How To Fix Ps4 Cannot Access System Storage (Updated 2022)

ps4 cannot access system storage

It’s probable that the PS4’s internal hard drive is malfunctioning if you’ve gotten this error number and the “Cannot access system storage” notice. To correct the problem, please refer to the instructions below.

Occasionally, the PlayStation 4 would report an error code of CE-34335-8 when being used to play a game, and this was particularly true for those who had previously removed the hard drive. The question now becomes, what does this particular error number indicate?

For those who have run into the dreaded “PS4 cannot start and cannot access system storage with error number CE-34335-8” problem, this article will examine the root causes of the issue and provide a workable solution.

The Cause Of This Blunder Remains Unclear

This error occurs when your console is unable to read data from the storage device or the hard disc drive or solid state drive (HDD/SSD) on which your games are stored. Numerous factors might contribute to this mistake, but the most typical ones are discussed below.

How To Fix PS4 Cannot Access System Storage Error Code

Fix 1: Try Fixing Your PS4’s Issues In Safe Mode

Try Fixing Your PS4's Issues In Safe Mode

Use the USB cord to connect your PlayStation 4 controller to the system.
To continue, wait for the second beep to sound, and then press and hold the console’s power button.
On the screen, you’ll now see a menu of choices. To enter Safe Mode on a PS4, choose Option #7, Initialise PS4 (Reinstall System Software).

Fix 2: Repair Corrupted Sectors With The CHKDSK Utility

To transfer data from your PlayStation 4 to a Windows computer, you must first remove the hard disc from the console.

To open Command Prompt as an administrator on a Windows machine, tap the search icon in the Taskbar, enter “Command Prompt,” and then press Enter.

Type the following command into the CMD terminal and press Enter to run it:

We’ve used drive G: as an example here. The PS4 hard disk’s assigned drive letter may be changed if it doesn’t correspond with your operating system.

Please be patient while the CHKDSK command completes.

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Fix 3: Swap Out The Onboard HDD

Swap Out The Onboard HDD

There are a few items you should have on hand before we begin replacing the internal drive in your PS4 console.

  • A tool for driving screws.
  • One USB disc with at least 1GB of available capacity.
  • Consistent access to the web.
  • A brand-new HDD as a replacement for your PlayStation 4. (Size Internal 2.5 Inches)

Step 1: You should always back up your data.

We will be replacing the hard drive in your PS4 to resolve the “PS4 cannot access system storage CE 34335 8 problem,” thus it is imperative that you make a copy of all of your game saves, media, customizations, and other data before we begin.

Connect the USB drive to the PS4 and turn it on.
To back up and restore your device, go to Settings > System.
Pick the “Backup” option.
Select the files you want to save as a backup, give the file a name, and then select Backup.
At the conclusion of the PS4’s backup, you may take out the USB drive.

Step 2: Changing out the PS4 hard drive

After backing up all of your PS4’s files, settings, and user data to an external drive, you may replace the HDD.

  • The PS4 system should be turned off.
  • Take out the old hard drive by lifting the cover.
  • Get a new hard disc and install it.
  • If you want to keep your PS4 data intact, you should back it up on a USB flash drive before installing the new HDD.

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Reasons Your PS4 Won’t Let You Use Its Internal Storage

Code CE-34335-8 indicates that the PlayStation 4 cannot recognise the hard disc; more investigation is required to pinpoint the precise source of this problem.

  • Can I see whether a hard disc is attached?
  • Is the cable to the hard drive coming loose?
  • Was there an issue with the PS4’s central processing unit?
  • Did the hard drive have any faulty sectors?
  • Is there a problem with the hard drive’s power connector?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Error Message “Cannot Start PS4 Cannot Access System Storage” Keeps Popping Up Whenever I Try To Boot Up My PS4?

An problem with the PS4’s internal hard drive is likely the cause of the “cant access system storage” error. This problem may arise if your PS4 console is unable to recognise the hard disc drive.

A CE 34335 8 Error Message Has Shown Up On Your PlayStation 4. What Does This Mean?

The PS4 “No Hard Drive Detected” error number 34335 8 indicates a problem with detecting a hard drive. Error 34335 8 might appear on your PS4 if the installed internal hard disc has become defective or malfunctioning.

How Can I Tell If The Hard Disc In My PS4 Has Failed?

Whether you want to discover if your PS4’s hard drive is faulty or corrupt, look for these signs:

  • Having persistent disc error messages.
  • Erasing data.
  • The controller becomes too hot to the touch.
  • A bug-ridden programme or unplayable game.

The “Cannot start the PS4 cannot access system storage problem” may be resolved in many ways. Any of these alternatives can quickly resolve PS4 problem number 34335-8. A new hard drive may be placed in your PS4 if the existing one has become corrupt or malfunctioning. However, it is imperative that you make a safe backup of all your essential data, such as screenshots, videos, settings, themes, and so on.

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