How To Turn Sound Off on Instagram Stories: What Is Going On

How to turn sound off on Instagram stories

How to disable the obnoxious background music on Instagram Stories. Some Instagram Stories users have threatened to stop using the service because of a recent glitch.

Instagram has released a number of new features over the last several months, some of which have irritated users more than they have improved the experience. Users have recently reported that they are unable to mute their Instagram Stories, leading some to threaten to delete the app altogether.

There’s a new problem that prevents users from muzzling Instagram Stories, as you may have heard if you’re a regular user of the app.

Numerous changes to Instagram’s platform—such as expanded post sizes and suggested individuals you don’t follow—have coincided with the emergence of this issue.

Some say the issues began on September 7 and are still ongoing today, September 8.

Many social media users have griped about being unable to mute their own Stories.

Why Won’t Instagram Sound Turn Off?

In the normal course of using Instagram on a mobile device, you have the option of either tapping a sound button inside the app or lowering the volume on your device. You may silence your iPhone by toggling the switch on its side. After toggling this option, Instagram will notify you that you’re in “Silent mode,” allowing you to watch Stories in the workplace or other public places without drawing attention to yourself.

However, many Instagram users have suddenly realised that the app is ignoring the silence setting. As a consequence, consumers have started playing Stories in socially uncomfortable settings with the sound still on.

Instagram Sound Turn Off

This new Instagram update genuinely overrides quiet settings to play the sound on people’s stories, and it’s really the thing that will drive me crazy, one user said.

Users are unhappy with the change, and it’s now unclear if it’s a glitch or something Instagram purposely put out.

“Whenever you open an Instagram story, the audio starts playing instantly. Not at all, thank you. I’d like to view films without any background noise, “Someone else chimed in.

“Anyone want to shed light on why it seems you now cannot toggle the sound off on Instagram stories? Tell me where I’m going wrong.” third person wrote.

Keep Muting Instagram

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Is There A Way To Turn Sound Off On Instagram Stories?

Normally, silence can be achieved on Stories with little effort, but for individuals experiencing this issue, it may seem impossible. Although you could try uninstalling Instagram and reinstalling it, or logging out and then back in, the problem is probably best handled by Instagram’s technical team. This is quite unlikely to be intentional on Meta’s part, thus it’s probably a problem.

Instagram has not acknowledged this issue publicly, but given its apparent pervasiveness, a team of engineers is likely working on a solution right now. This kind of maintenance is usually completed within a few hours, so perhaps the sound problem will be fixed soon.

If not, customers may get more irritated. Users who realise that Instagram isn’t working as intended may express dissatisfaction or even delete the app.

What Is Going On?

What Is Going On Instagram

The idea that Meta would do anything so ridiculous is laughable, particularly given that Instagram has no plans to remove the mute button.

Instagram may have crashed, which is frustrating since it prevents users from muting Stories.

Inconsistencies and bugs are common on Instagram due of its massive user base of over a billion people.

If that’s the case, the app’s developers will likely get everything back to normal within a few hours. Most problems can be fixed within a few hours.

Some users are convinced that this is a whole new September 2022 update to Instagram, in which case the no-mute feature would remain indefinitely. b

Until the app is updated, we can’t know for sure. HITC has reached out to Instagram for comment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Turn Off The Audio On Instagram?

To mute Instagram on an iPhone, navigate to your profile settings. Posts, stories, or both may be muted. If you’re using an Android device, go into Instagram’s preferences and choose “Sound.” If you don’t want to hear any more comments or tales, you may mute them.

To What Extent Is It Possible To Turn Off The Audio In Instagram Stories?

First, open the Instagram story you wish to view without sound. The next step is to click the three concentric circles in the screen’s lower right corner. There will be a selection of choices presented to you. To silence the device, choose “Mute” from the main screen.

When Using An iPhone, How Do You Put It Into Quiet Mode?

To activate the iPhone’s mute function, press and hold the Side button until the volume slider displays. If you want to power down your phone, just slide the switch. Hold the Side button until the Apple logo displays to restart.

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