Was Magnum P.I. Cancelled? Why CBS Did So? What’s The Reason Behind That?

magnum pi cancelled

Tom Selleck stars as the title character, a private investigator (P.I.) named Thomas Magnum who lives on the island of Oahu in Hawaii in the American criminal drama television series Magnum, P.I. During its initial run on the American television network CBS, which began on December 11, 1980 and ended on May 8, 1988, the series lasted from December 11, 1980 through May 8, 1988.

During the first five years of its original run in the United States, Magnum, P.I. consistently ranked among the top 20 television programmes in the United States according to the Nielsen ratings. In fact, during the 1982–1983 season, Magnum, P.I. achieved a position of third place, which was its highest finish.

CBS aired the first episode of a reimagined version of the show on September 24, 2018, after it had been given the green light to become a series on May 11, 2018,. But it has been cancelled altogether, right? Is that the case, and if so, what could be the explanation for it? You can get the complete information here.

The Production & Development Of Magnum P.I.

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977–1979) and Battlestar Galactica, two other Glen A. Larson television series, were broadcast on ABC while Magnum, P.I. was first planned to run there (1978-1979). However, ABC cancelled both of the projects as well as Magnum, P.I.’s development in January 1979. Later, Larson transferred the show to CBS.

Harrison Ford won the part of Indiana Jones in the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), due to Selleck’s contractual obligation to the Magnum, P.I. series.

magnum pi production

Since Magnum was scheduled to begin production in March 1980, Selleck was unavailable to assume the role of Jones. The production of Magnum was postponed until December 1980 as a result of the 1980 AFTRA/Screen Actors Guild strike, which would have allowed Selleck to play Jones.

The programme was shifted from its Thursday night schedule on CBS to Wednesday in the 1986–1987 season 7 of Magnum, P.I., which increased its dwindling ratings from competing with The Cosby Show (1984–1992) on NBC. Selleck was brought in as a producer.

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The Real Reason Behind Magnum P.I. Cancellation?

The future of “Magnum P.I.” was seriously questioned in the summer of 2022. The beloved TV show, which is a remake of the renowned Tom Selleck-starring 1980s series of the same name created by Donald P. Bellisario and Glen A. Larson, debuted on CBS back in the fall of 2018.

The show, which has Jay Hernandez as its lead, centres on a former Navy SEAL who decides to pursue a career as a private investigator in Hawaii after leaving the military. Despite providing a fresh perspective on a well-known franchise, “Magnum P.I.” rapidly turned out to be a hit for CBS. Because of this, CBS announced shortly after the show’s debut that a full season had been ordered (via TVLine).

magnum pi cancel

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the renewal of “Magnum P.I.first “‘s season turned out to be just the start of a string of good news that the show’s viewers received during its early years on television. Indeed, “Magnum P.I.” as it was reimagined by CBS ran on the network for four complete seasons.

However, the CBS show had several issues following the conclusion of “Magnum P.I.” Season 4. However, viewers may be shocked to learn that the show’s first significant obstacle was not the result of any creative differences or cast member problems. Instead, a dispute between the same two networks that collaborated to make the CBS series in the first place served as the root of its problems in early 2022.

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What CBS Says about Magnum P.I. Cancellation?

“Magnum P.I.” will end in May 2022. (via The Hollywood Reporter). The announcement came a week after the Season 4 finale and surprised fans, TV insiders, and critics. Even though “Magnum P.I.” was never critically regarded, it remained a consistent performer for CBS (via TV Series Finale).

The show’s performance wasn’t strong enough to justify CBS’ commitment. CBS cancelled “Magnum P.I.” in July because it didn’t own the show. “Magnum P.I.” was a CBS-Universal co-production from the start. Universal Television owns “Magnum P.I.,” thus CBS would have had to pay a licence fee to continue the revival.

CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl told TVLine in May 2022 that the show’s licencing cost contributed to its cancellation. “You have some tough decisions to make and many of circumstances,” Kahl added.

“Magnum P.I.” wasn’t cancelled because of its excellence. Despite CBS’ contentious choice, the show’s fourth season will not be its last.

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Can Magnum P.I. makes a return? Who can save Magnum P.I. Cancellation?

“Magnum P.I.” gained a dedicated fanbase over four seasons. The show’s cancellation upset fans. Some viewers tweeted the show’s producers (via Deadline), and cast members published statements. Tim Kang tweeted: “Thank you for 4 seasons of [‘Magnum P.I.’]. Without you, we’d be lost.”

CBS’ decision to cancel “Magnum P.I.” didn’t deter other networks from reviving it. Universal Television apparently began attempting to bring the series back after it was cancelled. NBC renewed “Magnum P.I.” for two more 10-episode seasons in June (via Deadline). Universal TV and CBS will continue to co-produce the series, and NBC may keep it going beyond its next two seasons.

Facebook, “Jay Hernandez wrote, “It was circuitous but we did it! Your love and support helped us complete, so thank you and @nbc! Grab your Aloha tee!” Perdita Weeks uploaded a selfie on Instagram with the comment “Off to see the Ohana. #season5”

“Magnum P.I.” fans weren’t the only ones glad NBC saved the show.

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