Mike Tyson – Barbara Walters Interview: What Happened In The Infamous Talk?

mike tyson and barbara interview

When he was young, arrogant, and on top of the world, Tyson began to show signs of vulnerability. Barbara Walters conducted an interview with the boxer, who was 22 years old at the time, and his wife, Robin Givens, in 1998.

The discussion was likely more tense than anything else he had encountered in the ring. During the course of Walters’ investigation into the young couple’s marriage, Givens revealed the “horror” of life with Tyson and made claims of emotional and physical abuse while the situation was being broadcast on television.

Although he maintained his calm demeanour in front of the camera, Tyson struggled behind the scenes to keep his composure. After the interview, he got into an argument with Givens, then he damaged his car and became quite angry.

The marriage went through a contentious divorce shortly after, with both parties claiming that the other had abused them. It was the first incident of Tyson’s problematic personal life, which would become a recurring problem for him over the entirety of his career.

Below you can check more about the infamous interview.

The Purpose of the interview

Mike Tyson, a former sports celebrity in the United States who is most known for his heavyweight championship, was the subject of this interview.

Regarding his boxing championship, he was the subject of an interview. Every single one of them had meticulous preparations. Questions on his achievement and the challenges he overcame were posed on several broadcasts.

mike tyson barbara walters interview

He posed the query in an effort to reawaken his recollection of his former spouse. After the interview on February 9, 1988, he filed for divorce from his wife the next year in 1988.

It was also the cause of the unforgettable exchange that took place between Mike Tyson and Robin Givens during their interview.

What happened in the interview

During the course of the interview, Givens referred to Tyson as having a “very explosive temper.” She also stated that he suffered from significant mental disorders and that he had struck her.

She stated that she believed individuals witnessed Tyson’s explosive temper once every three months on average.

“He’s got a sinister side to him that you shouldn’t mess with.”

“He is trembling. He exerts force. He swings. Sometimes I get the impression that he’s attempting to frighten me.”

Givens gave the following response when Walters asked her to comment on the claims that Tyson had stalked her and her mother, Ruth Roper, while they were on their trip to Russia:

“There have been periods in which I have believed that I could deal with it; yet, just recently, I have developed a fear of it. I am referring to a state of extreme dread. For example, when I was in Russia, I was really terrified. Michael is a manic depressive.”

Mike Tyson and Barbara Walter Interview return

After an absence of 34 years, Mike Tyson made his return to the show and endured the most challenging and agonising interview of 1997.

In response to the charges, Tyson did not employ any type of leverage or make any disclaimers. Tyler indicated that his ex-wife would take all of the money, and that after this period was over, he would be at peace with the situation.

He surprised everyone by saying surprising things on live TV to demonstrate that he was in good health. He freely stated that he had been Shanghaied and credited meditation with assisting him in letting go of his previous allegations.

What Tyson say about the interview and divorce

“My wife would just have to ask for it and she has every money I have.

“She can leave at any time […] just pack up everything you need and get out of here.” She is allowed to act in this manner. She have the ability […] to carry it out.”

Tyson elaborated on his actions during the initial interview in a subsequent conversation with Barbara Walters, which took place in 2010 on a special episode of ABC’s The View.

“When I was a young lad [Tyson was 22 in 1988] at the time, I was Shanghaied in the moment.

What do you call that? “I was simply bushwhacking there,” he stated, implying that he may have been under the influence of medication when being interviewed.

The impact of the interview

As the interview gained popularity, there was an increase in the number of vitriolic and personal comments made against the couple who were going through a divorce.

Tyson suggested to his wife that she should just leave him and take everything that he owned.

What else we know

Givens stated that she was scared Tyson would become out of control if she filed for divorce, despite the claims of domestic abuse. A month after the interview aired, Givens actually got a divorce.

She added, “He would be alone, and I don’t want that to happen.” He would have become so awful that, in my opinion, he might have killed himself or injured someone else one day if he had been more purposeful.

Tyson, who had just three months prior successfully defended his WBA (World Boxing Association), WBC (World Boxing Council), and IBF (International Boxing Federation) belts for the fourth time, sat next to Givens and listened intently without ever interjecting, making the already awkward conversation even more unsettling.

Shortly after, he apparently lost control and flew into a frenzy, throwing a chair against the wall.

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