Bee Wine Shark Tank: What the Honey Wine from “Shark Tank” Is Up to Now

bee wine shark tank

As we know, Last year, Ayele Solomon teamed up with a couple “sharks” and struck a bargain that was sweeter than honey. To Solomon, the news that he had been selected to present his brand to potential investors on ABC’s “Shark Tank” came as his startup business.

The Honey Wine Company, was feeling the effects of the pandemic lockdown in 2020 (via Cuisine Noir). Two paragraphs allege that Solomon went to the Tank in search of a $750,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake.

He ended up giving 40% of his company to the four sharks (Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and guest shark Daniel Lubetzky of KIND Bars) for a total of $750,000. Beyond the November 2020 air date, Solomon shared his plans with Wine Spectator. With the goal of luring wine snobs and high-end eateries.

bee wine shark tank

Bee D’Vine: who or what is it?

The Sonoma Valley winemakers at Bee D’Vine use only sustainable practises in their production of honey wine, which they then age in oak barrels. Both the honey and the spring water used in its production come from the same location in California.

The Honey Wine Company, whose product is known as Bee D’Vine, offers both a Brut (dry) and a Demi Sec (slightly sweet) version of honey wine (semi-sweet).

Honey wine and grape wine with bubbles aren’t the only alcoholic beverages available at Bee D’Vine. Bee D’Vine’s honey wine is set apart from the competition by the fact that it is aged for at least 15 months before going on sale.

The only ingredients in making honey wine are Sonoma County honey and carbonated water. It is tannin-free and has a cleaner aftertaste than grape wine. Bee D’Vine gives back to the community of Kafa, Ethiopia by funding the purchase of new beehives so that they can improve their honey production.

Here we learn where Bee D’Vine came from.

The beauty and tragedy of the last remaining Kafa rainforests in Ethiopia affected ecologist Ayele Solomon deeply. It was also during one of these trips that he tried t’ej, the local honey wine.

Solomon devised a plan to increase the worth of the trees in the Kafa jungle in order to reduce the rate of deforestation there.

He learned that the peasants made honey wine from honey harvested from traditional hollow beehives mounted on trees. The native wild honey bees of the rainforest relied on tree flowers for nectar.

Discover the asking price that the Sharks had for Bee D’Vine.

bee wine shark tank famous story

Bee D’Vine’s creator, Ayele Solomon, agreed to a superb package offer from four “Sharks.” Lori Greiner of the Shark Tank had never found a white wine she liked until she tried this one.

It’s the literal embodiment of the old adage, “it’s like a dream come true. The bees appreciate it as well. The four Sharks you’ll be receiving from Greiner are Mark, Daniel, myself, and Robert.

We’d want to make a proposition for $750,000, with terms of 40% for us and 10% for each of the Sharks. He then went on to say, “There are two things here. One of the Sharks, Mark Cuban, said to Solomon, “One, this is non-negotiable, the only way we’re going to have four in is if you agree to this.

It was then that Cuban declared, “Ant two, the second aim, other than the environmental issues—we’re going to ruin O’Leary wines!” When one Shark started laughing, all of the others joined in.

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The Honey Wine Company: More Information

bee wine shark tank success story

A detour to see the “Shark Tank” investors was simply a pit stop on Solomon’s journey to the big time. Honey wine, or t’ej, is a specialty in his native Ethiopia, and he honed his vintner talents in South Africa’s Stellenbosch region and at his father’s vineyard in California’s Livermore Valley, according to Wine Spectator.

While travelling through the Kafa jungle in Ethiopia in 2009, Solomon had the realisation that the area’s flora and wildlife would provide a great habitat for bees, providing him yet another reason to protect the region’s diminishing woods in the face of the already deadly trend of deforestation.

Since Solomon cared about animal rights and the environment, he didn’t think it was too far-fetched (via Cuisine Noir). Years were spent perfecting his honey wine, Bee D’Vine, before its 2014 release (during which he appeared on “The Today Show”) to widespread acclaim.


I was wondering how the bee d Vine wine was doing after being featured on Shark Tank.

The company continues to operate properly as of July 2021. Pre-orders for several of the wines have already closed. In March, 2022, they are totally filled.

Where can I find the name of the honey wine that was presented on Shark Tank?

With the help of Shark Tank, The Honey Wine Company was able to secure $750,000 in funding in exchange for 40% ownership.

Bee D’Vine, a producer of “honey wine” in Sonoma County, California, was featured on the November 13, 2020 episode of Shark Tank.

As a type of t’ej (Ethiopian honey wine), Ayele Solomon advertised his beverage as “not wine and nor mead” (an Ethiopian style of honey wine).

Can honey wine actually make you drunk?

Mead, or honey wine, is made by fermenting honey with water. Mead can be given a flavour comparable to beer by adding fruits, spices, grains, and hops. The alcohol content is higher than beer’s (8%-20%) but lower than wine’s (25%-60%).

And what, exactly, is bee wine?

The fermentation of sugar into alcohol is the same for bee wine as it is for conventional wine, but the yeast and lactic bacteria utilised in the process result in a clump that rises and falls with the carbon dioxide bubbles produced.

Is there alcohol in Bee D’Vine wine?

Our award-winning wines are lower in calories than you’d think, don’t contain any gluten or added sulfites, and top out at a respectable 12.5% alcohol by volume.

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