Why Is The Giants Padres Game Delayed? Lights Go Down Or Home Plate Umpire Fall Down?

giant padres game delayed

The Padres started fast, waited as their game against the Giants was delayed twice, then won 6-5 almost four hours later. After the second inning, Oracle Park’s lights went out for 40 minutes. After resuming play, the Padres scored twice in the fourth and once in the fifth.

The first pitch of the bottom of the first inning was hit high behind home plate after the Padres grabbed a 3-0 lead against Carlos Rodon. Marvin Hudson stumbled while following the play. When it was clear Hudson couldn’t continue, second base umpire John Tumpane changed into catcher’s gear.

Shadows lengthened as play resumed. As the sun fell behind the ballpark, it was evident the game would end soon. Padres starter Mike Clevinger started again with a three-man crew. Joc Pederson’s two-run homer in the fourth broke the right-no-hit hander’s streak.

The Padres scored more runs off Rodon in the first inning than in each of their two games against him this season and in any of his 11 Oracle Park starts. Rodon allowed two runs in six innings here on May 21 and one run on three hits at Petco Park on July 9. Check why the game got delayed?

Giants Vs Padres: Welcome Home?

After travelling to three cities, the first night back was unusual. La Stella popped a ball up in front of the Padres’ dugout in the bottom of the first, and home plate umpire Marvin Hudson stumbled as he pursued catcher Austin Nola to the ball.

giant padres game

There was a 10-minute delay while Hudson was brought off the field by trainers for what seemed to be a lower-body injury and first base umpire John Tumpane returned to the locker room to put on fresh equipment.

Compared to the second wait, that was simple. At the beginning of the game, many of Oracle Park’s lights were out, and the umpiring staff yanked players off the field before the top of the third. The players returned to the clubhouse during the 40-minute wait.

This one ran over its scheduled start time of 6:45 p.m. PT. “Finally… it’s time to stretch,” public address announcer Renel Brooks-Moon said to the fans during the seventh inning stretch at 10:12 p.m. PT.

Giants Padres Game Delayed- Lights Go Down In The Oracle Park?

The start of the home stand on Monday night at Oracle Park was postponed for 40 minutes due to a gloomy field at 3rd and King. The game couldn’t go on because the lights weren’t bright enough. The San Francisco Giants’ home opener against the San Diego Padres was suspended after two innings, just as the Giants were leaving for the top of the third.

When the lights go down in the city, as they did at 7:48 p.m., Journey’s “Lights” by Journey could be heard over the public address system. Jorge Costa, the Giants’ senior vice president and chief venue officer, arrived on the field almost instantly and started talking with the managers and umpires before the umps eventually left.

The lights came back on at 8:12 p.m. to the cheers of spectators expecting that baseball would resume and the Giants could stage a comeback. They had a 3-0 deficit. The game was restarted at 8:28 p.m. when the umpires and Giants pitcher Carlos Rodon returned to the field after an eleven-minute break.

giant padres game lights down

It was the game’s second delay. Plate umpire Marvin Hudson stumbled and collapsed in the bottom of the first and was helped off the field by Giants trainer Dave Groeschner. John Tumpane, another umpire, took over, but not before hastily running to the umps’ quarter to don the necessary equipment for calling balls and strikes, including a chest guard and mask.

The Home Plate Umpire Fall Awkwardly cause delay in Giants Padres Game

Home plate umpire Marvin Hudson stumbled, fell awkwardly, and seemed to have a lower-body injury during the bottom of the first inning of the Giants’ game against the San Diego Padres on Monday night at Oracle Park.

Hudson attempted to pursue the ball after Giants designated hitter Tommy La Stella bounced the opening pitch of the contest from Padres starter Mike Clevinger into foul territory. But after just a few steps, Hudson collapsed.

When the Giants’ training team arrived to assess Hudson, they determined he couldn’t continue playing. To the clubhouse, he stumbled. John Tumpane, the second base umpire, dashed into the clubhouse, put on the equipment, and took over as the home plate umpire.

The three-man umpiring crew for the remainder of the Giants-Padres game were Ryan Blakney, Adrian Johnson, and Tumpane.

Rough Game for Carlos Rodon

Rodón’s four innings didn’t feature many successful pitches. The Padres scored in the top of the first on a walk, wild pitch, and single. Brandon Drury then made it a three-run inning with a two-run home drive to left. Rodón gave up a double and a two-run single in the fourth after walking the batter who started the inning.

He seemed annoyed by the delay when he took the mound in between pitches only to be instructed to leave the field due to lighting problems.

Rodón’s five earned run total, which was the same as his total from his previous four August starts, was assessed. He had his third five-run performance of the second half. He tied a season low with just two strikeouts.

In his previous two outings, Rodón had struck out a total of 21 batters, but on Monday, he only managed to generate seven swinging strikes on 94 pitches.

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