How To Reduce Cellular Data Usage On iPhone (Different Ways)

How to Reduce Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

It seems like your iPhone is eating up more data than it did before. You are well aware of this since practically every month you must pay more because you have used more data than you were allotted.

Changing a few settings on your iPhone’s operating system and apps is all it takes to significantly cut down on data use. You’ll also find out how to minimise your iPhone’s data consumption by making use of the built-in data-saving tools offered by a number of popular applications.

How To Your Check Data Usage On An iPhone

The majority of data packages do not roll over into the next month. Therefore, if you try to save too much money, you could have a bad experience and find yourself with many gigabytes of unused data that will expire in a day and be wasted at the end of the month.

That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to check your remaining data balance. Listed below are four different methods that may be used on an iPhone to do this.

  • Use Your Carrier’s App

To check your iPhone’s data consumption, just download and sign into your carrier’s app. Details such as your current amount, the card’s expiration date, any outstanding bills, and more will be shown there.

  • Use Your Carrier’s Customer Care or Special Number

By contacting a specialised customer service line, sending a text message, or dialling a particular code like *123#, several carriers enable you to check the remaining data allocation. To find out what these precise numbers and codes are for your service provider, you can either get in touch with them directly or do a simple online search.

  • Use the Usage Section in the Settings App

In addition, several carriers provide plan information and use right in your iPhone. Simply go to the device’s configuration menu, then choose Cellular, and then Usage or Cellular Plans, depending on your needs.

  • Use the iPhone Settings App

In the end, you can estimate how much data your iPhone has used by going to Settings > Cellular. What follows is a list of all the apps together with the amount of data they have utilised. You may do an instantaneous computation from this. If you want to use this option, be sure to hit Reset Statistics on the first day of each new billing cycle.

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Reduce Cellular Data Usage On iPhone

If you are on a limited data plan and go over your data limit, your cellular data service may be terminated or you may be charged a high overage fee.

You must thus keep a close eye on how much data your iPhone is using and restrict apps that use too much.

If you make it a practise to check how much data your phone is using and take steps to stop applications from using too much data, you should be able to stay under the restrictions of your data plan.

  • Disable Background App Refresh

When WiFi is unavailable, most social media apps will continually reload their data in the background, using up your precious Cellular Data.

Disable background app refresh for social media and other unused apps by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and toggling the toggle off.

Disable Background App Refresh in iPhone
  • Disable Cellular Data for iCloud

You should only use the free WiFi network to upload and download files to and from your iPhone using iCloud.

If you want to disable iCloud Drive, you may do so by going to Settings > Cellular > scrolling down and toggling the switch next to it to the OFF position.

Disable Cellular Data for iCloud
  • Disable WiFi Assist

The iPhone’s WiFi Assist function has been blamed for draining the device’s battery and using large amounts of cellular data.

The WiFi Helper toggle should be set to the OFF position under Settings > Cellular > More Options.

Disable WiFi Assist
  • Disable Cellular Data for Downloads

Be sure that your smartphone requires a WiFi connection in order to download any apps or updates.

Turn off access to the App Store, the iTunes Store, and Music by selecting Settings > Cellular Data and toggling the corresponding switches to the OFF position.

You may now restrict your iPhone to only download iOS and App Updates when connected to a WiFi network.

Please be aware that Cellular Data cannot be used for music streaming.

Disable Cellular Data for Downloads in iPhone
  • Disable Cellular Data for Unused Apps

If you’re on a strict budget, your best bet is to restrict app use to the absolute necessities and utilise the free WiFi whenever available.

If you want to save money on your iPhone’s cellular data plan, go to the device’s Settings > Cellular and turn off the Cellular Data option for any unused apps, social media apps, or other programmes that aren’t strictly necessary.

Verify that only the absolutely necessary apps are enabled to utilise cellular data by going through each one of them one by one on this page.

Disable Cellular Data in iPhone
  • Disable Cellular Data for Photos

Photos and videos may quickly rack up large data use. To avoid wasting cellular data, the Photos app should not be allowed to upload or share photos.

In the menu that appears, tap Photos, and then change the switch next to Cellular Data to the OFF setting.

Disable Cellular Data for Photos In iPhone
  • Disable Cellular Data for Background App Refresh

By turning off cellular data use for all apps, you may expect to save a significant quantity of cellular data.

To enable Wi-Fi for automatic app updates in the background, go to the Settings menu, then General, and finally Background App Refresh.

From now on, your iPhone will restrict all app updates to only happen over WiFi.

Disable Cellular Data for Background in iPhone
  • Turn Off Video Autoplay

You’ve probably noticed that whenever you access a social media or news-related website on your iPhone, a video begins playing automatically.

If you often check your social media accounts on your mobile device, turning off video autoplay may help you save data.

Turn Off Video Autoplay in iphone

Save Data And Money On Your iPhone!

Following these steps is the most effective method for limiting the amount of data an iPhone consumes. Implementing the aforementioned tips will make it much simpler to complete your data cycle without resorting to unnecessary add-on purchases or monetary outlays.

We spend so much time on Wi-Fi that any tips on how to make it run more efficiently, allowing for quicker downloads and web surfing, are really appreciated.

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