10 BEST Free Conference Call Services In 2022

10 BEST Free Conference Call Services In 2022

The conference call has become the standard method of business communication.

It facilitates effective teamwork and communication. Services like conference calling will boost efficiency in corporate interaction. It’s a great method for keeping in touch with the group and getting the job done on schedule.

Types Of Web Conferencing Services

Types Of Web Conferencing Services

These services may be split into two groups: those that need reservations and those that don’t. A conference call may be hosted at any time, day or night, with no need for advance reservations. There is no need to plan ahead of time. One kind of conference call service is operator-assisted service, in which a live person is on the other end of the line to answer questions and aid with preparation.

Services such as having a representative welcome participants and record and transcribe the conversation are part of the package.

What Do Video Conferencing Services Expenses Look Like?

Web conferencing services have a wide range of prices since each supplier sets their own rates. Some businesses may charge you based on the number of calls you make, while others will have a consistent monthly rate. You may get it for free or pay up to $50 monthly.

Consistent Characteristics Of Conference Call Services

Characteristics Of Conference Call Services
  • Provision of Services Without Limitation or Interruptions.
  • Excellent picture and sound quality.
  • Trustworthy Protection and Safety.
  • Apps for mobile devices and PCs.
  • The interface is straightforward enough for a layperson to use.

Listed Here Are The Top-Rated Free Conference Calling Services

Free Conference Calling Services

1. RingCentral

When it comes to reporting, RingCentral is the best free conferencing call service. Reporting becomes your ally and a driver of company growth when it comes equipped with more than 30 prebuilt key performance indicators (KPIs) and the possibility to monitor adoption throughout the whole enterprise.

This makes RingCentral particularly useful for big teams that might benefit from instantaneous information sharing and work distribution.

2. GoToMeeting

Although GoToMeeting’s services are only free for a limited time (14 days), we felt it was necessary to include them in our roundup of reviewed conference call providers. This service is great for group work because to its whiteboarding and sketching features, and it also includes voice commands and a commuter mode to make teleconferencing easier. Everything is offered at a low, low price.

3. BlueJeans

Dolby Voice and high definition video make BlueJeans the top-rated conferencing service. Furthermore, users get real-time insights about meeting performance, network data, and ROI depending on their individual use. The service is greatly improved by its many available integrations and its user-friendly design.

4. Nextiva

VoIP service provider Nextiva serves businesses of all sizes over the Internet. With this, businesses may set up a cloud-based contact centre for incoming and outgoing phone calls.

5. Google Meet

With Google Voice synced in, setting up a Google Meet for a small group of people is a simple. All calls to the United States and Canada are free, and the Chrome extension makes it easy to share files like images and maps. Google Meet might be the best free teleconferencing option for your small company.

6. Vast Conference

Vast Conference, with its operator-assisted calls (albeit they incur additional organiser costs), is a terrific alternative if you’re searching for the finest free or inexpensive video conference call solution for big enterprises. Professionals in the legal industry will appreciate this low-cost, high-quality cloud-based service’s transcription, toll-free international and local lines, and dial-out function.

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7. Virtual PBX

You can keep tabs on your calls in real time with the aid of a communication system like VirtualPBX. Utilize this software’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) features to control the incoming calls to a certain division.

8. Zoom

The excellent free conference call possibilities offered by Zoom are why it made our list. The limitless 1-on-1 meetings and 40-minute meetings with up to 100 attendees are fantastic for people on a tight budget. Plans that cost money are more reasonable and include more features like recording and transcribing. Added services (such as online storage in the cloud) allow for further personalization.

9. FreeConference.com

FreeConference.com is the preferred free video conferencing call provider for many regional companies. You may have limitless in-country conferences with up to 100 attendees using the free plan. Meeting reminders sent via SMS and keyless entrance with a PIN save time and effort. There’s no need to sign up for anything or download any apps to get started.

10. Lifesize

Without include Lifesize, our comparison list would be incomplete. The cloud-based software and hardware solution has won several awards and was designed specifically for 4K video conferencing. It’s user-friendly, has plenty of useful connectors, and works well for enterprises, particularly those in the entertainment market.

What Is The Limit Of A Conference Call?

Call time and maximum number of participants are both determined by the conference call service you choose. There is a wide variety of both free and paid extras available to customers of conference call services. In the case of a free trial, certain conferencing call services limit you to a maximum of five participants, whereas the same service, for a fee, can link up to twenty individuals at once.

Do Conference Call Providers Offer Free Trials?

Users may try out most Conference Call services for free. However, some services that provide teleconferences also offer paid subscriptions. The official website of the conference call service provider should always provide information on the free trial.

In conclusion

Audio and video conferencing are basic capabilities of VoIP business phones, but your phone system may not support them, or you may prefer separate software. The best video conferencing tools let you sync your schedules, save your meetings, and communicate with attendees all inside the app.

If you need a free teleconference service, Zoom is your best option. Setting up and joining a meeting is simple, and you may customise your backdrop and annotate in real time. Additionally, the programme is available for free and requires no download, and an accompanying mobile app is available for no cost on both iOS and Android smartphones.

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