Who Is Ross Lynch Dating: Everything About His Relationships !!

ross lynch relationship

Ross Shor Lynch is a well-known American performer in the fields of singing, songwriting, music, and acting. He was the primary vocalist for the pop rock band R5, and he currently performs as a member of the Driver Era alongside his brother, Rocky Lynch.

As an actor, he first came to the public’s attention for his part as Austin Moon in the Disney Channel comedy television series Austin & Ally and for his role as Brady in the Disney Channel film series Teen Beach Movie. Both of these roles brought him widespread acclaim.

In 2017, Lynch made his debut in the film industry with the biopic My Friend Dahmer, in which he played a younger version of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. In the television series Status Update, which aired in 2018, Lynch played the role of Kyle.

He played the role of Harvey Kinkle on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina television series that aired on Netflix between the years 2018 and 2020. Check out the information about his relationships and other personal data that are provided below.

Ross Lynch Relationship History

Ross has been in many relationship, which you can read about below-

Ross Lynch And Laura Marano

Ross’ co-star (again) in Austin & Ally is a different woman who should be mentioned in this context. They were best friends for life, but this time they made it apparent that their bond was MORE priceless than their love one.

In an interview with J-14 back in October 2013, Ross stated, “Laura and I are kind of like a married couple.”

ross lynch and laura marano

You guys wanted Ross and Laura to date so much, but they ended up dating someone else. But don’t worry, they were still close and communicating as best friends, thus their relationship had maintained up to this point.

The benefit of remaining friends rather than lovers is that your closeness will probably endure longer than it would if you had broken up as a pair.

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Ross Lynch And Morgan Larson

He also dated Morgan Larson, whom he met in 2012 while working on the set of Teen Beach Movie. In April 2019, he spoke with Cosmopolitan, and it was via that interview that we first learned of his relationship with Morgan Larson.

“I was 16 when the first movie [Teen Beach Movie] came out, but there were either high school or college students there. And they just relocated us to a Caribbean island for two months,” he gushed in his interview.

Additionally, Ross shared an Instagram picture of himself with Morgan Larson, which had his admirers wonder if the two were actually dating.

Ross and Morgan are seen kissing on the cheeks in the photo, but Ross didn’t add a caption. Does that imply that he intended others to draw their own conclusions? It might be, though.

He didn’t erase his photo with Morgan, though, even until now. Since Ross deleted his selfie with Courtney, several fans were unsure if their connection was anything more than “just friends.”

Ross also made no effort to provide any clarification. Instead, he let the audience decide how to perceive it. The rumours about him and Morgan quickly died down now that he is in a fulfilling relationship.

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Ross Lynch And Courtney Eaton

Courtney Eaton, who starred alongside Ross in the comedy series Status Update, was a stunning woman who he dated in the past. Indeed, the movie was responsible for bringing them together, and, according to form, they hit it off immediately.

His romance with Courtney lasted almost three years, from 2015 to 2017, making it another one of his long-term partnerships. It was a really big deal when Ross made the public announcement of his relationship with Courtney on his Instagram account in September of 2015.

But before he met Courtney and Jaz, Ross was never really interested in making anything official, and he certainly never intended to make the desire public.

However, we can see from his time spent with Courtney and Jaz that he posted a lot and proudly showed the world that he was in a relationship. This is evidenced by the fact that he posted about it.

In spite of the fact that they did not discuss the circumstances surrounding the termination of their relationship, the snapshot that Courtney posted to Instagram shows that Ross was present for Courtney’s birthday celebration.

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Who is Ross Lynch Dating Now?

ross lyncross lynch and jaz sinclairh and jaz sinclair

An attractive and charming man like him should be off the market. Women, don’t be depressed! He opted to date a woman, and we’re rather certain she’s not an ordinary woman.

Ross is presently seeing Paper Towns and The Vampire Diaries actress Jaz Sinclair, another actor. On the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina set in 2018, Jaz and Ross first connected.

They had just met, but they didn’t appear together immediately awayWhen the two attended Paris Fashion Week in January 2020, they made their first public appearance.

This duo didn’t only express their ideas about a global issue without hesitation; they aren’t just serving up good looks. Despite receiving numerous hateful remarks from the audience, they were a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

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