Best 5 SNES Emulator; Gaming Device, Computer, Android (Updated 2022)

best snes emulator

The question “What are the greatest SNES emulators?” is a perennial one in the ever-changing emulation community. This article’s goal is to provide detailed responses to queries like those.

Many of us would want to be able to play our favourite Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games on our portable gaming device, computer, or Android phone. Since we’ve paid for them, we should be able to play them whenever and whenever we choose.

This is still a bit of a grey area for those of you who are new to the emulation community. Emulators may be downloaded legally, but ROMs cannot.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Why bother with emulators?” Okay, so extracting the ROMs from games you own is the only legitimate method to play them in an emulator. If you own an F-Zero cartridge, for instance, you are free to extract the ROM and play the game on your portable gaming device, computer, or Android emulator.

While Nintendo has never gone after an individual for obtaining a game’s ROM, the company has a history of suing people and corporations that exchange ROMs.

Classic Boy Pro

Classic Boy Pro

If you’re looking for a superb classic emulator, go no further than ClassicBoy. Unless none of the others on the list suit your needs, we wouldn’t suggest using it since it hasn’t been updated since 2014. The PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo, and other systems are all supported by this multi-emulator.

Testing revealed that the SNES was well-supported, and all its features functioned without a hitch. The developer is presently ironing out some kinks after a major overhaul, but generally, this one is rock solid.



It’s the greatest SNES emulator for Windows, and it’s also great since it enables easy emulation and doesn’t need complicated settings to run games. This software, released in the late ’90s by the pioneering emulator developers, continues to function admirably as a SNES emulator.

The fact that it can load in real time, with a variety of cheat codes and extra lives, like the classics we used to adore from our youth, is what makes it so awesome. It’s also portable, so gamers of any skill level may play on their choice of operating system—Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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Originally released in 2004 under the name “bsnes,” Higan is a cross-platform emulator for a variety of systems. The reliability of the emulator is what made Higan so well-liked, and it is still considered by many to be among the greatest SNES emulators available.

While byuu was responsible for its initial development, he released it to the public in 2020 so that it could continue to be “open source” and accessible to fans of classic video games.

Higan is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator that was developed solely for the personal computer and has no plans for an Android or Mac release.

The interface is straightforward and efficient without requiring any extra processing time from the host computer. What makes Higan really remarkable, however, is not simply that it can imitate Super Nintendo Entertainment System games, but also the following:

  • Famicom
  • Disk System Famicom
  • The Ultimate Famicom
  • Amazing Game Boy
  • A Game Boy
  • Color Game Boy
  • User of Game Boy System
  • SG-1000
  • SC-3000
  • Supreme Structure
  • Gears of War
  • The Mega Drive
  • Big-Time Audio-Disc
  • Computer System Engine
  • SuperGrafx
  • MSX
  • MSX2
  • ColecoVision
  • This is a Neo Geo Pocket.
  • Compact Color System for the Neo Geo
  • WonderSwan
  • The Color of WonderSwans
  • SwanCrystal

It’s time for the Pocket Challenge, Round 2!

Wow, a whole bunch of game systems! As a result, once a user is satisfied with the SNES emulation, they tend to keep it for a variety of other emulators, which is why it is still considered one of the best SNES emulators available.

You have a tonne of options for audio, video, performance, etc., and can store and load states. It’s a solid, community-driven piece of hardware that does what it’s supposed to do.

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The software is fully compatible with Apple’s macOS High Sierra and subsequent releases that have Metal2. RetroArch, being an open-source platform, utilises Liberto cores to provide a superior user experience.

Netplay, shaders, next-frame response times, rewinding, Machine translation, blind accessibility, runahead, and a tonne more are just a few of the many cutting-edge features it provides. It works with not only Apple’s iOS and tvOS, but also macOS.

The platform is compatible with a wide variety of video games, including classics from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as well as those from the Game Boy, GameCube, and other systems.



Performance, features, and user-friendliness are the main priorities of the bsnes project, which is a subset of higan. Specifically, higan relies on the latest version of the higan standalone, whereas bsnes precision is grounded in the original bsnes code.

Rather than trying to be an exact replica of the original SNES, bsnes prioritises playability and speed. In other words, you can have a considerably faster multi-threaded PPU renderer without placing undue strain on the CPU if you’re willing to sacrifice compatibility.

The cross-platform user interface of bsnes was built using Qt and is released under the GNU General Public License. It was created by Near and is currently actively maintained by its users.

There are now many bsnes branches, each with its own unique set of aims.

bsnes-hd: An updated branch of bsnes that supports high-definition video in many forms (HD Mode 7, widescreen, etc.).

bsnes-mt: bsnes branch with updated visuals, bug patches, shortcut keys, and more.

nsnes-mercury: This is a branch of bsnes that tries to bring back features that were cut from subsequent releases, such as support for the HLE DSP chip and SGB emulation using Gambatte, and to provide optimizations that don’t compromise the quality of the emulation.

bsnes-classic: a modification of bsnes v073 that retained the Qt user interface but attempted to backport emulation enhancements from newer versions of higan.

There are several divergences: BizHawk, bsnes macOS, bsnes-Qt, bsnes-sx2, bsnes-plus, bsnes-cplusplus98, bsnes-gilgamesh, bsnes-hle, bsnes-libretro, bsnes-mcfly, bsnes-rr, defimulator, higan-qq, lsnes, OpenE

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