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You’ve probably heard good things about AnyTrans if you’ve been seeking for a new way to handle your iOS data. Exactly what is AnyTrans? It is a comprehensive iOS data transfer programme that lets you do things like view and edit iPhone material on a computer, access and restore data from iPhone backups, move data from one iPhone to another, and so on.

Android phones may also be used as input devices. AnyTrans can let you do any task on your iOS smartphone. Furthermore, we will release AnyDroid, a robust Android data manager that will be known as AnyDroid beginning in 2020. And from here on out, we’ll refer to it as “AnyDroid.”

So, how do you get AnyTrans and AnyDroid to handle your iPhone/Android data? Can I use AnyTrans or AnyDroid without paying anything? If that’s the case, where can I get the link to the free version of AnyTrans/AnyDroid? If not, I’d recommend trying out the trial versions of AnyTrans and AnyDroid. There are solutions in the post.

To Begin, Let’s Define AnyTrans

what is AnyTrans

Exactly what is this thing called AnyTrans, then? It’s a powerful combination of many different file-management features. So, to get to the meat of the matter…

With the help of Imobie AnyTrans, iOS device management is possible on a computer running either Mac OS X or Windows. We all know how limiting Apple’s products can be, so this comes as a great relief.

AnyTrans is compatible with all iOS 9 devices, including iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches.

Once you’ve purchased the main PC software, you’ll have access to the mobile management portal and all of the related mobile applications. Back up everything on your mobile device by creating a clone on your computer or an external storage device. Alternatively, you may pick and choose whatever files you want to send. No matter how you choose to using AnyTrans, you can be certain that it will be a speedy and secure experience.

Then, on any iOS 9 device, you may effortlessly restore these backups or data. New files, such as music or films, may also be transferred from a computer to an iOS device. These are automatically downloaded to the appropriate libraries on the mobile storage device.

Using file management, you can get at any file or folder you want. Use AnyTrans to remove images from your computer and transfer them to your smartphone, along with any other kind of file. Use of the content manager does not need actual copying from the device.

Aytrans for ios installer

In the meanwhile, the companion mobile app does away with the need for a PC, allowing for lightning-fast transfers across devices. However, I’ll elaborate on it later.

AnyTrans should only be used for mobile device backups. Hard discs and data on computers are not clonable. To ensure the safety and mobility of your mobile device’s backups, it’s simple to copy them to a USB flash drive or other portable storage device.

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The Past Of AnyTrans

iMobie, a startup founded in 2011, is responsible for creating AnyTrans. The company’s only mission is to make it easier for those who use iOS or Android to organise their digital files.

The software we’re discussing today was designed for iOS users well over a year ago. So, let’s get into this AnyTrans review and find out whether it’s up to snuff.

The Benefits Of Using AnyTrans

Benefits Of AnyTrans

If you’ve read the preceding parts, you probably already know that the AnyTrans app has a lot going for it.

There is a near-crisis of choice in the market for file management applications. This makes it quite difficult to choose, since you won’t know which one is best until you download a few and check them out.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done! In the end, AnyTrans was the best of the ones we tested. There are, of course, some drawbacks to this application (which we shall cover in further detail below), but it is fantastic in principle (in our humble opinion).

Okay, enough babbling! We’ll skip the intro and go right to the good stuff about this gadget.

Functions Of AnyTrans

iMobie’s AnyTrans has several choices for managing your files and safeguards against losing them. It’s a step above from Apple’s iTunes and iOS’s built-in options for managing files. Discuss your options with me.

Cloned Devices

Secure backups are also helpful in the event of device corruption or while switching to a new device. Avoid any data loss at any costs.

Unlike iTunes, which only backs up music, an AnyTrans backup may save nearly everything. All of your contacts, messages, phone logs, notes, and images will be made available to you. Also included are movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and any and all other forms of audiovisual material.

You may verify what should be backed up while the procedure is running. In addition, incremental backups may be performed. As a result, only changes since the last backup are saved. There is no need to repeatedly send the same data, saving both time and space.

Once the file is downloaded to your computer, you may open it in whichever programme supports it. You may play media files such as movies and music just as you would any other file type on your computer.

A similar process underlies both restoration and migration. That is, a backup may be restored to any iOS device, not only the one it was originally created on. Because you can get a preview of the data before deciding what to transfer, this method is more flexible than using iTunes or iCloud to back up your device.

The option to restore from a previous state is a really helpful safety net. AnyTrans automatically sorts your backups by date if you don’t touch the originals. A simple click will bring everything back to normal.

Shared Files

Rather of doing a complete backup, there may be situations when you only want to relocate a few files. This may be done quickly and easily using AnyTrans for Mac or Windows.

You may search for and download certain songs, pictures, movies, or text messages.

Users have the option of transferring any kind of file from their desktop to their mobile device. After being downloaded, media files are automatically added to the appropriate archives.

The music administration was a great help for us. Any music or playlists on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod may be synced to a computer and vice versa, since there is no sync block or limits. This consists of both ancient and modern music collections.

In addition, you may manage several libraries, restore a damaged one, and convert any song into a ringtone using iTunes.


With the help of AnyTrans, an iOS file manager, you can easily move files between your computer and iOS device, as well as back up your device and access it from any location. You may use it to manage your iCloud storage and download movies from the web to watch while you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. While it can’t fully replace iTunes, it can take care of most of the common file management needs that iTunes has.

There’s just one thing I’ve found that prevents me from completely ditching iTunes in favour of AnyTrans, and that’s the fact that you can’t use it to add files to your iTunes library. Instead, while AnyTrans is installed and operating, you will be unable to add to or delete from your current library’s contents, while you may still make changes to the library as usual in iTunes.

In comparison to dealing with items currently in your iTunes library, uploading new files to your device is a sluggish procedure.

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