Hagakure MHA Face Reveal: How Is The Invisible Girls Look Like

hagakure mha face reveal

Warning! Major My Hero Academia Chapter 337 spoilers are below. As both the heroes and villains prepare for the series’ climactic battle, the Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series has been one heartbreaking revelation after another.

However, some significant, long-awaited revelations are shocking the heroes to the core as they get ready for what’s to come.

This features the eagerly awaited identification of the traitor who has been providing the bad guys with information about U.A. All this time, the academy. In addition, several later revelations that were even bigger were made.

After a bait-and-switch appeared to suggest that Hagakure was the hero’s traitor, it was quickly made clear and verified in the previous chapter that Yuga Aoyama was the true traitor.

However, as Hagakure was the one who initially learned Aoyama was providing information to All For One, she was caught in the thick of all of these significant twists and revelations.

Another eagerly anticipated reveal occurs with the complete disclosure of Toru Hagakure’s face as the next chapter of the series continues to play out all of the jumbled emotions.

About Hagakure

Toru Hagakure is a skilled Hero who attends UA High and is a member of class 1-A. She is vivacious, effervescent, and a person who enjoys mingling with her classmates and friends.

Her hero name is “Invisible Girl,” which is derived from the fact that she has the appearance of an invisible girl.

She is incredibly shrewd and clever, in contrast to other heroes who charge headfirst into battle without a game plan. She has often demonstrated her proficiency in stealth-based fighting.

hagakure mha

She has never been seen before, with the exception of this moment. Fans assume that she may have the ability to switch off her invisibility whenever she chooses.

Given that her face has recently been made public. There is a big disadvantage to her quirk, despite the fact that it may be ideal for covert operations.

It requires her to disrobe entirely, which might be problematic for missions in which the user is subjected to severe conditions such as high temperatures.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 337

In the chapter 337 of My Hero Academia, when Aoyama discovers that Midoriya and Hagakure have discovered that Aoyama is the U.A., Aoyama shoots his Navel Laser at Midoriya.

Toru Hagakure, the traitor, intervenes in the fight in the middle and diverts Aoyama’s navel laser.

It is at this point that her face is shown to be partially revealed in My Hero Academia chapter 337, with light appearing to be deflected off of what appears to be her face.

Nevertheless, this effect is only momentary, and in the following panel of My Hero Academia chapter 337, Toru Hagakure’s invisibility has been restored.

Is Hagakure Face Reveal mean evolution of other Quirks?

According to rumours, Toru Hagakure has a mutant-like ability dubbed “Invisibility” that renders her invisible. Because it is a mutant type quirk, Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk is worthless against her because it cannot be turned off or deactivated.

Hagakure’s quirk, however, truly allows her to bend and manipulate light, but at first she was only able to use it to gain permanent invisibility, which did give her a remarkable capacity for stealth.

She has begun to change, nevertheless, ever since her first work-study assignment. In the Pro-Hero License Exam.

hagakure mha quirks

Toru Hagakure initially employed her move, Warp Refraction, in which she utilised her body like a lens to refract light and render everyone in her vicinity blind.

After completing her second work-study with Yoroi Musha, Hagakure was able to use her Quirk to control the flow of light and to deflect other light-based attacks, such as Aoyama Yuga’s Navel Laser, using her invisible body.

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What could Hagakure face reveal can lead to in MHA?

The fact that Toru Hagakure was able to make herself visible by manipulating light in My Hero Academia chapter 337 suggests that it should also be possible for her to make other items or people invisible using the same technique.

The manga adaptation of My Hero Academia does not reveal or explain the full scope of her manipulative behaviour, but it opens up a wide range of possibilities.

hagakure from mha

If Hagakure is able to change the basics of her mutant type quirk, then the question arises as to whether or not it can also be cancelled by Aizawa’s erasing. This is an additional point of contemplation.

If the evolution of mutant type oddities is something that can happen for all mutant type quirks, then is it possible that in the future there may be advances for additional mutant type quirks like Shoji’s Dupli-Arms?

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Hagakure Face Reveal: Fans Reactions

The manga and anime series My Hero Academia is quite famous, and it is particularly well-known for the character designs it features.

Characters from Class 1-A, including Hagakure, were presented in some of the very first chapters of the manga. Hagakure is one of such characters.

After 336 chapters, the identity of the Invisible Girl has been unearthed, and the reaction of the readers has been nothing short of hysterical.

Followers of the show took to Twitter, where some of the tweets read as follows:

Fans had, as one might expect, a lot to say about the newly revealed face. Fans of My Hero Academia were discussing her appearance, and some of them were having trouble wrapping their heads around the concept that she could choose whether or not to use her invisibility power.

Some of the fans can remember a time when a piece of fan art became popular on the internet and many people mistakenly believed that it was the face of Hagakure.

However, followers verified that the image depicted the main character from Saguri Chan Tankentai and that it was fan art.

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