Shark Tank Skinny Shirt: What Impacted After Appearing On Shark Tank

shark tank skinny shirt

Episode 611 features Julie Kalimian pitching her line of slimming yet fashionable women’s shirts to the Sharks. The term “Skinny Shirt” refers to a type of collared t-shirt that is typically worn under sweaters, jackets, and other tops to give the impression of a collared shirt.

Due to its sheer construction, a Skinny Shirt is noticeably less bulky than a regular button-down shirt. This results in a leaner, more refined overall look.

Around 2010’s end, Kaliman started offering her wares for sale

shark tank skinny shirt

She wanted a blouse that was as soft and comfortable as a camisole but looked more polished in public. The prototype was made by Julie’s tailor, who sewed the collar of a shirt onto the top of one of Julie’s camisoles.

With the help of her friend and Michael Kors designer, Alexandra Shuman, Julie took the Skinny Shirt from concept to completion. The shirts can be purchased through their website and from certain retail locations around the United States.

About $500,000 in revenue has been produced thanks to her efforts. It’s likely that she’s looking for a Shark to help with production and growing retail distribution. Could Julie shrink the Sharks’ Skinny Shirts to acceptable proportions?

Videos of Shark Tank Skinny Shirt

Define Skinny Shirt.

The Skinny Shirt is a famous brand of stretchable collared button-down shirts and blouses. SkinnyShirt mimics the look and feel of a button-down shirt under a sweater or jacket, but it is cut to fit more like a camisole, eliminating the material folds and bulges that are commonplace in regular button-down shirts.

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How did Skinny Shirt get its start, and who is its creator?

shark tank skinny shirt famous

In the beginning of her career, SkinnyShirt founder Julie Kalimian worked in advertising and later became a sales representative for Vanity Fair. She worked as a marketing vice president at News Week before establishing SkinnyShirt.

A later part of her career saw her working as a manager of advertising for Conde Nast. Julie is continuing serving as CEO of SkinnyShirt. After putting her career on hold to raise her four children, Julie came up with the idea for the SkinnyShirt while she was at home.

She never got the chance to dress formally for work because of her position. She wanted a simple button-down shirt and sweater set for the days when she was pressed for time at home.

Kalimian, amazed that such a garment did not already exist, decided to create one for SkinnyShirt. This led to the creation of the unique garment that the company sold throughout its brief existence.

It was rough going for Julie Kalimian in the Shark Tank.

shark tank skinny shirt successful journey

Kalimian’s pitch to the sharks had so many hiccups that it was almost unbearable to watch. Gazette Review claims that spectators hid their eyes as the former Vice President of marketing for publishing giant Newsweek lost her composure when questioned about Skinny Shirt’s financial flow and the company’s manufacturing troubles.

Kevin O’Leary, the show’s most notoriously brutal shark, referred to Kalimian as a “cockroach,” and the Shark Tank contestant undoubtedly got bit.

Nonetheless, it did not appear that the incident had a devastating effect on her business. Over 300 retail locations plus QVC received Skinny Shirts in 2016. Kalimian launched new designs and children’s apparel to the company’s website, where she sold 50% of her merchandise directly.

The company’s success and the product’s widespread acclaim were unfortunately short-lived. As of June 2018, the company’s official Facebook page included no new content, and its associated website had been taken down (via Facebook). As far as I can tell, this pitch presented on “Shark Tank” was simply left to float.

Before Shark Tank, SkinnyShirt

SkinnyShirt’s creator, Julie Kalimian, rose to the top of the publishing world. She was the Vice President of Marketing for Newsweek magazine and brought with her a wealth of knowledge in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, and design.

Having four children under the age of five, she decided to forego a career in the business world in favour of staying at home with her kids. After adjusting to her new life for a while, she realised that she wasn’t too overwhelmed by the demands of her job to consider new business options.

The former high achiever quickly saw one commercial possibility that had an ongoing impact on her life. While she enjoyed dressing stylishly and coordinating her clothes when she worked for a large corporation.

Also, she realised that her favourite appearance, consisting of a button-down shirt and sweater, frequently looked bunched-up and messy when she had far less time to spend getting it together.

She hunted for a collared shirt with some stretch to it so that it would better cling to her slim frame. The lack of such a product from the market came as a shock to her.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Tell me about Skinny Shirt’s success after “Shark Tank.”

This establishment is now permanently closed. Since June of 2018, neither the website nor any social media accounts have been active. The order taker has recently lost a family one. As a result, she has been absent.

What do you think slim shirts are worth?

The shirts can be purchased through their website and from certain retail locations around the United States. About $500,000 in revenue has been produced thanks to her efforts.

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