How To Get Multiple Phone Numbers For Free (Ultimate List 2022)

how to get multiple phone numbers for free

Apps that function like phone numbers facilitate communication over text, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks. Call recording, call forwarding, and personalised greetings are just a few of the handy extras offered by these apps. There are a variety of solutions available for limitless texting and multimedia messaging.

We’ve compiled a list of the top free second phone number apps and software for your company, along with descriptions of their top features and external connections to their official websites. There is both free and commercial software on the list.

List Of The Best Second Phone Number Apps



Even though Flyp doesn’t have a “free” tier of service, you can try it risk-free for a week. That might be adequate as a secondary phone number if your needs are minimal. Flyp is a unique alternative to other second number apps because it allows you to add up to five additional numbers for just $7.99 per month. Unlimited texting and calling, as well as a host of other capabilities, are included on each line. Furthermore, a unique area code may be assigned to each individual number.

Google Voice

Google voice

Before its 2018 revamp, the Google Voice app wasn’t much praised. Incorporating Material Design into the software, yet maintaining a traditionally elegant design. Although it was widely believed that Google had disregarded this app, its continued development proves otherwise.

When you sign up for Google Voice, you may get a new phone number and use it to make and receive calls, send and receive texts, and check your voicemail. The default dialer on your phone may be set to utilise your Google Voice number. Many competing applications lack this functionality.

Google Voice may also be linked to your email inbox. You may even dictate messages onto your voicemail using this feature. Google Voice’s per-minute charges for international calls vary from a few cents to a few dollars.

App users may make local calls inside the United States at no cost. The greatest aspect is that there are no recurring costs associated with using it.

Grasshopper – Best For Small Businesses

Grasshopper – Best For Small Businesses

Small companies may get in touch with one another using Grasshopper, a phone number application. It’s convenient since you only need to remember one professional phone number, which works with any of your current mobile or landline devices. You may easily transfer your virtual phone number with the help of this software. It allows you to transfer incoming calls to another device or team member so that you may handle many conversations at once.



There are several Google Voice-like features in this app. To make calls, send texts, or check voicemails, all you need is a single mobile phone and the ability to store several phone numbers. However, you may make free phone calls and text messages to other users of this programme.

It’s easy to set up a group chat with your loved ones on Line2. Make use of the app and encourage free downloads from your audience. There is a $9.99 monthly price for making calls to numbers that are not Line2 subscribers in the United States or Canada.

Line2 offers free, limitless calling, texting, and MMS for its customers. Plus, you may choose the area code that will be associated with your new phone number. Its versatility as an Android and iOS app, online app, and wristwatch app is where it really excels.

Line2 also includes caller ID, call forwarding, group calls with up to 20 participants, and the ability to block specific phone numbers. This app works with both mobile data and Wi-Fi networks. Because of that, your backup line will always be available.

Cloud SIM

Cloud SIM

With Cloud SIM, you can activate up to four additional phone numbers on your existing mobile phone. Each Cloud SIM profile has very cheap per-call and per-text costs. Connecting with other people who have a Cloud SIM profile is free, as is talking and chatting with them.

When several others in your social circle are also using this app, it becomes really useful for facilitating conversation. The UI is also very appealing to the eye, which is a plus. To access this function, just tap one of the screen’s round buttons.



Hushed, which works on both iOS and Android, stands out from the competition by providing unique functionalities, such as the option to create a toll-free number. Hushed doesn’t provide a second free line that is financed by ads, but you may use the software for free for three days. Because Hushed doesn’t save your billing information, there’s no need to cancel once the three-day trial period ends; your number will just stop working. Hushed’s normal plan starts at only $1.99 per week for unlimited talking and texting. Keeping the number active for longer than that requires a monthly subscription of $3.99 or a yearly subscription for $29.99.



The Burner app is a fantastic alternative phone number option. It has the ability to make and receive calls, as well as send and receive pictures and texts, at no cost. With this service, you may get a new number and add it to your current phone.

Most importantly, it can generate temporary phone numbers, which is a huge selling point. As soon as you dial the number, all traces of it are permanently removed from your device. You can test out the app risk-free for a week by downloading the free trial version.

MightyCall – Best User-Friendly Interface

MightyCall – Best User-Friendly Interface

Small businesses might benefit from MightyCall, a cloud-based phone service. The technology is flexible enough to let you use whatever phone you choose for making and receiving calls. You may either ignore the call or choose to take it, or you can send it to voicemail.

MightyCall provides a simple and natural flowchart to help you organise your calls. All of your past conversations may be seen in one convenient place. Using this software, you may keep your company functioning even after regular hours are over.

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Get Multiple Phone Numbers On One Cell Phone Today!

Here are a few options for storing several mobile phone numbers on a single device. Take use of them to the fullest, particularly if you’d want to keep your professional and private life on different lines.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use technology effectively, however, you shouldn’t stop here. If you found this tutorial helpful and would want to learn more, check out some of our other guides!

How Do I Know Which Number Callers Are Trying To Reach?

OpenPhone and other business phone applications make it simple to distinguish between work and personal calls. Your VoIP number’s call screen will seem different from the one used by your default phone app.

In addition, the names of the people you have stored as business contacts in your VoIP address book will still be shown. You may avoid seeming unprofessional by not answering business calls with “Yo, what’s up?” or similar phrases.

Next to the OpenPhone icon, you’ll see the words “OpenPhone Audio,” indicating that your VoIP calls will be made through the OpenPhone software. To help you distinguish between the several phone numbers in your OpenPhone account, you may give each one a unique name and emoji.

The Advantages Of Using A Local Phone Number

CallHippo is a pioneer in the field of cloud-based virtual phone systems, supporting local and toll-free numbers in more than 50 countries across the globe. Here are some of the ways in which a CallHippo virtual local number may help your company grow:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Getting a CallHippo local number saves you the trouble of establishing a physical location for your business inside the nation. CallHippo’s virtual local numbers are very cheap. You’ll save a tonne of money compared to making calls using more conventional international channels. They are efficient and can do the task for far less than the price of a phone call across the ocean.

  • Flexibility

A virtual local number or toll-free number allows you to do business and interact with customers in a foreign nation without actually relocating your headquarters there. You may establish a local presence for your brand in the country and begin expanding internationally. No matter where you are, you may have calls forwarded to your mobile device.

  • Operational Efficiency

Along with its virtual local phone number and toll-free number, CallHippo also offers a variety of sophisticated, user-friendly services like auto-dialing, call forwarding, call recording, reporting, and analytics, etc. Features may be tailored to your company’s specific requirements, allowing you to tailor a solution that can help simplify and automate a wide range of tasks in your contact centre.

  • Privacy

Calls made through CallHippo’s local number are completely confidential. With a DID virtual phone number, your clients may reach you by dialling a toll-free number instead of your personal phone number.

  • Specific Area Codes

A customer is more likely to answer a call from a known area code, or even better, their own area code. CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers come with area codes that may be customised to better reach your target audience.

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