How To Snooze Someone On Facebook 2022

how to snooze someone on fb

People get married only so they can show off their images on Facebook, I swear. You know you have a buddy like that on Facebook when they start spamming your news feed. Obviously, we can’t stop being friends with them because of this. Facebook is aware of this, which is why it has developed a variety of safeguards. The ability to pause and resume time is one example.

The phrase “snooze” is often used to put off doing anything. Surely you’re familiar with the phrase “snooze alarm,” which is most often used in reference to an alarm clock. The word “snooze” has a somewhat different connotation on Facebook. As for Facebook’s snooze button, what exactly does it do? Use this comprehensive guide to sleep to learn all you need to know.

Definition Of The Facebook Term “Snooze”

The term “snooze” is used to temporarily silence someone. To clarify, the person whose updates you have snoozed will no longer appear in your newsfeed, effectively silencing them. That is, you will not see their profile updates in your feed when they are made. Checking what they’ve posted requires actively visiting their profile.

Snooze A Friend’s Or A Page’s Posts For 30 Days

Facebook’s “snooze” function comes in handy when you want to temporarily stop seeing content from a certain friend or page without having to unfollow them entirely. Using this function, you may hide the postings of a certain user or page from your feed for a period of 30 days.

By snoozing a friend or a page, you are not unfriending them or unfollowing them. They won’t be alerted that you put them on snooze, thus it won’t matter whether you do or don’t.

  • On a post of the friend or the page that you want to snooze, select the three dots in the top right corner of the post.
page that you want to snooze
  • Pick the 30-day snooze option and add [Friend’s Name].
Pick the 30-day snooze option
  • You won’t see any more content from [Name] in your News Feed for 30 days,” the warning reads on the third page. If you quickly change your mind, you may pick Undo. When this happens, you won’t see any updates from that user or page for the following 30 days.

What Happens When You Snooze Someone On Facebook

When You Snooze Someone On Facebook

When you snooze someone, you momentarily stop seeing their updates in your feed but you still see everything else. There are no other shifts. You haven’t been removed from anyone’s friend list.

When using unblock, you may still communicate using Facebook and Messenger. Find out what else they’ve been up to on Facebook. If they share a group with you, you may be able to see comments or posts they make there. You will be alerted whenever they leave a comment on one of your posts, and you will be able to see the remark itself. The following salient point is therefore brought up.

Choose Who You Want To Snooze In Shared Posts

Choose Who You Want To Snooze

Occasionally, you may see a post in your feed that was originally shared by a friend or a page. You may snooze both the sharer and the person or page being shared from in these types of posts.

Say, for instance, you like seeing your buddy’s postings in your feed but aren’t so keen on the content shared by another friend of theirs. If you wanted to sleep someone, it wouldn’t be that person; it would be their buddy.

On the other side, you may snooze a whole friend rather than just the individual people and sites they share from if they share a lot of content from their own friends and pages they follow that you don’t wish to see in your feed.

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Undo Your Snooze If You Change Your Mind

Undo Your Snooze

Visiting the profile of the friend or page you snoozed on will allow you to reverse the action at a later time.

To undo the snooze, click the notice that says “Snoozed” at the top of the postings.

Whom Can You Snooze

Whom Can You Snooze

Facebook accounts, pages, and groups may all use the snooze function. Profiles may be of people who aren’t already friends with you. In the same vein, groups and pages are treated the same. For example, you may sleep all of Facebook, even sites you haven’t liked and groups you haven’t joined.

All that is necessary is for you to have shown at least one of their posts in your feed. Then you’ll be the only one who can put them to sleep.

If you’re wondering how it will look when someone shares a post from another profile or page, that’s when it will be shared. Next, a snooze option for both profiles will appear.

In Order To Make Your Decision Permanent, You May Unfollow People Or Pages

While snoozing friends and pages is a fantastic way to temporarily hide their postings, you may discover that you desire a more permanent solution when the sleep time finishes. In this case, you may always unfollow them. If you stop following a friend or a page, it’s like hitting the snooze button for them, only it lasts forever rather than just 30 days.

By unfollowing a friend or fan page, you will still be friends with or a fan of the page in question, but you will no longer get updates from them in your feed unless and until you visit their profile or page and explicitly follow them again. Unfollowing a buddy has the same effect as snoozing: no notification is sent.

Extra Points: Resume The Missing Facebook Snooze

If you’re unable to snooze someone on Facebook, you may be using the feature from an inappropriate location. The snooze option only works for content on your feed. You won’t find the toggle to verify posts when visiting a profile or page.

How And When To Snooze

When a friend’s or page’s postings are getting to be too much, you may put them on snooze. Yet the thought of blocking or unfriending them bothers you. For instance, when political or vacation photos flood your newsfeed.

Because of this, sleep is a fantastic replacement for unfollowing and unfriending. Moreover, it won’t last forever. Select the “unfollow” option if you’re looking for a more lasting solution. If you do that, you won’t see any further updates from them until you follow them again.

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