Throne And Liberty Release Date Got Postponed, Not Coming This Year

throne and liberty release date

The planned massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that will be developed by NCSoft is called Throne and Liberty. It is also abbreviated as TL. It was meant to be a continuation of the Lineage game series and a follow-up to the first Lineage video game. However, after a couple of tweaks, it becomes its own plot.

The game was initially revealed in November 2011 and given the name Lineage Eternal at that time. However, the game’s release timeline has been repeatedly pushed back, and the earliest beta testing that has been planned is for later this year.

In 2016, the first South Korean Closed Beta was held, beginning on November 30 and continuing through December 4. In the NCSOFT Director Cut private event, NCSoft has relaunched the game under the moniker Project TL. Check all the details we know so far in the post.

Development of the game

The game’s development was plagued by several delays. On November 8, 2011, NCSOFT formally introduced Lineage Eternal as the sequel to the first Lineage, which was launched in 1998. On November 9, the first gameplay videos made their debut at the G-Star 2011 video game expo in South Korea.

In August 2013, NCSOFT was getting ready to release Lineage Eternal’s beta schedule by the end of the year. The creators had intended to start closed beta testing in Korea toward the end of 2015, but they announced on a conference call in November that it would be postponed until ’16.

According to NCSOFT’s Q1 2017 earnings conferences, the development team of Lineage Eternal had substantial changes as a result of the game producer switching. The development of the game was resumed by the new team with a revised target and the switch from Guild Wars’ proprietary gaming engine to Unreal Engine 4. In 2017, the game was renamed Project TL.

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Throne And Liberty Publisher?

Throne and Liberty, formerly known by the codename TL, has been in the works since 2017 and was once intended to be a Lineage sequel. In March, the game was formally revealed.

A different South Korean website, Inven, also announced in April that the game would be released in Q4 for PC and PS5, in addition to PC. Since then, not much has happened, but as August progresses, we might be getting a publication announcement, especially if Q4 is still the goal.

Regarding prospective release dates, NCSoft might be considering a December release with an emphasis on the Korean market, but if a global publishing agreement with Amazon is made, we might anticipate a short delay in North America and Europe to bring it all together.

throne and liberty publisher

NCSoft apparently has been doing internal testing and has not to respond to any of the speculation when contacted by Money Today. Given the publishing agreement for Lost Ark, it would appear that any publishing agreement would go through Steam through any Amazon agreement.

In April, NCSoft suggested that a release schedule announcement should be made over the summer. Now that Gamescom is coming up at the end of the month and Tokyo Game Show is approaching, there are several significant potential platforms to make the announcement.

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What is Project E? How it is connected with Throne And Liberty

The countless concepts that were tossed about while developing Throne and Liberty gave birth to Project E. Although not all of them were able to participate, they were simply too excellent to be ignored.

So, the group produced a new MMORPG. Throne and Liberty live in the same planet as Project E. Two play areas on one planet. On the continent of Solisium, the Western mediaeval fantasy Throne and Liberty is set.

Throne And Liberty Release Delayed

NCSoft recently disclosed its financial results for the second quarter of 2022. The report included information on an increase in PC sales when compared to the first quarter, led by Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. However, another fact disclosed in the financial disclosure was that the release of Throne and Liberty would be delayed until 2023.

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What Else We Know

Later this year, Throne and Liberty, the game that, when it was still called Project TL, everyone believed would be the next major Lineage game, would be released on PC and PlayStation 5. In reality, the business intends to release the game in Q4—just in time for the holidays, according to an interview with the South Korean website Inven (translated by Sarumonin).

It might or might not debut on the Xbox Series X|S. Only the PC and PS5 were specifically mentioned, though the creator did reference “next-gen consoles.”

Players may be curious about the game’s economic model given that its release is planned for later this year. The fact that NCSoft hasn’t provided any concrete information about that to date seems sense given how recently the game was formally unveiled. However, they have stated that they plan to provide details about that sometime in the summer.

Expect them to remain coy about it until that time, as they were when Inven enquired about their plans. Project Director Choi Moon-young avoided giving a direct response by stating that “there is talk about a commercial model, but I think in the end, a well-made game will undoubtedly have a user who will look at it.” He is not mistaken in that regard, but shoddy monetization might always ruin a fantastic game.

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