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logan from claim to fame

While having famous family members may annoy some relatives, contestants on the ABC reality series “Claim to Fame” had to accept their kinship to some of the biggest names in the entertainment world in order to be selected for the show.

The goal of the game is for the players to correctly identify each other’s famous relatives. To escape being eliminated at the conclusion of each episode, they compete for clues, deceive one another, and work together.

The winner will receive $100,000 if they are the final contestant.

Kevin Jonas, a member of the Jonas Brothers, and his brother Frankie Jonas, who is all too familiar with what it’s like to live life on the periphery of other people’s spotlights, are the competition’s fitting hosts.

logan fame to claim

Frankie claimed in a Bustle interview that he hated the moniker “the Bonus Jonas” given to him by Jo Bro supporters. But now he’s assisting other people who are close to celebrities in getting their 15 minutes.

According to People, some of the “Claim to Fame” cast members who have been fired include Tiffany Haddish’s sister, Brett Favre’s daughter, and Zendaya’s cousin.

Adria Louise Biles was eliminated when Logan was selected as the guesser. Adria is the sister of Simone Biles. The competitors have battled to figure out who Logan’s famous cousin is throughout the race.

Who is Logan From Claim To Fame related to?

Logan informs the cast that his well-known relative is “a very well-known country music star,” with an Academy of Country Music Award as his most significant honour.

The singer, who uncannily resembles Tom Holland, first claims that his famous relative is his grandfather before admitting that it’s actually his cousin. Logan’s hint during the fashion show is a black cowboy hat.

logan claim to fame related

Although Logan’s identity is still unknown to his castmates as of the sixth episode, the country singer has been useful in identifying his castmates’ relatives, which has resulted in more than one candidate being eliminated.

He admits during the lie detector test that his famous relative is currently recording music and that his famous relative has never before been mentioned in the house.

Logan reveals to the cameras in the seventh episode that his estate sale hint is a palm-leaf cowboy hat. In the eighth episode, L.C. obtains Logan’s clue, which says “Dirt Road Anthem Country Artist,” from the clue room.

The episode also reveals that his famous relative has collaborated on a song with Kelly Clarkson.

What Logan do? What he is known for?

Logan is a country performer, similar to his cousin. He performs country song covers and the rare original song for his 100,000+ TikTok fans under the name Real Logan Crosby.

Logan’s “Claim to Fame” clue, according to Just Jared Jr., was that his relative wears a palm leaf cowboy hat, Jason Aldean’s characteristic headgear. Aldean claimed that he started wearing the look before he became well-known in an interview with Audacy.

He remembered, “I went to a western store because I needed a hat, and I didn’t have much money, so I got the cheapest hat they had.

As if this weren’t enough proof, Logan mentioned Aldean during a March appearance on the podcast “Jameson on the Rocks.” So Jason Aldean is my second cousin, he added.

I recall seeing his show when I was five years old. Logan recalls his grandma pressuring him to sing at church when he was a little child, but it wasn’t until he saw Aldean play that his interest in country music was piqued.

When he was older, he picked up the guitar and thought about going to Kennesaw State University in Georgia to pursue a career as a Christian musician. He ultimately chose to emulate his older cousin’s behaviour, nevertheless.

Did Logan won Claim To Fame?

Logan was defeated by L.C., also known as Loreal Palmer, for the Claim To Fame title. In the conclusion, Loreal chose to be the final guesser and correctly identified Logan’s famous ancestor.

Loreal was the inaugural winner of Claim To Fame and took home the $100,000 top prize. Logan said in the conclusion, “I didn’t win, but I think Jason would be proud.”

What else we know about Logan from Claim To Fame?

Georgia is where Logan was born and reared. Athens’ University of Georgia is where he received his degree. He is presently a Nashville resident.

Before focusing on Logan, the Claim To Fame crew reportedly contacted one of his relatives, according to The Union-Recorder. Logan’s father works for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation as a special agent (GBI).

On July 15, 2022, Logan released his debut single, “If Jesus Was A Cowboy.” Logan hinted about a brand-new song on Instagram on August 20. The song’s title is expected to be “If You Ask Me.”

The celebrity ancestry of Logan was hotly contested among Claim To Fame fans from the start. Fans felt Luke Bryan, a country musician and American Idol judge, looked a lot like Logan.

Before hints began to emerge that Logan was linked to Jason, several fans speculated that Logan might be related to Thomas Rhett.

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