Who Killed Dickie Moltisanti: What Was The Reason Behind That?

who killed dickie moltisanti

The protagonist of “The Many Saints of Newark” was a member of the Soprano Crew named Richard “Dickie” Moltisanti. He was also known as “Dickie.”

He wed Joanne Moltisanti, whose maiden name was Blundetto, and the couple eventually produced a son named Christopher. Additionally, Carmela Soprano, whose maiden name was DeAngelis, was Dickie’s cousin.

Dickie was killed in 1972, only a few years after providing guidance to a younger version of Tony Soprano during the time they both spent together.

Who is responsible for his death, and what is the motivation behind it? In the following post, you will get this knowledge.

About Dickie Moltisanti

Christopher’s narration in Many Saints of Newark says, “Back in 1967, the man wearing the hat was my father. He didn’t have a son.” Tony calls Dickie “a stand up guy” and a “legend” throughout the series.

He was a soldier and later captain in the DiMeo crime family alongside Johnny and Junior Soprano. They ran the New Jersey numbers racket with “Walnuts” Gualtieri, Silvio Dante, and “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero.

Adriana, Christopher Moltisanti’s longtime girlfriend, says Dickie was like a brother/second father to Tony. Tony’s only escape from his abusive mother and criminal father was Dickie.

Dickie was Tony’s age-model. Dickie was a flawed yet fierce mafioso. Dickie, his father “Hollywood Dick” Moltisanti, and his stepmother and later comare Giuseppina Moltisanti tell us that his father assaulted Dickie and his mother.

Dickie’s mental trauma damaged him later in life. Dickie had U.S. service. Navy in Vietnam, detained for unknown reasons. Dickie, unlike Tony, realises his immoral mafia deeds are wrong.

He does “good acts” like coaching a beep baseball team and helping his father’s wife acquire a beauty parlour. After Giuseppina confesses to sleeping with Harold, his former friend turned gang adversary, we see he can’t change.

Who killed Dickie Moltisanti? What Tony tells?

The Many Saints of Newark, the HBO miniseries The Sopranos’ prequel, leaves open the question of whether Tony Soprano is aware of the true circumstances surrounding Dickie Moltisanti’s death.

The Many Saints of Newark’s concluding act depicts Dickie being killed on Junior Soprano’s instructions by an unidentified gunman.

The rumours about Dickie’s actual cause of death, which began after the Sopranos episode “For All Debts Public And Private,” are now put to rest.

dickie moltisanti killer

In The Sopranos, season 4, episode 1, Tony informs Christopher that Barry Haydu, a New Jersey police officer, murdered his father Dickie.

Tony claimed that Barry was following orders from a crook by the name of Jilly Ruffalo, who Dickie had his eye gouged out. Christopher fires the gun even though he doesn’t fully believe Tony’s account of events.

However, as The Many Saints of Newark makes clear, neither Barry nor Jilly are to responsible for Dickie’s passing because Junior Soprano was the one who gave the order to carry out the hit.

Latest Update

We now know, as a result of the publication of The Many Saints of Newark (2021), that Junior Soprano had Richard “Dickie” Moltisanti assassinated because of a personal grudge he held against him.

When you take a closer look, you’ll see that this development, which may have caught quite a few viewers off guard, actually makes quite a bit of sense.

Does Tony lied to Christopher about Dickie Moltisanti death?

Not necessary, I say. Tony was a preteen at the time of the murder. Not even a made man, he. It is therefore improbable that Junior told Tony about his involvement.

Junior was aware of Tony’s admiration for Dickie. It would only incite hostility if you told him that he killed your beloved uncle.

dickie moltisanti killed

It is exceedingly doubtful that Junior told anyone about this murder, to be honest. This is due to the fact that delivering an unapproved hit to a made man is often punishable by death.

Furthermore, it is challenging to imagine a situation in which a hit like this would be authorised by a chuckle. It is highly likely that Junior kept this to himself as a result.

It is simple to understand why individuals would have erred in thinking Jilly Ruffalo committed the murder, even if we will never know how everyone got to that conclusion.

Why Junior kill Dickie Molisanti?

Junior Soprano stumbles and falls while walking down a short flight of steps in “The Many Saints of Newark.” As he lies there in agony in the pouring rain, people crowd around him to try and aid.

dickie moltisanti and junior

However, Junior realises that Dickie Moltisanti is laughing at him, and Junior does not forget this. Junior can be seen glaring at Dickie just before the scene ends.

Later, when he is unable to have sex due to his injuries, Junior swears at Dickie. When his girlfriend points out that he was the one who slipped, Junior answers, “He got a nice laugh out of it, though!”

This sequence is extremely significant because it reveals to us how Junior has been feeling for more than a month following Dickie’s chuckle.

Although it could appear that this was the primary consideration in Junior’s decision to have Dickie killed, there were actually other, more significant ones.

Why was Harold can’t be the killer of Dickie Molisanti

dickie moltisanti and harold

Dickie was engaged in conflict with an African American street gang led by Harold McBrayer at the time of Moltisanti’s death, but it appears that Harold was never the main suspect.

There could be two causes for this-

Harold’s group tended to roll-up with shotguns, whilst Dickie’s killer employed a silencer. Being stealthy wasn’t really their style.

They were trying to gain attention at the time by acting “loud.” It’s possible that Harold and his group would have taken credit for the murder right away if they had committed it.

You can hear a worried neighbour yelling Moltisanti’s name right after the incident. It is therefore likely that someone saw a white man leave the crime site.

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