How To Send Free Text Messages Online in 2022

how to send free text messages online

One of the most revolutionary aspects of modern life is the spread of instantaneous cellular communication. Texting is an easy method to keep in touch with loved ones, friends, and coworkers. It’s cheap and quick, depending on your provider and the international Text Services you choose.

Besides using a cell phone, several websites allow you to exchange text messages. In any case, you may communicate with friends and family online using these websites. While some websites will not allow you to create an account until you register, others have no such requirement.

Choosing among the plethora of Websites that allow you to send free SMS messages is a challenging undertaking. Features, pros and disadvantages, crucial specs, and website links for the Best Sites to Send Free Text Messages are provided below.

A Roundup Of The Top Sites To Send Free Text Messages Online

1. Textfree By Pinger

Textfree By Pinger

Pinger’s Textfree is a fantastic tool for sending an unlimited number of text messages. From your computer or mobile device, you can easily share media such as photos, videos, and emoticons. With this software, you may set up a unique phone number for use with texting and other features. With this software, you may also make WiFi calls for free.

2. TextEm


In order to send free text messages with TextEm, you must first sign up for an account. Some users may prefer maintaining their anonymity while communicating, however there are clear advantages to becoming a registered user.

You may create a list of your most-used contacts and, depending on the recipient’s carrier, get responses in your TextEm inbox. Alternatively, you may configure email answers in case your carrier does not accept TextEm responses.

Over a hundred North American cellular service providers are supported. This service is not suitable if you need to contact someone at a number outside of North America.

3. EZ Texting

EZ Texting

Great for mass-contacting thousands of people quickly and easily

When it comes to SMS systems, EZ Texting is among the finest and has become the industry standard for businesses. If you want to let your consumers know that now is a great time to stop by your store, they may get a Free Text Online from this website. It also facilitates the sending of bulk warnings and notifications to many people simultaneously.

4. SendSMSnow


Like many other similar services, sending texts with SendSMSnow involves signing up for an account.

After signing up, you’ll have access to features like creating a contact list, uploading avatars, and having messages replied to in your inbox.

In addition to individual messages, SendSMSnow now allows for paid group messages. Each recipient in the group will cost you one cent each message. Sending a single SMS to a group of 20 people would cost $0.20.
In principle, the service is compatible with mobile phone numbers everywhere in the globe. We can’t confirm it, but it seems likely that most major North American and European carriers will work.
There is a limit of 130 characters per message.

5. OpenTestingOnline


The best option for sending unlimited free SMS and MMS messages to anybody, everywhere.

With OpenTestingOnline, you may text or multimedia message (MMS) anybody. Almost any person, wherever in the globe, may receive your communications. In order to communicate with others online, registration is unnecessary. The software offers a free and safe method of communicating with others. In addition to carrier search and number blocking, your app may also allow you to detect blocked numbers and locate receivers.

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6. SimpleTexting


The Best Way to Market to Global Audiences through SMS

Sending international text messages has never been easier than with SimpleTexting. Username, password, email address, legal name, gender, city, country, and date of birth are required information for creating an account on the official website.

After signing up, users can send and receive text messages, upload a profile picture, and generate a contact list. The page is hosted on a personal website, so users may access it whenever they choose to exchange messages.

7. TxtDrop


txtDrop is widely recognised as the go-to service for sending and receiving free SMS messages online. Since its inception in 2013, it has successfully delivered about 25 million messages, as reported by the company itself.

While an account is not required, if you would like to have responses sent to your email address, you may do so.

The availability of a widget for macOS is another distinguishing feature of txtDrop. If you set it up, you won’t even have to go online to send messages; you can do it all from your Mac’s desktop. There’s also a widget you can include on your website if you run one!

You may only use the service to communicate with other users in the United States and Canada for free. The same cannot be said for any other sites.

8. Send Anonymous SMS

Send Anonymous SMS

Visit Send Anonymous SMS if you want to send anonymous text messages online without having to sign up for anything.

Despite the name, this service does not need any information about you in order to send a free SMS. This service might be useful if you want to fool a buddy, send a short message, or just communicate with individuals without revealing your identity.

As opposed to the other free SMS services we’ve covered, this one really allows you to fake the phone number that the recipient sees on their screen when they get the message. Although it’s not quite apparent how that would work, it’s certainly worth a go if you’re attempting to pull off a practical joke. Be careful to avoid breaking any laws.

More than 80 countries are supported by Send Anonymous SMS, which has a character limit of 145.

9. WiFi Text

WiFi Text

superior to Mobile short message service (SMS) communication is provided at no cost to either the sender or the recipient.

WiFi Text is a free, instant messaging service that allows you to text several contacts at once. You may get started sending and receiving as a guest right now.

It’s a free messaging service online that enables you send texts and choose which ones get responses. Your guests may reach you at any time by dialling your easily accessible main line. However, you may simply ignore or ban the senders of spam or other undesirable communications.

WiFi Text also supports off-site messaging to mobile devices, so you can send a message without having to access the website on the mobile device itself. It’s appropriate for usage on both secure websites and social networking sites.

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