Is Tom Hardy Gay? Fair to Speculate About His Sexuality

is tom hardy gay

The media has already speculated about Tom Hardy’s sexuality. His reticence to address the question of his sexuality has become a talking point as a result. Unquestionably not!

The reporter Graeme Coleman from the LGBT news outlet Daily Xtra asked Hardy this on Sunday at the Toronto International Film Festival, where Hardy was promoting his new movie Legend, in which he plays a gay man. A awkward pause followed before Hardy broke it with a polite “thank you.”

In response to a reporter’s enquiry concerning Tom Hardy’s sexuality, Digg released the following video with the title “Tom Hardy Has the Perfect Answer.”

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To be fair, it’s the reporter who should take the hit here, not Hardy

is tom hardy gay

The fact that one identifies as gay should not bring shame on him or herself or others. That is not a shady or forbidden topic. Like asking about someone’s marital status, upbringing in the Christian faith, or educational background, asking about a person’s sexual orientation can feel intrusive.

This investigation will just look into the facts. Although being gay limits the potential sexual partners, this is not a question about his or her sexual life.

It does not question as to a respondent’s favourite sexual positions or their masturbtion frequency. Of course, those are sensitive personal matters that no one should pry into (unless by a very close friend at a boozy brunch).

tom hardy personal life

Images of Hardy’shutting down’ this reporter with a curt “thank you”

Appeared almost immediately in grainy animation form. Although the entire event only lasted a few seconds, its influence will linger in our news feeds for much longer.

The next day, even Daily Xtra weighed in, citing the publication’s “responsibility to explore sexuality and the manner in which it’s portrayed on film.”

It seems that in the past, celebrities, gay and straight, were comfortable talking to the journalists at Daily Xtra about their sexual orientation. Accordingly, Tom Hardy was an outlier; the reporter he’shut down’ was just unlucky. In that case, let’s take a look at who else the Daily Xtra has featured in the past.

Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood are both out and proud; they have made their sexual orientation apparent or discussed it for reasons of their own.

Susan Sarandon, like many other prominent figures, has made it her mission to talk publicly about her sexuality and her support for the LGBT community. Some of these women have also provided biographical information and their thoughts on LGBT rights.

While this is a commendable goal, it’s crucial to remember that not every LGBT person or ally is comfortable with the idea of revealing personal information. Everyone in Hollywood shouldn’t feel like they have to come out publicly about their sexuality.

tom hardy relationship

As a performer, Tom Hardy has a lengthy resume.

His many roles, including those of the protagonist in “Inception” and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” as well as his chameleonic beard and pillowy lips, have brought him global recognition.

Though he has many straight allies, the 37-year-old British actor is probably more well-known to the LGBT community for another reason. He initially claimed to having s*x with men before later denying it.

Hardy posed for the December 2008 cover of the LGBT British magazine Attitude, back when he was on a publicity tour for the “crime comedy” RocknRolla, in which he played a closeted London mobster dubbed Handsome Bob.

Britain has recently seen a rise in the number of “straight” men who appear on the covers of gay magazines; actor Daniel Radcliffe has graced the cover of Attitude twice. Nonetheless, Hardy gave hints that he wasn’t always straight in an interview with Simon Gage of Attitude.

FAQs – People Also Ask

In what way is Tom Hardy afflicted?

Tom sought help for his criminal behaviour, drinking, and drug addiction after filming wrapped on Star Trek: Nemesis (2002). He has also said that his five-year marriage to Sarah Ward ended because of his addiction problems.

Sorry, but I have no idea who Tom Hardy is.

What the hell are you talking about, Hardy retorted. The reporter elaborated, saying he was referring to a 2008 article in Attitude magazine in which Hardy talked about his sex life with guys. The question mark “as a boy?” Absolutely, in a nutshell.

Have you heard if Tom Hardy has any kids?

L. T. Hardy

How long has Tom Hardy been clean and sober?

Tom Hardy is his film name and stage name, whereas his real name is Edward Thomas Hardy. One of the most well-known actors in the world, Hardy has been sober for almost twenty years.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Should we start thinking of Tom Hardy as the new James Bond?

I’m tired of hearing people suggest Tom Hardy be the next James Bond. He’s not the next James Bond, despite persistent speculation.

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