Applinker: Everything Thing You Need To Know

What is Applinker on Android

Have you been trying to put your finger on exactly what AppLinker is? It’s a browser that comes standard on Android phones and allows you to view web sites.

Due of AppLinker’s significance, any problems with it might be quite annoying. It was a shame that I couldn’t see the links my friends had given me online. However, there were a few strategies I used to solve the problem.

I’ve gone through them, and examined the AppLinker app in detail.

For What Purpose Is Applinker Being Used?


AppLinker, in its shortened form, is the native Android app that instantly reroutes users from any website to their chosen app. You may discover AppLinker or among your phone’s internal applications.

While details on this software are few, we want to fill in some of the gaps by outlining how it works. AppLinker, as previously described, follows a website’s redirect to the appropriate app.

Why Do People Use AppLinker

When you click on a link in WhatsApp or other applications, you may have noticed that you are sent to your web browser instead. The android applinker app is what really does this. It might be replaced by different software in certain gadgets. It also forwards links to the Android system webview.

To What Extent Is It Possible To Remove App Linker?

The applinker may be removed, of course. But the standard procedure does not function on factory-installed software. Using a personal computer and the ADB bridge, the app linker may be removed. If you root your device, you may also remove it. To remove the app, rooting your smartphone is not necessary but is strongly discouraged.

If you’re debating whether or not to maintain applinker, read on. It’s recommended that you maintain the app. It won’t take up much space on your device and will come in handy for accessing in-app connections. If you remove it, you won’t be able to access app links.

Is It Applinker Secure?

To evade detection and conceal their actual goals, threat actors and malware writers often disguise viruses, spyware, and dangerous programmes as normal system functions. However, Applinker is an exception; the software is genuine and risk-free.

However, the app linker requires access to the Phone and Storage applications in order to work effectively.

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May I Remove Applinker?

The AppLinker is an indispensable tool for getting the most out of your smartphone. The Android operating system is more user-friendly when this software is installed. For this reason, we advise against removing it. However, there is no method for a regular user to remove it.

How Do You Permanently Uninstall AppLinker?

For whatever reason, you may wish to do this. You’re attempting to uninstall a pre-installed system programme, therefore it won’t be simple.

There are two possible approaches.

Method 1: System Remover

Attaining root privileges is the first step. Not doing so will prevent you from moving forward. If you do this, your warranty will be nullified and it will take a lot of time.

To proceed, please:

  • Save the bloatware cleaner for your computer.
  • Start it off
  • Examine the package.
  • For the Android System app deletion, choose Uninstall and then wait.

Method 2: USB Debugging

All you need is a Windows computer to perform this.

I’ve outlined the necessary procedures for you to do in a simple three-step process.


  • To learn more about your device, go to the Settings menu > System > About.
  • Select the Version and Build Number from the menu that pops up.
  • Tap it 7 times to unlock Developer Options

Step 2:

  • Select Settings > Developer Options on your device’s menu.
  • Pick USB Debugging Mode and tap the tab to activate it.

Step 3:

  • Get the ABD programme installed on your computer.
  • Open the compressed archive.
  • Double-click an empty spot while holding down the SHIFT key.
  • Select the Powershell window by clicking the Open button and typing ADB Services at the prompt.
  • Run the USB cord from your Android handset straight into your computer.
  • On your device, run the following command: ADB shell pm uninstall –

May I Get Applink On My Mobile Device?

Yes, You may install applinker on your smartphone. However, it is not accessible on the play store. You have to get it from various 3rd party sources such as Apkmirror. There is no benefit to downloading programmes from unofficial sources. Also, your mobile device doesn’t need this app if it doesn’t already have it. This programme should only be reinstalled if you have already uninstalled it.

Samsung Electronics created the Applinker app specifically for Samsung smartphones. So it may not work for other devices.

Get This App Here!

There is no indication of these kind of apps anywhere in the app store. Neither Spotlight nor Finder can be used to look for it. You have to discover it via settings or you may use engineer mode to find it. The steps to activate Android’s “engineer mode” are detailed in a separate tutorial.

Go to Settings on your smartphone and pick applications. To access the system applications, click the three dots in the top right corner. If a search bar or app discovery tool appears, utilise it to locate the desired app. It’s located in the package.

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