How to Pick & Roll in NBA 2K23 (Know The Current Stats)

How to Pick & Roll in NBA 2K23

Hello again, 2K faithful! We now know that it’s not always that easy to get past a defender’s defences. But when things go rough, they know they can count on their teammates to help them out. The ability to set screens is essential in the NBA, but it means nothing if you can’t really use them. This tutorial will explain the pick-and-roll in NBA 2K23.

Pick & Roll Guide For NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23’s pick and roll requires players to keep in mind a number of subtle nuances. However, you should focus on the fundamentals before worrying about the rest.

Basic Pick & Roll

Basic Pick & Roll

It’s easy to call in for a preliminary screening. The player need just maintain finger pressure on the controller’s top-left shoulder button (L1 on PS4, LB on Xbox One, and L on Nintendo Switch) to activate this function. Depending on how far apart you and your buddy are, you could even try an alley-oop from that spot. But before we jump the gun here…

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To Select And Roll (Or Fade)

To Select And Roll (Or Fade)

You may choose to either give the player a direction with the roll or fade out as you exit the beginning screen. Fades are selected using the top-right shoulder button (R on PS1, RB on Xbox, and R on Nintendo Switch). This feature works best with a strong perimeter shooter, and thankfully, you can choose who determines the screen’s orientation.

Icon Pick Control

Icon Pick Control

To choose your favourite screener, touch and hold the shoulder button in the upper left. The ability to exert some command over something has far-reaching implications. So, let’s say you’re trying to find a huge shot on the track; in such case, it would be wise to choose a shooter to conceal. Intending to establish a vivid hue identity? Then you should ride shotgun with the big boys till the water runs out.

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Slip Screen Or An Early Fade

Slip Screen Or An Early Fade

Premature screening slips or fades are another strategy. It’s important to touch the top-left shoulder button again to confirm the choice before the screener is fouled. Again, it all comes down to timing. When the original screen’s intended effect is undone by a premature slide or fade, the screen has failed in its function.

As such, you now have an in-depth understanding of the pick-and-roll in NBA 2K23. It would be ideal if you could develop a systematic strategy for doing this. If you enjoy what you’re seeing, that’s great! Keep an eye on Twinfinite for more NBA 2K23 content, and click the links below to learn about alley-ooping, passing, and challenging calls.

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