Is Taylor Swift Pregnant? Allusions Can Be Found in Taylor Swift’s New Capital One Ad

is taylor swift pregnant capital one commercial

It seems that Taylor Swift has never created a piece of art without sprinkling it with hidden meanings and allusions. Since Taylor is the queen of easter eggs, Swifties have learned to dissect every new release like a crime scene.

Aside from the obvious indications in her music videos and Instagram posts, she also leaves hints in the commercials she appears in. Taylor featured in a new Capital One TV advertisement, and fans have already found Folklore easter eggs in it.

The main idea of the commercial is that switching to Capital One is as easy as Taylor putting on a cardigan whenever she feels a chill in the air (and yes, you can buy that adorable knit cardigan you see her wearing in the video).

In reality, there is a lot more going on in this commercial than meets the eye. Taylor opens her closet door in one moment, revealing the ornamented racks on either side. Genuine Swift fans immediately saw the need to investigate further.

The new Taylor Swift commercial for Capital One

taylor swift love life

As part of the singer’s ongoing collaboration with the bank, the new ad features folklore-themed Easter eggs and contains various references to the album and its songs.

People started pointing out all the references immediately after the commercial aired on Wednesday, starting with the most obvious ones.

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Swift, who was 30 at the time the commercial was shot, can be seen considering what to wear as she gazes out the window. Singer, who did her own hair and makeup for the promo, takes off her clothes to reveal a “Cardigan” branded jumper.

Future Pop Is Here: Taylor Swift’s New Album Is a Look Into the Near Future of Music

taylor swift net worth

To give one example, the 29-year-old lady, who works as a bartender, is prone to accidental wine spills due to her enthusiastic nature. She’s not much better as a soda jerk, as seen by the botched ice cream float.

Swift, in her waitressing role, gives a patron a check for $13.13 and $19.89, the latter being her lucky number and the former being her birth year and the name of her fifth studio album.

The name of her new album, Lover, is printed on the cheque with a doodle of a cat. This is not Swift’s first time supporting a brand; she has previously pushed brands including Diet Coke, AT&T, and Apple Music.

Capital One announced a multi-year partnership with the 10-time Grammy winner on the same day the commercial debuted on Friday, July 26.

Capital One stated that cardholders could pre-order a special Taylor Swift album bundle that included the digital standard version of Lover and a “one-of-a-kind” T-shirt.

Presently, Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend

The singer of love songs seems to always be making headlines. Many people have shared their thoughts about her exes and others have expressed interest in her personal life. As for Swift’s current relationship, she’s taken extra measures to protect her privacy.

Taylor Swift started dating Joe Alwyn in 2016 after a brief engagement to English actor Tom Hiddleston. The six years they’ve spent together as a couple have flown by, and it seems like they’ve never spent a day apart. Both parties were vigilant in keeping their relationship under wraps.

Despite this, they do occasionally engage in a conversation concerning one another. Inevitably, the couple will inspire fangirl and boy-crush gushing.

Engagement Announcement: Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

We have some fantastic news to share with you all, even though reports of swifties being pregnant were probably overblown.

The 32-year-old singer recently announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend, English actor Joe Alwyn. In keeping with the low key nature of their relationship as a whole, the two opted for a low-key engagement.

According to reports, the pair recently announced their engagement. Despite this, they made the decision to not publicly announce their engagement. Both parties have considered the consequences of making their relationship public and have decided against doing so.

An acquaintance of theirs recently told The Sun that the couple is head over heels in love with one another and could not be happier.

The pair got engaged a few months ago, but only their closest friends and family knew about it, according to the source. Sources say the couple had anybody who knew about their future intentions “sworn to secrecy.”

FAQs – Question and Answers

Where does Taylor Swift fit into that Cardigan ad, exactly?

Taylor Swift bares her entire wardrobe in a new commercial for Capital One. The video makes it seem like Taylor’s choice to bank with Capital One was as easy as picking out an outfit.

Is Taylor Swift in the new Capital One commercial?

Taylor Swift has a closet full of “Folklore” cardigans, which she proudly displays in a new commercial for Capital One. Taylor Swift published an advertisement for Capital One on Monday that shows fans her wardrobe.

Anybody know how old Taylor Swift is?

32 years (13 December 1989)

Taylor Swift, could you please reveal the financial institution you use?

T-Swizzle will serve as a visual and auditory emblem of Capital One for the foreseeable future. Capital One and music superstar Taylor Swift have signed a multi-year deal in which Swift will produce exclusive content and experiences for Capital One cards.

Find out what Taylor Swift’s necklace means right here!

Taylor wears a “J” necklace from Tiffany & Co. and points to it while singing “you must like me for me” in the music video. Some of her admirers find this to be a touching memorial to her rumoured boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

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