How To Fix Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed: (Working Solution)

error 503 backend fetch failed

When the HTTP cache cannot get the requested data from the webserver, the 503 Backend Fetch Failed error is returned.

The server may be offline or unavailable, the connection may have timed out before the cache server had finished reading the answer, the underlying code or plugins may be at fault, and so on.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve included a list of user and admin-level solutions to Backend Fetch Failed Error 503 below.

This 503 Error Message Has Me Baffled

error 503Service unavailable

Error 503 is more of a server-side problem, and it occurs when the browser’s cache has been full due to an excessive number of requests. If you’re looking for a simple explanation, this issue often happens when you’re trying to access data from a cache server.

It either takes too long to react or is unable to handle the load. Magento, an open-source PHP e-commerce platform, is where the majority of users reported seeing this problem.

Listed below are some frequent causes of the “Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed” message.

When surfing, one of the most typical causes of this error is a sluggish Internet connection or network connectivity problems. To put it simply, if you have a sluggish Internet connection, opening a page will take an unacceptable amount of time, if it loads at all.

This error occurs because the cache server has been overloaded with requests and the website’s contents.

Due to Server Maintenance, the Site May Experience Delays:

For purposes of updating and testing, certain websites may be unavailable at various periods. Error 503 is shown in your browser whenever you attempt to visit a website while its server is being maintained. If you try to access a site when its server is undergoing maintenance, you may get an internal server error.

Preventing Access to Harmful Websites:

We all do it—block access to certain websites we deem to be unsafe or clogged with too many ads so we may surf the web in peace. To sum up, when you use an ad blocker to prevent a certain website from loading, a great deal of material is hidden from view. Making too many queries on a website will queue up the cache server’s memory, which might lead to an Error 503.

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What Can I Do About The “Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed”?

what is error 503

From what you’ve read thus far, you probably deduced that there is a problem with the website’s backend.

Your computer might be malfunctioning, but that’s a remote probability at best. This is a popular recommendation from the Naiwik Tech vlogger, and we enjoy YouTube solutions, so check it out:

If you’ve ever installed or upgraded an extension via Magento Connect and seen the “Error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable” page, you know what the tech vlogger is talking about.

The YouTuber claims that this is due to the “maintenance.flag” file located in the root directory of your Magento website being set to maintenance mode. Getting rid of the file named “maintenance.flag” should fix the problem.

The following is the answer he suggests.

Actions to Take in Response to Magento’s “Error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable”

  • Enter the host’s webpage after logging in.
  • You may either use an FTP client like FileZilla to connect to your website host server, or the “File manager” feature of your website host’s control panel.
  • He recommends deleting the file maintenance.flag, which may be found in the root directory of a Magneto website.
  • The Magento site should then be refreshed.

We’ll move on to explore more possible solutions now.

Fix #1

You may do it by pressing F5 or by refreshing the page. If you’re seeing the 503 error on another computer, reloading the page may fix the problem temporarily.

Tip: If this occurs to you, carefully consider cancelling your online purchase and trying again. If you repeatedly refresh the page, you may be charged several times. Though many locations take measures to prevent this, it’s best to be cautious than sorry.

Fix #2

First try restarting the routers, and if that doesn’t work, try restarting the computer. In the event that you get the message “Service Unavailable – DNS Failure,” just restarting your computer should fix the problem.

This is because DNS server issues are a common source of this error, and a simple reboot may often fix the problem.

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Fix #3

Contact the site’s proprietor by sending an email message. Let the site admin know about the issue so they can fix it if possible, since it’s always possible that they are unaware of the situation.

Fix #4

Do it again in a little while. When a server is suddenly inundated with a huge number of users, including yourself, it often returns the “error 503 backend fetch failed” message. If that happens, it’s better to give it some time and try again later.

Honestly, this is usually what causes this kind of mistake. When there are fewer people using the site, you’re less likely to have any problems when browsing.

Intended Audience: Those Responsible For The Finishing Touches

It’s likely that you’re a website owner experiencing this problem yourself if you’re researching potential remedies. If you’re attempting to fix this on the backend, here are a handful of options.

Fix #1: Make Sure All Your Plugins Are Up To Date

The Varnish plugin, or lack thereof, is likely to blame for the 503 error. Verify that the Varnish plugin is activated on your site if you are experiencing the problem. For those of you who are unaware, hosting companies employ a tool called Varnish to boost website speed. Calling the hosting company could be necessary if the plugin is active on the server.

Fix #2: Reboot The Router

If you suspect a DNS failure as well, rebooting your router should fix the problem. Restarting the DNS service should rectify the “service unavailable DNS failure” and return everything to normal.

Errors such as “error 503 backend is unhealthy” and “error 503 maximum threads for service reached” may also be resolved by implementing these changes. If you try any of these solutions, please let us know how they go in the comments.

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