Why Is My iPad Not Charging: How To Fix It (Easy Step)

why is my ipad not charging

Problems with or sluggish iPad charging? Follow along for 6 options to repair an iPad that won’t charge regularly, whether the problem is with a single cord, numerous cables/chargers, or occurs intermittently.

Your iPad may be charged with either a Lightning connection or a USB-C cable, depending on the model you have. You may plug in the cable from either end since they are both reversible.

Read on, and we’ll explain how to fix the most frequent iPad charging problems.

Why Is My iPad Not Charging?

An iPad that won’t charge is due to a malfunction in one of the four components necessary to power the device. The four parts are as follows:

  • The programme on your iPad (iPadOS).
  • Put away your iPad’s power adapter.
  • That would be your Lightning cable.
  • A port for powering up your iPad.
  • If your iPad isn’t charging, this article will tell you precisely which part is to blame and how to replace it.

How To Fix iPad Not Charging Issue?

When an iPad reports that it isn’t charging, the problem is almost always with the device’s hardware. However, the problem with your iPad is also the result of software malfunction.

The iPad may be reset. Charge your device using an MFi-approved cord and adapter. If your iPad is becoming too hot, you should probably stop charging it. It’s also possible to install new software on your iPad.

If you want to learn more about the solutions, read the manual that follows.

Reboot Your iPad

Even if you have plugged in your iPad’s USB cord many times and are still getting the “not charging” warning, a fast reboot may solve the problem. By doing so, the software issue may be fixed, allowing charging to resume normally.

One-Touch Home Button iPad

  • Keep holding the top button until the slide for powering down appears.
  • Your iPad will shut down once you swipe the power button and wait a few seconds.
  • Now, hold down the Top button for a few seconds to power it back on. Repeat this process until the Apple logo appears on your iPad.

The iPad Without the Home Button

To access the Power off slider, hold down one of the Volume buttons and the Top button for a few seconds.
Move the slide with your finger. Closing down will be a lengthy process.
After then, hold down the Top button until you see the Apple logo on the iPad’s screen. That will activate the iPad.

Checking The Charging Cable, Is It MFI Certified?

Checking The Charging Cable, Is It MFI Certified?

If your iPad is not charging, one of the first things to check is the wire connecting it to a power source. If it’s old or worse, not MFI certified, it won’t last long.

MFI stands for “manufactured for Apple,” in case you were wondering. Apple certifies most third-party cables before they are released for sale. Think of it as a recommendation while looking for a compatible one for your gadget.

However, this might be a major issue if your cable is not MFI approved, which is not unlikely if you bought it for less than $3.

Examine the cable you just bought as a first step. If it was made by Apple, it is already MFI-certified. If it was purchased from a different firm, check your order history (or receipt, whether you have one) to see if the information is included there. Otherwise, a newer model is required.

Detach the cord from your gadget and examine it closely, beginning to finish. Is there any evidence of use on it? If you travel often for work, you may save space by folding up your charging cord and stowing it around your power adapter. This may cause wear, most noticeably at the connectors. Your iPad could not charge correctly if the wire is frayed.

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Clean The iPad’s Charging Port

Clean The iPad’s Charging Port

Another common cause of an iPad that won’t charge is a port that has been clogged with dust or other material.

You may attempt to fix the iPad’s charging port by cleaning it.

A charging port should be checked with a bright light first. In the event that anything is blocking the port, it will be plain to notice. You may clean it with a dull item or an anti-static brush. If at all possible, choose a substance that won’t conduct electricity.

Additionally, you may blow in with force. It may also aid in cleaning up the port area.

Make Sure Your iPad Is Within Standard Operating Temperatures

iPad Is Within Standard Operating Temperatures

iPads can function between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Your iPad’s regular operation might be impaired by extreme temperatures. The screen on your iPad can go dark, and charging might stutter or even stop.

To return your iPad to optimal working temperature, place it in a cool location. Protect your iPad from direct sunlight by keeping it out of the way. You may try charging your iPad again when the temperature is back to normal. If your iPad is becoming too hot, see our other post for additional solutions.

Perform A DFU Restore

If you’ve reached this point, you’ve eliminated the chance of a software glitch, a fault with the charger or cord, or a blocked charging port. DFU restore is one final option we haven’t exhausted.

When you use DFU mode to restore your iPad, all of the software is removed and the device is reset to Apple’s original specifications. Your iPad’s inability to take a charge might be the result of a severe software fault, which can be remedied with a DFU restore.

If you don’t back up your iPad, you risk losing all of the data on it, including photographs, contacts, videos, and more. Please watch our DFU restore tutorial video on YouTube when you’re ready to get started.

In the event that a DFU restoration does not resolve the charge issue, go to the next section. How to look for water damage and how to fix it are topics we’ll cover.

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Repairing Your iPad

Unfortunately, not all iPad charging issues can be resolved by running through a checklist of software fixes. Fixing your iPad might be a necessity at times.

An iPad’s inability to charge is often the result of its recent exposure to liquid, such as water. This liquid poses a serious threat to the internal connections of your iPad’s charging port and might render your device permanently unusable.

We advise taking your iPad directly to Apple if it ever breaks. Apple’s customer service is available in-store, online, and by snail mail. Appointments are required for visits to Apple retail stores and should be made in advance. If you don’t schedule ahead, you could have to wait a long time.

Still Won’t Charge? Make An Appointment With Apple

Appointment With Apple

The cable has been verified to meet the requirements for MFI Certification. You’ve done a fantastic job of ensuring that the Lightning port is spotless. You have successfully performed a firmware reset. The temperature in here is just right. But despite your best efforts, your iPad is still uncharged. Now is the moment to contact Apple.

If you contact Apple Support, a representative may advise more troubleshooting steps, answer concerns concerning the cable, or provide information about other potential causes of the iPad’s malfunction.

If none of these solutions work, contact an Apple Store/Genius Bar or an Apple Authorized Service Provider in your area to schedule an appointment. (If you like, you may also send it by regular mail.)

Everything under the sun might be broken and in need of repair. The iPad’s Lightning port or battery might be damaged, or there could be an issue with the iPad’s software or battery.

Whatever the issue, Apple generally has a solution that returns the device to working order. However, you should investigate AppleCare+ before taking any further action. Having insurance on your iPad can keep the cost of repairs to a minimum.

But without AppleCare+, the total cost may potentially exceed $100. It is recommended that you look at this page to determine the extent of your coverage. That may be the decisive factor in determining whether or not it is worthwhile to repair your equipment or if you should upgrade.

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