Flipstik Shark Tank: Fate Of Flipstik After Its Appearance On “Shark Tank”

flipstik shark tank

If you’re looking for an innovative phone holder, go no further than the Flipstick. Because of its adaptability, the Flipstick product has become very popular among young people.

Akeem came up with the idea for the Flipstik after considering the adhesive and the difficulty of concealing his phone in a safe place without compromising his ability to use it.

In order to prop up your phone or keep it from sliding around, you may attach the “Flipstik” kickstand to the back of practically any cell phone cover.

The Flipstik adhesive is repositionable with the use of washing and water or alcohol pads, and it can withstand up to two pounds of weight before becoming tacky. Flipstik come in many different colours and designs.

flipstik shark tank

Who, if anyone, was responsible for developing Flipstik?

Put simply, Akeem Shannon is the mind behind Flipstick. Akeem was a sales representative for three different cell phone companies before he decided to strike out on his own.

He also dabbled in the Fintech sector for a while before leaving due to dissatisfaction. He was yet motivated by the prospect of doing it alone and thus founded Flipstick Company to prove it.

Since he was a young boy, Akeem has aspired to one day hold the position of his employer, and he has no plans to give up on this ambition.

Akeem pledged to succeed in life after being denied a scholarship to Howard University. It wasn’t until 2017 that he completed his masterwork after serving in various interim capacities at various businesses.

Akeem learned about the benefits of reusable adhesives from his uncle, a NASA engineer. The existence of Flipstick can be attributed to a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $10,310 in 2018.

Following his participation on ABC’s “Shark Tank

flipstik shark tank journey

On November 6, 2020, an episode of the show featuring Shannon and his phone accessory firm, Flipstik, aired. Shannon was nervous because many startups reported an increase in sales after presenting on the reality television show.

The performance bombed, so this is the result. When ABC cut away from Shannon’s prerecorded appearance on “Shark Tank” after barely two minutes to air a speech by President-elect Joe Biden, viewers were left wondering if she had been successful in striking a deal with the show’s notable investors.

However, when business picked up, Shannon became less worried. In little than a week, Flipstik amassed nearly $100,000. Actually, as Shannon put it, we were able to triple our lifetime revenues in just one week. We were able to accomplish what normally takes others 2.5 years to do in just 7 years.

During the holiday season, sales of Flipstik reportedly increased by $100,000, as reported by CEO Shannon. Flipstik is a unique, reusable adhesive that attaches to the back of a phone and functions as a kickstand and a way to keep the device in place.

The company came up with the idea in 2017. The Flipstik allows you to utilise your hands for other activities.

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Justifying Flipstik Ahead of “Shark Tank”

flipstik shark tank success

Akeem Shannon returned home after being denied a scholarship to Howard University. With unwavering resolve, he laboured toward the achievement of his goal.

As a salesman, he moved about from telecom company to telecom company in search of better compensation and perks. Square, a successful financial technology company, took advantage of his availability and hired him.

He made an effort to bury the thought of one day becoming his company’s leader, but the thought was always there. In retrospect, he realises that calling his uncle at NASA was the single most formative decision of his life.

On a late-night phone call in 2017, he had the idea for a reusable adhesive. NASA studied this in the 1970s and discovered that it performed admirably in outer space.

Synthetic setaeTM is a material that can be cleaned and reused, and its development was spurred by the desire to put scientific results into practise. As a member of the Z generation, he understood that his contemporaries would value products that made their daily lives easier.

The prototype kickstand that Akeem created in December 2017 could be attached to almost any smooth surface, including wood, walls, mirrors, leather, and even the dashboard of a car.

FAQs – Question and Answers

How did the Flipstik do on Shark Tank?

Still, by late 2020, Shannon was able to showcase Flipstik on the popular ABC show “Shark Tank.” Lori Greiner, a businesswoman and investor who goes by the moniker “Queen of QVC,” was the subject of a trade he made on the show.

At that time, the value of the corporation was $400,000. It was recently reported that a $5 million valuation was established for the company after a funding round.

Just how successful was Flipstik?

The existence of Flipstick can be attributed to a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $10,310 in 2018. What, precisely, is this?

As a result, he was named the 2019 CES Retail Pitch Competition champion and saw an increase in revenue of over $100,000. 0

Has Lori made any kind of investment in Flipstik?

On November 6, 2020, Shark Tank featured Flipstik. The shark tank’s host, Lori Greiner, invested $100,000 in the company founded by Akeem Shannon in exchange for 20% of the production rights to phone cases.

Does Flipstik have a binding agreement?

The creator of the Flipstik, a product developed in Louisiana, signed a deal with ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Today’s episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank” featured St. Louis entrepreneur Akeem Shannon, who made a deal for his invention, Flipstik.

How long does a Flipstik typically last?

Most users will get at least a year of use out of a Flipstik. Flipstik uses a reusable adhesive called “Synthetic Setae,” which was designed after studying the gecko’s foot and can support weights of up to 2 pounds. To clean your Flipstik, simply use soap and water or an alcohol wipe.

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