Dominik Mysterio Biological Father: Is He Not Rey Mysterio Son?

dominik mysterio father

Dominik Gutiérrez is a professional wrestler who was born in the United States on April 5, 1997. He is currently under contract with WWE and goes by the ring name Dominik Mysterio when he competes there.

He is a member of The Judgment Day and performs on the Raw brand. He held the title of SmackDown Tag Team Champion at one point in his career. Let’s look over the post and see what else it has to say about Dominik.

Dominik Mysterio and WWE Involvement

Rey stated that despite Dominik’s early engagement with WWE and the fact that he came from a wrestling family, Dominik was never pressured into becoming a professional wrestler.

“I have never demanded that he become a wrestler, that he watch wrestling, or that he enter the wrestling ring. “Everything kind of just happened naturally throughout the course of time,” Rey explained.

dominik mysterio wwe

The fact that he didn’t begin his training until he was 19 and I didn’t begin mine until I was 7 years old is a significant difference.

“So, I was pretty much born in the ring, and subconsciously he was actually raised the same way I was raised, but there was no insistence from either my end or from my wife’s end to push him to the ring,” he said. “But he was actually raised the same way I was raised.”

Dominik Mysterio WWE Career

Dominic made an appearance on SmackDown Live in 2019 when Rey revealed his matchup with Samoa Joe. Additionally, he watched Raw during the conflict between Mysterio and the Samoan.

He participated in many of his father’s plots and battles, too. The third-generation wrestler tampered with his father’s contest with Brock Lesnar as well.

When his father sustained an eye injury during a match against Seth Rollins and his allies, his wrestling role finally grew. In the next chapter of the story, he attempted to exact revenge on his father but failed.

He formally challenged Seth Rollins for a summer Slam match on August 3, which would be his professional debut. Shortly after, Rollins used Murphy to assault Dominick.

The wrestler took the position of his injured father to take on Rollins again after his defeat and Payback victory. However, Rollins ultimately triumphed over Rey Mysterio’s kid.

On Raw, Seth also triumphed against Dominick in a steel cage bout once more. Mysterio’s daughter has emotions for Rollins’ teammate Murphy, according to a fresh plot twist.

The Gutiérrez family fell into disarray after the discovery. Murphy used this chance to defeat Dominic by pinfall.

His father defeated Seth in a No Holds Barred match after being drafted into the SmackDown brand, ending their feud. Along with it, the father-son team also engaged in conflict with King Corbin.

Who is Dominik Mysterio biological father

When American professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero asserted that he was Guitérrez’s biological father, media outlets and fans began to wonder who Dominic’s real father was. Before their plot turned sour, Eddie and Rey were partners.

They united to retake the WWE Tag Team Championship. However, Eddie abandons and abuses Rey during a battle with MNM. Consequently, a conflict between the two arose throughout the plot. Guerrero also admitted that he was Rey’s son’s biological father.

He added that he was having trouble starting his own family, so he let Mysterio to adopt Dominic. Eddie warned the three-time World Champion that he would gain custody of Dominic in the ensuing weeks.

Nevertheless, Rey retained custody of his child by defeating Guerrero in the ladder match. The custody papers were hanging from the arena rafters during the game.

In conclusion, Rey Mysterio, not Eddie Guerrero, is Dominic’s real father. The disclosure and custody battle described above were only plot points. Eddie’s victory over Rey in a steel cage match brought an end to their argument.

What Dominik says about it

Dominik described the reactions of his classmates and teachers to the plot exclusively to Digital Spy.

Dominik remarked, “[Classmates] were always asking who my dad was. Teachers were alarmed because they had no idea what was happening and were worried about my home life because they didn’t realise it was a storyline.

But it was really good. I was away from school because to travel.

Dominik Mysterio Relationship

Marie Juliette and Dominic are a couple. Since high school, the two have been dating. They were hence sweethearts in high school. Furthermore, Gutiérrez had just turned 15 when he first began dating Juliette.

They recently commemorated their nine years of marriage. Nurse Marie has passed the test to become board certified. She is a medical professional who works incredibly hard.

Despite having quite different lives, the couple is able to fit in and find common ground. Additionally, their schedules don’t always work out for them. Nevertheless, the two manage to coexist and have done so for more than nine years.

Additionally, their teen romance reached a serious level thanks to their love, unwavering support, and mutual trust. The two are not yet legally wedded or even engaged.

The wedding bells aren’t that far away, though, thanks to the couple’s persistence, bond, and long-lasting relationship. Dominic and Marie are committed to and happy with their separate occupations in 2022.

They are therefore unable to plan engagement surprises or wedding preparations. Above all, the two are present-focused and generally content with the direction their relationship is taking in 2022.

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