PhoneClean Review For Mac And Windows (Awesome Tool 2022)


The iPhone, like any other man-made technology, requires maintenance in order to function properly and achieve its full performance potential. Without proper maintenance, a smartphone’s storage capacity might fill up, reducing the device’s already renowned speed.

Like a computer, your iPhone may quickly get cluttered with unnecessary files, cached webpages and apps, and even malicious cookies and browser history. In any case, I think you understand the point. Your iPhone is bloated with data that you probably don’t need but that’s still using up valuable storage space.

This may become unruly when it exceeds a few megabytes. Therefore, how can you quickly and painlessly get rid of these junk files without damaging your iPhone?

Specialists In Mobile Phone Cleaning With iMobile

what is Phoneclean

You can prevent tracking and secure your iPhone by erasing certain files or file types.

Clean up your iPhone’s system and make it run more smoothly by erasing clutter and unused data.
As soon as you walk in the door, iMobile PhoneClean will begin its stealthy cleaning of your iPhone.
Make use of Apple’s many iPhone cleaning options, such as the Silent Clean, Quick Clean, Internet Clean, Privacy Clean, System Clean, and Erase Clean.

With iMobile PhoneClean, you may set up an automated backup to be created before wiping any data.

Spotless Cons For The iMobile

However, the trial edition of iMobile PhoneClean has certain restrictions. You can have access to all iMobile PhoneClean Pro has to offer, but only if you purchase a licence for the full edition of PhoneClean first.
Immature users of iMobile PhoneClean may be perplexed by the app’s design.
You can prevent PhoneClean from deleting garbage files in the background even if you turn off the quiet clean option.

How Many People Can Use iMobile PhoneClean

The following are some instances when you may want to think about using iMobile PhoneClean:

  • Confidential information is completely erased with no chance of recovery.
  • Find any unnecessary files on your iPhone and remove them.
  • Take care of the iPhone storage problem.
  • Get rid of all the unnecessary internet files from your computer.
  • If you plan on selling or giving away your iPhone, it’s best to completely erase all of the information on it beforehand.
  • The scanning time in PhoneClean should be better.

Is There A Risk Using iMobile PhoneClean?

Yes. You may use iMobile PhoneClean without worry. To acquire the unmodified version of PhoneClean, just click here to get it from the iMobile website. The iMobile iPhone clean tool may be used at a later time to get rid of unwanted data such as cookies, browsing history, app caches, downloads, photographs, and videos.

Can I Use iMobile PhoneClean Without Paying?

No. The usage of iMobile PhoneClean does cost money. You’ll need to purchase a licence key to fully activate PhoneClean and have access to all of its features. There is a one-time fee of $19.99 for a personal licence of iMobile PhoneClean that is valid for one year. A lifetime licence for iMobile PhoneClean is also available for $29.99. The iMobile PhoneClean lifetime family licence key allows you to clean an unlimited number of iPhones for just $39.99.

Methods For Keeping A Clean Phone

Methods For Keeping A Clean Phone

To Expand The Range Of Options With The Touch Of A Finger

“The first impression you get of the app is the one that informs you how much work we put into it so that you may enjoy its newfound simplicity and ease of use without having to pay a dime. To begin, we have rethought the Quick Clean function so that it is more intuitive and has a more streamlined cleaning process that is optimised for iOS.

Doing so will instil in you the subconscious belief that your iPhone is perpetually cleaned and restored to pristine working condition.”

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Finds And Deletes Several Unnecessary Files

phoneclean Deletes Unnecessary Files

There is a great deal of unnecessary data that is taking up space on your iPhone and may be deleted. Remove any unnecessary data like cache and cookies with the help of PhoneClean. Its proficiency stems from being able to easily locate and delete any unnecessary files.

  • App-related clutter: files that are generated during app setup, operation, or disposal
  • Data stored at a location other than the internet
  • Website history stored in a cache
  • Keeping a backup of your apps
  • Data in a scripting language (web)
  • The Media Files That Couldn’t Sync Despite Having Cookies
  • Downloads that only complete in parts

Absolutely No disruptions

You don’t even have to keep an eye on your computer while using this app to clean your iPhone; it works in the background and won’t slow you down. It manages your iPhones in a manner that is unobtrusive and easy to understand. Your iPhone experience, however, will only improve with time.

Provides Confidentiality And Safety

In particular, I enjoy how the programme makes it possible to completely wipe an iPhone without erasing any of the content or applications already installed on it. Also, your private information and data will be protected from prying eyes. Therefore, you may have full faith in it to not only securely delete unwanted data, but also to protect your privacy.

Added Convenience

Additionally, there are many tiers of control. For instance, you may pick and choose which applications share a cache with others. You are under no obligation to remove any programmes from your system if you do not choose to do so. This option is great since it lets you customise your cleaning experience.

Preventative Upkeep For Optimal Function

System Clean is the place to begin when you want to speed up your older iPhone or iPad. Keeping your Apple devices’ responsiveness at a rapid pace is possible thanks to the app’s ability to remove unnecessary files from the iOS system.

Preserve The Effortlessness And Safety Of Your Online Experience

Although it’s important that your online activity remains private, Safari doesn’t exactly earn its privacy credentials in this regard. That’s why we’re introducing you to Internet Clean. Your complete online anonymity would be preserved since it would leave no traces of your browsing activity.


PhoneClean’s purpose is to keep your iPhone and iPad free of the unnecessary clutter that might build up over time. Space-constrained devices benefit greatly from the ability to delete crash logs, unused programme data, and other unnecessary system files. Before handing you your device, you may be certain that all of your personal data has been deleted safely and permanently.

The system optimizers and many of the other features just don’t work as stated. The main feature of PhoneClean is still extremely useful, even if iOS already does an excellent job controlling RAM use and other problems that PhoneClean promises to aid with. Instead than developing new features, iMobie should probably concentrate on these areas.

In conclusion, if you’re just getting started with iOS and you have an iPhone or iPad with limited capacity, you’ll find PhoneClean helpful since it will help you clear up some space, and you could also find some of its other applications to be very handy. Don’t bother unless you’re a nerd or have plenty of space on your iOS device. Whatever the situation may be, be sure to regularly back up your device.

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