Jamie Hayter Relationship: Who Is She Dating Now?

jamie hayter relationship

Paige Wooding, who was born on April 23, 1995, is an English professional wrestler who is now signed to All Elite Wrestling. Her ring name is Jamie Hayter, and she is better recognised by that moniker (AEW).

Her involvement on the indie circuit in England with various promotions such as Pro-Wrestling: EVE and Revolution Pro Wrestling, where she is a former RevPro British Women’s Champion, has also brought her a lot of attention.

She is known for both of these things. Wooding is a former SWA World Champion and a former Goddess of Stardom Champion. She has also frequently performed in World Wonder Ring Stardom (commonly known as “Stardom”), where she was a regular performer (with Bea Priestley)

You are going to learn about Jamie Hayter’s past relationships, as well as who she is now dating, if you continue reading this post.

Jamie Hayter AEW Debut

The month of October 2019 marked Jamie Hayter’s debut in AEW, when she competed in a match. It was a match against Britt Baker, who is the reigning AEW Women’s Champion.

The contest took place in Britt’s hometown of Pittsburgh, which is located in the state of Pennsylvania. During that time period, Baker was a babyface in AEW and was receiving a significant amount of support from her local fans.

Hayter, who is a heel, did an extremely good job of soaking up the boos throughout the match. Baker emerged victorious over Hayter in the match’s conclusion.

After Jamie went backstage, she was going to get interviewed when all of a sudden, Brandi Rhodes attacked her for no apparent reason. This took place at a time when Rhodes was harassing Britt’s competitors for some unknown purpose.

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How old is Jamie Hayter?

She was born on April 23, 1995, which means that Jamie Hayter is currently 26 years old. She became an official member of the squad earlier this year after signing a full-time contract with AEW and becoming a member of the organisation.

AEW is aware of Hayter’s ability, and they are also aware of how young she is. Jamie’s employer is free to take their time with her since they are confident that when it is her turn to perform, she will be ready to provide her best effort.

Jamie Hayter Height?

Unless a wrestler is abnormally short or tall for their weight class, height does not typically play a significant part in the sport of wrestling today.

There are a significant number of wrestlers in AEW who are either 5’7″ or 5’8″, including Jamie Hayter. As a point of reference, Britt Baker is roughly the same height as Hayter.

Even though Rebel is a couple of inches taller than Jamie (5 feet 10 inches), it wouldn’t really matter if these two didn’t face each other in the ring as long as they didn’t compete against each other.

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Jamie Hayter Relationship

Regrettably, not a lot of information regarding Jamie Hayter’s private life is publically available. Because she strives to keep as little of her personal life in the public eye as possible, there is no information on her romantic life to be found anywhere on the internet.

It is possible for people to presume that someone like Hayter has a boyfriend; nevertheless, fans should not believe this information unless Hayter explicitly states otherwise. Since there is no information on her dating life, it is probably safe to infer that she is not in a relationship at this time.

jamie hayter boyfriend

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Latest Updates About Jamie Hayter

At this point in time, Jamie Hayter is considered to be one of the most talented in-ring performers in AEW. She’s incredible to watch in the ring, and her promos are just as good. Additionally, there are AEW supporters who believe she represents the company’s women’s division’s hope for the future.

Hayter made her comeback to the organisation this year, and despite the fact that she hasn’t quite found her footing in AEW just yet, it’s just a matter of time before she becomes one of the most prominent stars on the female roster.

Britt Baker was responsible for her elimination from the TBS Championship event in the quarterfinals earlier this month. It would appear that she is on the verge of becoming a singles star, and that may be the beginning of her push within the firm.

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