house cat would. Without direction, they would most likely end up wandering about aimlessly. Hold uncooked fish in your palm to keep them close. Having an ocelot with you might make it easier to go through regions teeming with Creepers, since certain creatures will flee from them.

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Despite My Best Efforts, I Have Never Managed To Domesticate An Ocelot In Minecraft?

The ability to tame Ocelots in Minecraft has been removed. However, if you give them enough raw salmon or cod, you may earn their confidence.

Creepers: Do Ocelots Strike Fear In Their Hearts?

Yes, both ocelots and cats strike fear in the hearts of creepers. They would be safe to walk about in at night without fear of being followed by creepers for at least six blocks in either direction.

Do Pandas Have The Potential To Be Domesticated In Minecraft?

Unlike other Minecraft mobs, pandas cannot be domesticated. They prefer bamboo jungles to other biomes and have a subdued demeanour. Pandas are often reserved and may get agitated if you bother them.

Our Minecraft ocelot taming tutorial comes to an end here. Please use the comment box to raise any issues or problems you may have, and we will respond as soon as we can.

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