Who Is Dove Cameron Dating: A Complete Relationship History Of The Star

dove cameron relationship

Dove Olivia Cameron is a famous singer and actress from the United States. She played both Liv and Maddie, the show’s title characters, on the Disney Channel comedy series Liv and Maddie, for which she was awarded the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Performer in Children’s Programming.

Liv and Maddie won the award for Outstanding Performer in Children’s Programming. However, despite the success that she has had as an actress, a lot of Dove Cameron’s admirers are interested in learning more about her personal life. For example, they want to know: “Who is Dove Cameron dating?”

Being a celebrity often means that people are interested in learning more about your personal relationships. When it comes to Dove, the question “who is Dove Cameron dating?” is arguably the one that is asked the most frequently. She has dated a few and has even been engaged. Is she currently unattached?

About Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron is an actor, and she is most recognised for her role as Liv/Maddie Rooney on the sitcom Liv and Maddie, which airs on the Disney Channel.

In addition, she has roles in the films Cloud 9 and Descendants. Her parents encouraged her to pursue a career in acting while she was growing up on Bainbridge Island, Washington, which is located close to Seattle.

At the age of eight, she began participating in community performances held throughout the region. In the 2012 episode of The Mentalist titled “The Devil’s Cherry,” she played the role of Charlotte Anne Jane.

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Dove Cameron Sexuality

Dove’s public relationships have been with men, yet she’s queer. She told Gay Times, “I’ve hinted at my sexuality for years but was frightened to say it.”

The singer says she explained her sexuality on Instagram Live. I’m queer if I haven’t mentioned it. I want to convey this in my music because it’s who I am. Dove has since released LGBT hit songs including “Boyfriend,” about stealing a man’s girlfriend.

I could be a better boyfriend than him/I could do the sh*t he never did/Up all night, I won’t quit/Thinking I’ll steal you from him/I could be such a gentleman.

Dove’s music video for “Breakfast” features a world without patriarchy. I devour males like you for breakfast/One by one hanging on my necklace. Dove is single and focusing on her singing career.

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All About Dove Cameron Relationship History

Let’s check all about the Dove Cameron Past Relationships-

Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan

The Disney Channel actress dated Ryan McCartan, 29, her former co-star, from 2013 to 2016. Despite the fact that they were openly in love with one another, the couple separated in October 2016. In 2012, Ryan and Dove initially met on the set of Liv and Maddie and fell in love right away.

Dove and Ryan were formally engaged by April 2016, which Ryan confirmed on Instagram. Dedicating my 1,000th post to my fiance, Ryan wrote. I can’t believe I got to use that name for you. I appreciate your acceptance.

Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan

However, the pair appeared to have a falling out when they announced their separation only six months later. On October 5, 2016, Ryan revealed the specifics of the separation on Twitter. “Dove has decided that this relationship isn’t what she wants,” he wrote. We remain deeply in love with one another. Please exercise compassion as this is painful.

After they broke up, Dove later said on Instagram that her ex-boyfriend “Was nasty to me,” suggesting that there may have been animosity between them. Ouch! Ryan quickly responded later on Twitter, posting, “Take the high road, there’s less traffic,” in response.

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Dove Cameron And Thomas Doherty

Dove soon moved on and found love with Gossip Girl star Thomas Doherty, 27. Dove and Thomas met while filming Descendants 2. The singer told PEOPLE, “We’re dating. We’re keeping it to ourselves because it’s more romantic and real when it’s private. She continued, “We’re dating, but we’re keeping the details to ourselves.”

Dove told ET in 2019 that she’d pondered marriage. She remarked, “I go back and forth on whether that’s something I want to do,” but “if I marry anyone, it’ll be him.”

dove cameron and thomas doherty

Dove confirmed their separation on Twitter in 2020. “Breakfast” singer wrote, “hi. We split in October. We’ll remain friends despite the difficult decision. Thank you for our privacy.” Thomas never discussed their breakup.

Is Dove Cameron Engaged?

Yes, in June of 2016, the former actress from the show Shameless and Ryan announced their engagement after dating for three years. The couple had their final separation in October of 2016. In January of 2020, Ryan stated that the breakup between them was because to Dove’s affair with another man.

Is Dove Cameron Dating?

Dove is putting all of her attention on her profession right now and concealing her personal life. Despite this, it is impossible to predict what the future holds for the vocalist given that they are working on new music.

In an interview that took place in September 2021 with WIRED, the Disney Channel star discussed her personal life, revealing that she does not currently have a boyfriend.

Her sole concentration right now is on her professional endeavours, and she is not seeing anyone at this time. The actress has never publicly acknowledged that she is in a romantic partnership, despite the fact that she has been in two high-profile romances that both ended in failure in the year 2020.

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