Who Is Kanye West Dating: A Look Into All Of His Relationship !!

kanye west dating

Kanye West is a name familiar to music fans throughout the world as an American rapper, record producer, and fashion designer. It is generally agreed upon that he is not just one of the best and most influential hip hop musicians of all time, but also one of the best musicians of his generation and one of the best musicians overall.

West, who was born in Atlanta but raised in Chicago, first came to prominence in the early 2000s as a record producer for Roc-A-Fella Records. He is credited with establishing the “chipmunk soul” sampling style as well as releasing hits for a number of musicians.

He released his first studio album, The College Dropout (2004), with the intention of launching a solo career as a rapper, and the record was met with both critical and financial acclaim. After that, in the later part of that year, West established his record label known as GOOD Music.

You’ll be able to read all about his relationships in this post.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West, who is also known by the mononym Ye, and Kim Kardashian’s relationship of seven years came to an end in 2021, at which point they were both free to pursue romantic relationships with other individuals. Kanye West gave the impression of getting back into the dating scene almost immediately after the incident.

During this time, Kim had some time for herself before suddenly beginning a relationship with the comedian Pete Davidson (and before you ask, yes, it was Pete’s BDE that caught her eye).

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Kanye West and Irina Shayk

Kanye West and Irina Shayk

Even before he began dating Kim Kardashian and after they were married, Kanye has never been shy about expressing his appreciation and desire for models. If you are familiar with Kanye’s discography, you will immediately recognise the tune “Christian Dior Denim Flow.”

Kanye West, in an effort to divert his attention away from the state of his broken heart, peppers the entire song with references to various supermodels. He mentions Selita E. Banks, Coca Rocha, Irina Shayk, and Alessandra Ambrosio as some of his favourites.

When we talk about Irina Shayk, we should mention that Kanye started hanging out with her after he got divorced. According to The Sun, which received their information from DeuxMoi, Kanye West and a model working for Victoria’s Secret spent a lot of time together in June of 2021.

But their time together was just fleeting. In August 2021, a source told People Magazine that their relationship had terminated. The person said, “It was never a serious affair that took off. According to a second source, “Kanye has been occupied with both his business and his children. He is focused on this. He doesn’t now have the time to date. Irina, though, amazes him. They continue to be cordial.”

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Kanye West is dating Julia Fox?

Kanye West and julia

Kanye has reportedly moved on with Julia Fox, an actress, according to Page Six. On January 1st of 2022, the couple made their first public appearance in Miami while out for a special dinner at Carbone. The duo was spotted again three days later, this time in New York City. They dined at Carbone NYC after seeing Jeremy O. Harris’ Slave Play at the August Wilson Theatre.

To dispel the suspicions and confirm their connection to the world, Julia spoke on the infamous Call Her Daddy podcast at the beginning of February. She added at the time, “I call him my boyfriend, and he calls me his girlfriend. Kanye’s continued love for Kim was also dismissed by Julia, who said, “I’m sure there are some lingering emotions, and that’s normal because it’s human. The only thing that matters is that he is with me right now “Julia came to an end.

However, the pair split up a short time later. The Daily Mail stated on Valentine’s Day that Julia was seen leaving LAX alone with tears in her eyes after splitting up with Kanye. The following day, Julia and Kanye broke up, according to Julia’s agent, who added that they “remain dear friends and collaborators but they are no longer together.”

Kanye West is in relationship with Chaney Jones?

kanye west and chaney jones

On February 7, a week before breaking up with Julia, the rapper was seen leaving the house with Chaney.

Fans initially mistook Chaney for Kim due to their similar looks. Chaney also appeared at a “Donda 2” listening party while donning clothing reminiscent of the Skims founder. Ye and Chaney were spotted spending even more time together on February 11 in Hollywood at a screening of his most recent Netflix documentary Jeen-Yuhs, according to Just Jared.

Although they remained silent about their ambiguous relationship status, Kanye did give her a stylish $275,000 Birkin bag as a gift. That seems like a present you wouldn’t give to a single friend.

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Kanye West got seen wih Monica Corgan

kanye west and monica corgan

Kanye West made mistakes Kanye never has a dull moment in his life. Despite the fact that we were never given the complete story, it’s possible that Chaney is no longer involved. Ye was observed in June 2022 viewing Top Gun: Maverick in a theatre with other people. Fans quickly recognised his mystery date as Monica Corgan after a photo taken at the venue went viral online. ed in June 2022 with Monica Corgan.

There isn’t much information available about Monica, but according to Famous Birthdays, she is from Indiana and works as a model and brand ambassador for the Boutine LA swimsuit and bikini line. Check out some of her work on @monicac0rgan’s Instagram profile.

More About Kanye West

  • Is the wealthiest Black American ever.
  • Sells 140 million records and singles worldwide and has real estate worth $100 million.
  • Value of music collection is $110 million.
  • 100% owner of Yeezy
  • Annually receives $150-200 million in Yeezy royalties; the enterprise value of Yeezy increases Kanye’s net worth by $3–5 billion.
  • Has a billion dollar partnership with The Gap

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