Lana Rhoades & Logan Paul Relationship: How They Are Connected To Each Other?

lana rhoades and logan paul relationship

For those who don’t know, Lana Rhoades is a former porn star who hasn’t worked in the business in almost five years. She is one of the most well-known adult cinema stars in the world despite this.

She became an influencer after leaving the porn business and now earns far more money as a podcaster and YouTuber than she did when she worked in the profession.

After the WWE star introduced Rhoades to her now-ex lover Mike Majlak, they became friends and Rhoades first met Logan Paul a few years ago. Even when Lana Rhoades gave birth to a child with an unidentified baby father after the couple split up, they remained close friends.

Who Milo’s real father is has been a subject of conjecture for a while. Majlak has consistently denied being the father. The relationship between Lana Rhoades and Logan Paul will be discussed in this article.

How Lana Rhoades and Logan Paul know each other?

Lana is the girlfriend of Logan Paul’s bet friend, Mike Majlak. Mike Majlak met Lana through Logan Paul’s podcast friend and roommate, and the adult actress later made several guest appearances in some of his Impulsive episodes. The two of them were introduced in an unusual way.

lana rhoades and logan paul

Surprising my best buddy with his favourite actress! is a 2020 video on Paul’s YouTube channel in which he introduces the two potential lovers as his friend’s birthday “present.”

Paul introduced his strange scheme to unite the two by saying, “There is one thing Mike loves more than anything,” before moving to a footage of Mike uttering the word “pornstars.” “There is one pornstar that goes by the name of Lana Rhoades that Mike has always wanted to meet.”

Rhoades and Riley Reid attended the birthday parties, thus it appears that Paul persuaded them to take part in the stunt. The strategy, however, was successful because Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades ended up dating after Paul introduced them.

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Lana Rhoades blames Logan Paul for ruining her relationship?

The details of why their relationship ended are unclear, but Majlak said that it did so because Rhoades wanted to settle down and have a family, a stage of life he wasn’t yet at. But just before the breakup, Rhoades poked fun at Paul on YouTube in a baffling and mysterious clip.

lana rhoades relationship

A game requiring Lana to place one of her five outstretched fingers on the ground if a statement proved true was played on Tana Mongeau’s YouTube channel in 2020.

Put a finger down if Logan Paul has attempted to sabotage your relationship, Tana added. “He succeeded,” Lana said.

The video may have been shot just a few days before Mike and Lana announced their separation, claiming they each had different expectations for the union.

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Logan Paul, Lana Rhoades And Mike Majlak

It appeared as though nothing was wrong for a while. On the other hand, things became worse once Majlak and Rhoades went their own ways.

Mike Majlak has stated on his own channel that the couple has broken up, but he has not commented on whether or not Logan Paul played a role in the breakdown of their relationship. Instead, Majlak said that Lana Rhoades was interested in purchasing a house and moving in together, although he was not yet prepared to do the same thing.

lana rhoades logan paul and mike

As another point of interest, there were simply whispers circulating about Paul’s role in this whole affair, but no hard evidence or news came to light. Rhoades, on the other hand, held the belief that Logan Paul had been successful in destroying her relationship. However, she did not elaborate on what had transpired among the three of them.

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Logan Paul reveals Lana Rhoades’ baby Daddy

Logan Paul accidentally revealed the identity of Lana Rhoades’ baby’s father on a recent “Impaulsive” podcast episode while he and Majlak were speaking with Charlamagne Da God as a guest. To the surprise of the “Breakfast Club” host, Mike was disclosing his relationship with the porn star. At that point, Mike told Charlamagne, “She’s doing good, she’s got a baby with a big name NBA guy.”

The co-host of “Breakfast Club” then questioned: “Really? What player is this?” The name was bleeped when Logan Paul was saying it. All indications point to a player with a short name or nickname based on the length of the bleep and Charlamagne’s response. KD and Blake Griffin both seem like excellent candidates. But Kevin Durant has a history with the well-known pornstar.

Whoever the father is, he is not helping Lana Rhoades care for the child because she made the decision to keep the father’s name a secret. Despite the fact that she has frequently brought up a disastrous date she once went on with Kevin Durant.

Numerous indicators point to KD as the potential father, particularly when considering baby Milo’s obvious racial mix. The father’s status as an NBA player was simply a rumour prior to this “Impaulsive” episode. This information was absolutely verified today.

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