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nope digital release date

Jordan Peele wrote, directed, and co-produced the 2022 American epic neo-Western science fiction horror-thriller movie Nope under his Monkeypaw Productions company.

It follows two horse-wrangling siblings who try to gather proof of an unusual flying object. Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, and Brandon Perea.

In November 2020, Peele formally unveiled his third directorial effort, which had no name at the time. Yeun was cast in the show the next month, Palmer and Kaluuya joined in February 2021, and Peele unveiled the title in July 2021.

Northern Los Angeles County was the location for the fall 2021 filming, which ended in November. Based on the movie trailer, it was assumed that the title stood for “Not of Planet Earth” or “Not Our Planet Earth,” but Peele later clarified that it actually relates to the response he wanted to evoke from viewers.

The movie Nope had its Los Angeles TCL Chinese Theatre premiere on July 18, 2022, and Universal Pictures released it to theatres in the US on July 22. Although the screenplay divided critics, it has more over $135 million in international box office receipts and has been praised for its ambition, acting, photography, and direction.

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Nope Movie Storyline

Gordy’s Home’s chimpanzee animal actor assaults and maims human co-stars in 1998 after being startled by a balloon. Ricky “Jupe” Park is unharmed but scared after hiding behind a table. Authorities shoot the monkey after he fist-bumps Jupe.

Otis Haywood Sr. trains horses for films today. Otis Jr. (“OJ”) and Emerald (“Em”) inherit the ranch after he is killed by a falling coin. Em seeks fame and wealth in Hollywood while OJ fights to keep the firm going. The Haywoods say the nameless jockey in Eadweard Muybridge’s “Plate 626” was their ancestor.

nope storyline

Six months later, the Haywoods are sacked from a commercial with Antlers Holst after a horse responds aggressively when startled. The ranch’s financial troubles have driven OJ to sell horses to a grown-up Jupe, who runs Jupiter’s Claim, a Western theme park where he exploits the Gordy’s Home massacre. Em convinces OJ to acquire Jupe’s ranch.

The Haywoods’ electricity fluctuates and their horses react furiously to an unusual visitor that night. They learn that a flying saucer-shaped UFO sucked up their horses and spat out inorganic debris, killing their father.

Seeking fortune and fame, the siblings recruit Fry’s Electronics employee Angel Torres to put up video cameras as they lure the UFO with a phoney horse. Angel notices a neighbouring cloud that never moves despite UFO and praying mantis interference. They conclude it’s a UFO hideout.

Jupe introduces a live show in Jupiter’s Claim and plans to use a horse as bait to lure out the UFO, using the Haywoods’ horses. The UFO eats Jupe and the audience, not the horse. OJ deduces that the UFO is not a spaceship but a territorial predator that consumes anything that looks at it.

OJ believes that, like a horse, the creature’s behaviour can be learned and influenced to obtain footage without being killed. Haywoods hire Holst to help with “Jean Jacket” After hearing about Jupiter’s Claim, Holst reconsiders.

Holst uses a hand-cranked camera to avoid Jean Jacket’s impacts on electronics. With Angel, the group plans to lure out Jean Jacket and watch a field of tube man props for electrical faults to determine its sky location.

TMZ reporter trespasses and is thrown off his electric motorcycle near Jean Jacket. He begs OJ to film Jean Jacket devouring him. Holst films Jean Jacket, but he and his camera are eaten, prompting the others to flee. Angel survives Jean Jacket’s onslaught by entangling him in tarp and barbed wire, causing him to transform into a jellyfish.

Em untethers Jupiter’s Claim’s enormous inflatable mascot while OJ distracts Jean Jacket. She uses an analogue camera to photograph Jean Jacket as it tries to devour a balloon, which explodes and kills it. Em witnesses an unhurt OJ ride to Jupiter’s Claim as media arrive.

Nope Movie Cast

nope cast

In the Nope cast, there are five main characters:

  • Otis “OJ” Haywood, played by Daniel Kaluuya, is the manager of the Haywood Ranch, which he and his sister Emerald inherited from their father.
  • Emerald “Em” Haywood, played by Keke Palmer, is less involved with the ranch and spends more time pursuing Hollywood stardom (at least that’s how OJ sees it).
  • Former child star Ricky “Jupe” Park, played by Steven Yeun, manages Jupiter’s Claim, a small amusement park close to the Haywood property.
  • Michael Wincott portrays Antlers Holst, a cinematographer
  • Angel Torres, a worker at an electronics store, by Brandon Perea.
  • You have a little over a dozen performers in smaller roles in addition to those five. Keith David, who plays Otis Haywood Sr., is most notable. One of Angel’s coworkers is portrayed by Barbie Ferreira (Euphoria).

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Nope Digital Release Date? Is It Now Available To Watch?

YEAH! Please excuse our excitement, but Nope is now available to watch online right now thanks to a little surprise that altered the release date for Jordan Peele’s most recent work of cinematic genius. Since its debut a little over a month ago, the movie—which reunited Peele with Daniel Kaluuya from Get Out—has been available only in theatres (on July 22).

nope streaming online

The official Nope social media accounts(opens in new tab) posted the first information on the film’s digital release on Monday (August 22), announcing that it would be available on digital video on demand providers (such Amazon and Apple) on Friday (August 26). The movie, however, truly became available for renting today (Thursday, August 25).

It’s interesting to note that Nope is currently only rented. And neither is it inexpensive. So, as someone who saw Nope and desires to see it once more? I’m already aware that the cost of digital admittance might be prohibitive.

Where to watch “Nope”?

Along with the other common services, Nope is available for digital on-demand renting on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu. Given that Friday (August 26) was the first specified day, it is unclear why it appeared a day earlier.

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