Is Stubhub Legit? Everything You Need To Know About Stubhub

is stubhub legit

Online ticket brokers like StubHub are familiar names to anybody who has ever shopped for concert, sports, or theatre tickets on the internet. StubHub was an early internet marketplace for ticket resale. Of course, individuals have long been involved in the ticket resale industry, and these persons are often referred to as “scalpers.”

There is a high risk of fraud when purchasing tickets from scalpers. Fake tickets that seem legitimate may be made with relative ease. No one wants to pay a hefty admission fee just to be denied entry.

By going digital and playing the role of a go-between, StubHub has made it simpler and safer to purchase tickets to live events. By taking this step, both buyers and sellers of tickets may take part in bundled transactions. StubHub has both fans and detractors, as could be expected. Although the firm has a sizable fan base, it also receives its fair share of negative press.

Concerned about the legitimacy of StubHub as a ticket marketplace? We’ve got your back. This article explains whether or not StubHub is a real business and whether or not it’s safe to purchase tickets from them.

Brief History Of StubHub

Stanford Business School alumnus Eric Baker and former investment banker Jeff Fluhr founded StubHub in 2000 from San Francisco. The firm turned a profit in 2003, and in 2007 the two founders sold StubHub to online marketplace eBay for $310 million. Since then, StubHub has become eBay’s primary ticket-selling platform.

History Of StubHub

StubHub is in the business of reselling tickets to concerts, sports games, and other live events. Not only may venues, sports teams, entertainers, and the like utilise the service to sell tickets, but so can private individuals or brokers.

StubHub generates revenue via a service fee applied to ticket purchases. Although StubHub offers discounted tickets sometimes, the site’s real value lies in its ability to help customers get tickets for sold-out events or events that are anticipated to sell out quickly.

Is Stubhub Legit?

Sure, you can trust StubHub.

Customers may be certain that they will “receive legitimate tickets to any event or your money back” when purchasing tickets from this site.

Buying from StubHub guarantees that your “Tickets will be 100% real and arrive before the event,” as stated on

is Stubhub Legit

There are pros and downsides to using StubHub, despite the fact that it has more tickets available than the competition and offers a guarantee on the tickets’ authenticity.

Reviews that are less than positive often focus on issues that customers experience with the most popular ticketing sites, such as pricing changes, delivery options, and shipping costs.

However, if there is a problem with your purchase, StubHub will “go out of (their) way to obtain replacement tickets” and if your event is cancelled and not rescheduled, you will be given a credit equal to 120% of the amount you paid for the affected event, or a cash refund, whichever you choose. It lays forth their comprehensive policy on a variety of issues.

What Is StubHub’s Dependability Like?

However, the security of your ticket delivery from StubHub may make or break your experience. If tickets can be downloaded from StubHub, then means the site is trustworthy. Email is somewhat less trustworthy if you need them quickly. Things become dicey if you need your tickets sent to you.

Below, you’ll find our recommendation for avoiding this issue.

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Can I Buy Tickets From StubHub Without Worrying?

You don’t have to meet the seller of your tickets in person when you buy them on StubHub instead than utilising a website like Craigslist. In addition, the FanProtect guarantee will compensate you if your tickets are lost in the mail, are invalid for the event that was advertised, or were otherwise significantly misrepresented.

However, if you buy tickets for an event and then change your mind about going, StubHub cannot help you get a refund. While StubHub will refund your purchase in the case of a cancellation, it will not do so if the event is rescheduled and you are unable to go because of the new day or time (e.g. date, time, or venue). You are on your own if you pay a vendor more more than a ticket is worth, and StubHub cannot prevent this.

You may resell your tickets on StubHub, but only if there is enough time to send them to the new purchasers before the event.

Is StubHub A Trustworthy Place To Purchase Tickets?

Simply said, absolutely. The website is authentic and the firm has the legal right to sell or resell all the tickets listed there. Since eBay owns it, it benefits from the resources of a multinational corporation.

However, this does not imply that StubHub is perfect.

StubHub has the same flaws as its parent firm, including a lack of focus on customer service, inconsistent after-sale support, and the impression that the corporation doesn’t care whether or not its customers are happy.

StubHub consistently receives negative feedback on web forums. Customer concerns about receiving their tickets after payment are easy to locate.

Even yet, StubHub is among the few secondary ticket markets that offers a 100% authenticity guarantee. Most of the rivals either don’t or can’t provide that. Knowing that the tickets you purchase are legitimate is an important extra layer of protection, even if securing them may provide some unexpected challenges.

It may be more of a bother to receive your tickets, but it’s better than risking losing tens or hundreds of dollars on fake tickets from a less trustworthy provider.

Is There A Cost To Use StubHub?

Yes. StubHub, like many other ticket reselling sites, charges service fees that are included in the final price. They average out to around 27% of the face value of the ticket.

Does StubHub Allow Ticket Resale?

Yes. Listing tickets legally for sale on StubHub is free of charge. In other words, the platform will provide sellers complete control over setting and adjusting their own prices up to the moment of sale.

StubHub will also manage contacts with purchasers and guarantee “fast and hassle-free delivery followed by prompt payment.”

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