Goat Simulator 3 Release Date: Pre-Orders, Price, Platform And Everything You Want To Know

goat simulator 3 release date

Simulators were briefly the hottest thing in the game industry. Long-running series like Farming Simulator and Train Simulator exist, but for some reason, the simulation game market exploded with new games that aimed to profit on players’ delight with these games’ ability to perform various chores and jobs as exactly as possible.

However, like with anything that is popular, parodies proliferated quickly. We have games like Granny Simulator, Surgeon Simulator, and even I Am Bread, in which you take on the role of bread and attempt to get toasted. The crazy Goat Simulator represented the pinnacle of this ridiculous, physics-based simulation sub-genre.

Goat Simulator, which was initially just a joke, was not only launched as a full game but also received numerous expansions and DLC packs that led the eponymous goat through parodies of different gaming genres and clichés. Nobody anticipated it would become as popular as it did, and nobody could have predicted that it would return for more.

Nevertheless, Coffee Stain has returned, skipping Goat Simulator 2 and going right to Goat Simulator 3. Here is everything we know about Goat Simulator 3, in case you’re prepared for the most comprehensive and least realistic goat simulation game ever created.

Goat Simulator 3 Story?

The action of Goat Simulator 3 takes place in a brand-new locale known as San Angora, and it appears to be yet another wacky sandbox for players to investigate and muck up either on their own or with the help of their pals.

In the most recent gameplay reveal trailer, we see a group of goats engaging in activities like as using jetpacks, donning a variety of clothes, and playing football. There is also a brief scene in which the goats engage in goat yoga.

It appears that Goat Simulator 3, which has a few short snippets of what appear to be goats driving about in cars, leaping over lava-filled residential areas, and clutching onto gliders as they fly through the air, is going to be even more absurd than the first title was.

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Goat Simulator 3 Gameplay

The first game, Goat Simulator, was a large sandbox with physics interactions, missions, activities, and overall bizarre and entertaining areas to explore and see what mischief you could make there. Goat Simulator 3 sounds like just a bigger version of that game.

Get ready for another round of udder mayhem, which has a lighter tone, is how the official description puts it. The largest waste of time since Goat Simulator, lick, headbutt, and wreck your way through a brand-new open environment! Except for the tutorial, we won’t instruct you on how to play; instead, we’ll just give you the tools you need to become the fantasy goats.

goat simulator 3 gameplay

On the store page, a list of essential features was provided, including being a goat, dressing up your goat, being a goldfish, and possibly only seven mini-games. Additionally, “they employed ‘game designers,’ and we’re informed that they contributed ‘an OK amount of content.'” More NPCs and physical interactions are available as a result.

Expect the same degree of wacky, bite-sized enjoyment as the first movie based on the trailer. If the game was flawless to play, didn’t glitch, or gave you the impression that it was coming apart as you played, it wouldn’t be Goat Simulator 3.

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Goat Simulator 3 Platform

It would appear that the developers of Goat Simulator 3 are aiming for a release on all next-generation platforms as well as some particular services. These would include the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X/S, and the Epic Games Store.

It appears that no further platforms or formats are being considered at this time; however, we will revise this section to include any new information should it become available.

Goat 3 Simulator Multiplayer?

In spite of the Goat Simulator MMO expansion, Goat Simulator 3 will have co-op multiplayer for up to three buddies for the first time. Together, you can play, explore the globe, and engage in local and online competition in the aforementioned mini-games.

Although Coffee Stain hasn’t said whether Goat Simulator 3 would support cross-play on any or all of the platforms, perhaps we won’t be cut off from our goat friends playing on different consoles.

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Goat 3 Simulator Pre-Order And Price

goat simulator 3 pre order

Goat Simulator 3 is now available for pre-order, or better yet, pre-udder, in both digital and physical shops. There will be three versions of this farmyard frenzy game: Standard, Digital Downgrade Edition, and Goat in a Box Edition. Kind of the point is that you might be perplexed. Here is how each actually functions.

The standard edition costs $30 and includes the “pre-udder” extra piece, a decorative udder you may proudly display on your goat.

The $40 Digital Downgrade Edition includes a few extra items you might know from the first game’s DLC.

Goat 3 Simulator 3 Pre Order Bundles Benefits

  • The “pre-udder” bonus
  • Full tank armor
  • Goat Zero skin
  • Space suit and helmet
  • Ability to play as the original Pilgor from Goat Simulator
  • Masks of Don Pastrami, Valentino Salami, Dolph Spaghetti, and Humphrey Ciabatta
  • Digital soundtrack
  • 3D printing files for Pilgor, Tony Shark, Goat tower, and a trinket

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