Is Five Guys Closing (Updated 2022)

is five guys closing

As of July 2020, the National Restaurant Association claimed that 1 in 6 restaurants had closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, placing enormous strain on the foodservice industry.

Fans of the fast food company had good cause to accept the unsubstantiated claim that it will close in 2021 when it was widely disseminated on Twitter.

Does Five Guys plan to shut down permanently? This article provides the definitive solution to this question and dispels the myth. Find out what’s really going on with Five Guys with me!

The Five Guys, Year 2022

Five Guys

According to “The Truth Behind Speculations of Five Guys Closing,” an article published on in May of 2022, rumours of the chain’s demise originated with a single Twitter message in late 2020, alluding to the closing of a single store. When news circulated that 27 stores in Texas were being sold, readers seized on the tweet and pushed the myth even farther.

From the article: “Five Guys has released a statement comprising a series of new policies and procedures stated on its website describing the COVID safeguards it is taking and how it expects to manage going ahead during the pandemic.

The statement was last updated in May of 2020.” Other than that, things are looking up for Five Guys. The occasional closure of a site is a problem for any major fast food operator. It may have been trying to avoid shutting stores by selling off 27 outlets in the state of Texas. It is more efficient for the company as a whole to delegate the management of individual stores to franchisees.

As of today (May 24, 2022) there are 1,392 Five Guys restaurants in the United States, as reported by California has the most Five Guys restaurants per state (9%) with 130 restaurants.

Visit Five Guys’ official webpage here for an up-to-date list of all of their locations.

To sum up, claims that 2021 was the year that the firm earned $832 million in sales. The organisation is responsible for employing more than 15,000.

Brief Background On These Five Guys

Five Guys was founded in 1986 by Janie and Jerry Murrell, who opened the first location in Arlington County, Virginia. By 2001, the company had expanded to five sites in the Greater Washington, DC Area.

Early in 2003, Five Guys began offering franchises of its namesake business, ushering in an era of explosive expansion. The number of franchised locations for the brand increased to approximately 300 in less than two years.

History Of Five Guys

Presently, there are over 1,700 Five Guys outlets spread throughout the globe. Chad oversees training, Tyler manages the bakery, Ben selects franchisees, and Matt and Jim travel the country to check up on locations.

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What Sets Five Guys Apart?

Burgers with grilled cheese, hot dogs, bacon, vegetables, and fresh-cut French fries are staples of the American fast food business.

When making their fries, the chefs at Five Guys cut fresh potatoes by hand before frying them in peanut oil, setting them apart from the fries served at other fast food joints. This method yields a crunchy outside while preserving an airy inside feel.

You may make your lunch unique by choosing from 15 free condiments to go with the freshly cut French fries. In addition to the usual fast food fare, Five Guys also sells drinks including coffee and milkshakes (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate).

This Begs The Question: Where Did The Rumour Come From?

The fact that Five Guys has closed permanently in Oman is probably the source of the idea that it is closing everywhere else. Possible fuel for the speculation is the upcoming sale of 27 Five Guys restaurants in Texas to Encore Restaurants LLC in the latter half of 2020.

Not enough context is ever provided by the Internet. That’s why it’s so simple for readers to misunderstand the news they encounter. As a result, the first Tweet was entirely misleading, while the subsequent responses were mostly reflexive.

Overall, Five Guys’ decision to adjust its business plan in reaction to COVID-19 is simply responsible for the closure of these two locations in Texas and Oman. There is no evidence to suggest the franchise will be ending.

What’s The Prognosis For Five Guys?

There is no way to provide a definitive response to this issue since there will always be room for doubt. But recent events at Five Guys indicate that this restaurant has no plans to shut down anytime soon.

Five Guys has implemented several new regulations and processes since the epidemic began to ensure the restaurant’s survival. As noted above, in 2021 the company will also enter the Australian market. This is a calculated business decision that has nothing to do with closing shop.

As an added bonus, Five Guys is making more money as time goes on. The projected annual income for a Five Guys franchisee in 2021 is around $1.2 million. The company expected a 3 percent growth in overall revenues for the year 2020. This means that the fast food business has a good chance of lasting for quite some time.

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Once again, reports that a restaurant is in dire straits turn out to be unfounded. In this case, it was Five Guys. It is standard business practise for restaurants to close underperforming locations, but there is a huge difference between that and going out of business altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read on for answers to your frequently asked questions concerning the rumoured closure of Five Guys. More details about this American fast food company are provided.

The Name “Five Guys” Is A Fast Food Chain, But What Does It Mean?

The company got its name from the five sons of founder Jerry Murrell: Chad, Matt, Jim, Ben, and Tyler (thus, “Five Guys”).

Does Shaq Own Five Guys?

Even though Shaquille O’Neal has a financial stake in the Five Guys fast food franchise (he owns over 150 locations), he is not the company’s real owner.

who Currently Owns Five Guys?

Five Guys was started by its current CEO, Jerry Murrell.

Why Does Five Guys Give Extra Fries?

As a way to make tourists feel like they’re getting a deal, Five Guys always piles on a few extra fries. The price of the meal does include the extra fries, however.

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