Scary & Horror Games On Roblox (Updated List 2022)

scary games on roblox

Roblox is a fun and popular place to play and create games, but have you thought about how terrifying games may feel if they were played there? Yet, you, like the rest of us, are undoubtedly shocked to learn that terrifying Roblox games even exist.

We understand it’s hard to picture, particularly given Roblox’s emphasis on lighthearted multiplayer action and simulation games that kids may enjoy with their friends. More fitting to such atmosphere are the artwork and titles. Today, we’d like to take things in a new direction by talking about the most terrifying multiplayer games available on Roblox. If you want to learn all there is to know about the scariest Roblox games, this is the post for you.

What Are The Scariest Roblox Games?

One may find a wealth of individually developed and organised horror games on Roblox. If you’re interested enough to look, you’ll find hundreds of them.

All of these games are excellent examples of the horror genre, with compelling plots, creepy visuals, and plenty of opportunities for the player to be startled.

These scary Roblox games are fun to play all year round, not just on October 31. Here is a compilation of the most terrifying games you can play on Roblox. A handful of games designed for single players are included so that you may have some quiet time to yourself.

1. Dead Silence

Dead Silence

For a long time, Dead Silence has been considered one of the scariest Roblox games and the most frightening and stunning experience.

The horror movie Dead Silence serves as inspiration for the role of investigator you’ll play in the game.
Your objective is to uncover the truth about Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist who is said to still haunt the area.
With a level design that will make you terrified of every corner, topped with eerie creaking noises and whispered hushes, this Roblox game will make sure you leave the lights on when you go to sleep.

2. Roblox The Mimic

If you’re looking for a scare, go no further than The Mimic, one of Roblox’s most played and probably greatest horror games to date. There are scares, lights, and a general atmosphere of dread throughout this game.

We learn that The Mimic is: “Unique tales based on Japanese mythology and history. In each novel, you’ll take on the role of a new person who boldly goes where no one has gone before.”

Watch the brand new trailer for Roblox’s The Mimic down below to get a feel for the game.

Finally, here are our choices for the top 10 most terrifying horror games available on Roblox right now. Remember that this is only our perspective and that there are likely dozens other horror games on Roblox that you will like more.

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3. Lloyd Residence

Lloyd Residence

Lloyd Residence is a great game for you if you like mythology and scary tales in your video games.

The main character of the game is Chuck Lloyd, a grizzled knight whose bad nightmares of the past have left him emotionally damaged and who is chronically sleep deprived.
In principle, the Lloyd Household may be split in two games, the Lloyd Household and Chuck’s Basement.
If you like the challenge of finding hidden information and solving riddles, you will like this game.

4. Roblox Nanny

Roblox Nanny

If you’re looking for a Roblox horror game with a lot of atmosphere and a healthy dose of jump scares in 2022, go no further than our top-three pick, Nanny.

To play, one must essentially creep through a dark home while dodging a wicked nanny. While independence is the end aim, you probably won’t achieve it on your first few efforts. Put on a diaper, that’s what we say.

5. Alone in a Dark House

Alone in a Dark House

The newest scary game on Roblox is another quest-based adventure. The horror film Alone in a Dark House combines a number of techniques—thematic elements, walking dynamics, and a plethora of jump scares—to great effect.

The player assumes the role of a private eye sent to a sleepy little village in August 1996.
A grisly vehicular homicide is what you’ll be looking into as your investigation takes you to a sprawling mansion with a lot of hidden rooms.

You could think the empty room is only bare bones until you find the hidden doors and corridors that lead to the dreadful truths you were hoping to avoid.

In order to unravel the broader mystery, you must first solve a series of riddles. By the way, you have company at that home. Warmest regards.

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6. Roses


If you’re like horror films and exciting video games, you may want to check out Roses, one of the scariest games on Roblox.

The developers at Clockwork Entertainment put in a tonne of work to make Roses a top-notch game.
All of the elements, including the narrative, voiceover, and set dressing, are top-notch.
The first-person horror game Roses can only be played on Roblox.

You’d take on the role of a person called Max’s companion who met a tragic end in an insane institution.
Finding Max in that same institution is now your mission.

The creators paid careful attention to the details, so you may interact with the objects and stuff in the background while you explore the facility.

Therefore, you should check out Roses by Clockwork Entertainment if you are a naturally inquisitive person who enjoys paying great attention to even the slightest of details in games.

7. Finder Keepers

Finder Keepers

One of the most terrifying Roblox games, Finders Keepers requires you to put in work to experience the terror.

You are a paranormal investigator who has been hired to investigate into mysterious occurrences at a family’s house and decipher evidence in order to discover what happened to the family.

Dark, out-of-the-way places and the need to gather discs are two examples of these indications.
But you have to be careful because there’s a bad creature after you that’s on those discs.
The horror mystery game Finders Keepers is excellent, full of tense moments and startling noises.

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