What Happened To Lil Tjay? She Was Shot Seven Times During A Failed Robbery Attempt

what happened to lil tjay

New songs coming soon, we’re going to come back stronger than before,” the rapper said in his first public comments since the shooting on June 22. LIL TJAY GAVE followers an update on his condition on Wednesday, after being shot multiple times during an attempted robbery in June.

Rapper Tione Jayden Merritt (actual name:) posted a short video to Instagram announcing that he had been shot seven times on June 22 in Edgewater, New Jersey; it was his first social media update in 11 weeks. In the clip, Lil Tjay wears a neck brace.

“Seven shots, it was tough, y’know?” he informed his fans. In spite of the fact that the odds are stacked against me, I was able to succeed. You must have some sort of agenda if you’re actually here. ‘New songs coming soon,’ he promised.

We’ll come back stronger than ever. Lil Tjay reportedly underwent surgery after the unsuccessful heist in which he and a buddy were shot and is currently classified in serious condition.

Mohamed Konate, 27, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, and many gun offences. The young rapper continued, “I just want to say thanks for the love, thanks for the support.” I’ve read your DMs, comments, and everything else, and all I can feel is love.

Lil Tjay thanks his fans in his first update

what happened to lil tjay

Lil Tjay, a rapper from the Bronx, was shot in June outside of an Edgewater shopping promenade in what police are calling a botched robbery. He has since posted a video to his Twitter and Instagram accounts to update his fans. The encouragement I’ve received is greatly valued. a performer of hip hop music In a cool smartphone video posted on a Wednesday, he adds, “Thanks for the support.”

Reading over the direct messages, comments, and other responses, all I can say is, “I feel love.” Tjay (actual name: Tione Merritt) and his 22-year-old companion, Antoine Boyd, were shot on June 22 by a guy who was later identified by Bergen County authorities as Mohamed Konate. Konate had approached their vehicle and demanded jewellery.

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Another passenger, 24-year-old Bronxite Jeffrey Valdez, escaped unscathed. In her statement on Wednesday, Merritt says she was shot seven times.

lil tjay mystery

I can tell you that it was a difficult period. I made it out alive, which doesn’t happen to many individuals. He proclaims, “I’m here for a reason,” adding that he will be releasing new music soon and coming back “stronger than before.” The music will begin playing in a moment. On Thursday morning, the rapper tweeted, “BEAT DA ODDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT…” alongside a photo of himself recording while wearing a medical gown.

In what year did someone shoot Lil Tjay, and who was it exactly?

Three males have been taken into custody by the police and are being questioned about their involvement in the incident. Mohamed Konate was arrested on multiple counts, including attempted murder, armed robbery, and weapon possession. In addition to Lil Jay, Jeffrey Valdez and Antoine Boyd, both of whom knew him, have been arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a weapon. They are reportedly waiting for their first court appearance in the Bergen County Jail, as reported by Complex.

We need to know the source of the shooting.

Two establishments in Edgewater, New Jersey, were involved in the event. It is believed that Lil Tjay was shot multiple times at a Chipotle, while a second man was shot once at a neighbouring Exxon station. Police discovered Tione Merritt, aka Lil Tjay, with numerous gunshot wounds and Antoine Boyd with a single wound.

Why did they fire, that is the question.

lil tjay suspense

In an armed robbery attempt, Mohamed Konate, according to the police, targeted Lil Tjay and his two companions. Antoine Boyd and Jeffrey Valdez were also detained for carrying guns when they were pulled over with the rapper. Reports indicate that Konate is currently in the process of being extradited to New Jersey. Authorities said that the shooting did not appear to be random.


What exactly occurred between Lil Tjay and Lala Baptiste?

It has been speculated online that the pair has broken up since they have stopped following each other on social media. The model has denied the allegations and pleaded for privacy. On Rubi Rose’s birthday, Lala introduced her to Lil Tjay, the man she would later start dating.

In the year 2022, where may one find Lil Tjay?

When asked about Lil Tjay’s recovery from missing Rolling Loud 2022 due to his near-fatal shooting experience, Fivio Foreign made a cryptic reference to the rapper’s time spent in the hospital. Lil Tjay has been unable to attend any of the events he was invited to in the past few months. Though he has been captured on tape more than once, the rapper has not been featured in recent issues of Rolling Loud.

Any romance between Lil Tjay and Rubi rose?

Tjay posted a video to TikTok with the title, “If it ain’t toxic, I don’t want it!” in which the two of them can be seen. “We were never together,” Rubi confessed to her ex’s ex-girlfriend, Angela Yee of the Breakfast Club on June 16, 2022.

Can you tell me if Lil Tjay is still kicking?

His 2018 breakout hit “Resume” led him a record deal with Columbia.

Where did the time go that made Lil’ Tjay look so mature?

21 years (30 April 2001)

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