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justice sucks release date

Developed by Samurai Punk and released by tinyBuild, the comedic stealth action game Justice Sucks features stealth gameplay. Dusty McClean is a simple yellow robot vacuum cleaner who has a soft spot in his heart for his loved ones.

In addition, he possesses sentience, which is not one of his characteristics. Dusty is currently stranded in a world of strange television from the 1990s after having a violent encounter with a corporate warranty enforcement squad, which resulted in his family being kidnapped.

Dusty was left behind in this reality. It is very clear that this situation calls for a training montage. Dusty needs to stealth his way through an army of over-the-top TV villains while being assisted by the muscular Sexy McClean, who is Dusty’s fighting spirit that has been magically created.

In order to become powerful enough to return to reality and save Dusty’s family, you will need to hack electronics, set up traps for enemies, and constantly clean up after yourself. You will find all the information you need on Justice Sucks in the post that you are currently reading.

Justice Sucks Story

justice sucks story

The character is portrayed as a vacuum cleaner who, while watching television, is swept into a dimension that is parallel to our own. This occurs after yet another vacuum cleaner hurls them into a television. The only option for the player to leave that dimension is to engage in violent conflict with its inhabitants and slaughter their foes one by one until they reach the conclusion of the level.

They will then get the opportunity to confront the vacuum cleaner that was responsible for placing them in that position in the first place.

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Justice Sucks Gameplay

In the stealth and action game Justice Sucks, the player controls what is essentially a sentient Roomba. The objective of every level in the game is to eliminate all the adversaries. This also entails cleaning up the ensuing blood and gore.

Do not let the cutesy art and upbeat music fool you. The (cartoon) gore in this game is extreme. You are vulnerable to being destroyed by your adversaries’ weaponry as a vacuum cleaner. As a result, you must rely on stealth and try to avoid being seen. Playing as a vacuum cleaner allows you to sneak between your foes’ legs, through vents, and under beds.

The player can hack into various environmental electronics to destroy foes. These vary from electric fans that can spin wildly, to automated sushi machines that can slice up enemies. The options are unlimited because your tools alter every time you move up a level.

justice sucks gameplay

Toss foes over the edge of a ship by gathering them together. Use a fan to gather your foes so you may deal with them all at once. Only the player’s imagination can constrain them.

Justice Sucks: Vacuum

The vacuum itself is not completely defenceless, of course. When foes are unaware, the vacuum can suck them in and mutilate them using its, er, vacuum function. This guarantees the enemy’s demise but exposes the void to annihilation. The vacuum can also appear physically as a buff man it affectionately refers to as Sexy McClean. Although it has the ability to airdrop, punch, and kick opponents, this incarnation appears to be the vacuum’s primary attack. As a result, it probably can’t be used frequently.

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Justice Sucks: Pre-Order & Requirements

Beginning today, you can place a pre-order for Justice Sucks through the Nintendo Switch Online Store. You can get the game for just $18 if you pre-order it now since there is a temporary discount of 10% that is only available for a short period. The game will ordinarily cost $20. The file size of Justice Sucks is approximately 1.7 gigabytes.

Justice Sucks: Release Date & Platform

On September 8, 2022, Justice Sucks will be available for purchase on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and personal computers.

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Justice Sucks: Play Station Description

In order to save his family after robbers enter into the McClean home, Dusty must become rogue. Unfortunately, FamilyCorp notices his bravery, and during a battle with the warranty team, Dusty is knocked into the TV in the living room.

Getting up Dusty must hack, hide, and suck his way to escape in the TV dimension. Sexy McClean, team up with your fighting spirit and learn lethal skills to help him destroy FamilyCorp and save his family!

Utilize sucking things to your advantage and kill your adversaries with a sense of delight.

Clean up the mess and do your vacuum cleaner tasks. Eat the leftovers, consume the blood, and munch on the corpses.

UNLEASH DEVASTATING POWERSUse your adversaries’ blood to fuel Dusty’s lethal abilities as you smash, ram, and dance your way through waves of FamilyCorp agents.

Utilize your stealth skills to attack unwary foes by hiding under furniture, avoiding discovery, and maintaining a low profile.

By hacking smart devices and converting them into lethal traps, you can use the environment to your enemies’ advantage.

Make animal friends to help you and your squad defeat Dusty’s adversaries.

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