Apple iOS 16 Lanuch: New Features Of Apple iOs 16

Apple iOS 16 Lanuch: New Features Of Apple iOs 16

Apple has been releasing beta versions of iOS 16 since announcing it at WWDC in June. The percentage number inside the battery icon that reveals your iPhone’s precise battery charge has returned in Apple’s sixth and latest public beta for iOS 16.

Apple revealed the September 12 release date for iOS 16 during a press event for the iPhone 14. There are a number of changes related to messaging, customization, and security in the latest iOS beta. In iOS 16, the iPhone lock screen, Messages app, and Wallet will all undergo significant revisions, but there are also some hidden features that are well worth exploring.

What follows is a complete rundown of all of iOS 16’s new features. You should also check out the brand new Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and iPhone 14. (Catch up on CNET’s live blog if you missed the Apple event.)

iOS 16: Release date

iOS 16: Release date

iOS 16 will be out on September 12th, Apple has confirmed.
The corporation doesn’t announce the precise release timings, although it’s common for them to occur at approximately 10am PST (1pm Eastern, 6pm UK time).

Learn the ins and outs of updating to iOS 16 on your iPhone by reading this guide.

iOS 16: Beta Release Schedule

Immediately after its debut at WWDC in June, Apple published the first beta of iOS 16 (for developers exclusively), while public beta testers had to wait until July 11. The ultimate public release of iOS 16 is expected in the coming weeks, and we will be seeing more betas before then.

Each Public beta in the following list is largely based on the Developer beta that came before it.

  • June 6, 2022: iOS 16 is unveiled at WWDC
  • June 6: iOS 16 Developer beta 1 is released to registered developers
  • June 22: Developer beta 2
  • July 6: Developer beta 3
  • July 11: Public beta 1
  • July 27: Developer beta 4
  • July 28: Public beta 2
  • August 8: Developer beta 5
  • August 9: Public beta 3
  • August 15: Developer beta 6
  • August 15: Public beta 4
  • August 23: Developer beta 7
  • August 25: Public beta 5
  • August 29: Public beta 6
  • September 7: Release candidate is out (this is the final version before the launch)
  • When it was developing iOS 15, Apple released eight versions of the developer beta prior to general release. We tell you how to get the Developer and Public betas here.

Apple’s iOS 16 And Device Compatibility

Can iOS 16 be downloaded on any Apple product? See also: Which iPhones can receive iOS 16? for a full list of compatible devices. Anyone with an iPhone 8 or later can install and use iOS 16.

The title is accurate, although not all iOS 16 features will be available on older devices. For instance, Apple specifies that the LiDAR scanner is only accessible on the iPhone 12 Pro and later for the new accessibility function Live Captions, and that the same is true for the Door Detection and People Detection features.

Compared to this time last year, this is a significant shift. Apple revealed at WWDC 2021 that the iPhone 6s (2015) and the original iPhone SE will be compatible with iOS 15. (2016). They are no longer compatible, and the iPhone 7 is no longer supported either. It may be time for an update if you’re using one of these iPhones.

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iOS 16: New Features

The new features in iOS 16 are major. It doesn’t overhaul the iPhone in every way, but it does include some cool new features that will make it seem brand new coming fall:

Lock Screen

The Lock Screen in iOS 16 will be highly modifiable, both in terms of appearance (by changing the background colour and text) and functionality (by adding widgets for monitoring the weather, your Activity rings, and so on).

It will also be able to set up many Lock Screens, each with its own background image and widgets, much like the different “faces” that can be set up on an Apple Watch. View: All the Different Ways You Can Personalize Your iOS 16 Lock Screen. We also check out the best practises for maintaining a clutter-free Lock Screen without sacrificing notification access.

Lock Screen Of Apple ios 16

Battery percentage indicator

Despite its seeming insignificance, many iPhone users were perturbed when Apple removed the battery % indication from the top of the screen in 2017. The notch on the iPhone X was the obvious reason, but iOS 16 will bring it back (though selectively) for those who missed it.

While the above image shows the battery symbol in iOS 16 Developer beta 5, not everyone is pleased with it. One developer even went so far as to design a replacement. We’re crossing our fingers that Apple listens to the criticism and improves the product before it’s released to the general public.

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There is now the option to associate the Lock Screen, widgets, and Notification settings of your choosing with Focus modes. Apple recommended utilising “a data-rich Lock Screen while you’re using the Work Focus or a picture Lock Screen while you’re using the Personal Focus,” and switching between the two Focus modes is as simple as swiping to the appropriate Lock Screen.

There are also new Focus Filters, which allow you to limit what apps like Safari and Messages and Mail show you based on the current mode you’re in. This is useful for focusing on certain tasks while using these apps.

Focus Of Apple iOs 16

The ability to edit and ‘unsend’ messages

Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi said at WWDC that the days of “embarrassing errors” were over as he unveiled three highly sought updates to the Messages app.

To start, with iOS 16, you’ll have the option to retract previously sent texts. As a result, you may go back and fix any typos you made in a message that was sent after you first sent it. The status beneath the message is updated with a little “modified.”

And now, for what is maybe the most exciting new development, you can undo the sending of a message at any time. You may utilise the Undo Send feature to avoid the recipients from reading an incomplete message and, perhaps, seem less chaotic to your loved ones.

Finally, you may choose to not read a certain message or thread. If you’re too busy right now to answer to a message, but yet want to make sure you remember it, this may be a useful tool.

Notifications and live activities

iOS 16 relocates notifications to the bottom of your screen in response to the problem of them hiding your lock screen picture. Instead of being gathered into a list, they will show as a vertical carousel as they come in. It improves the iPhone’s aesthetics and should make it much easier to operate with one hand.

With iOS 16, Apple is also aiming to fix an issue with notifications. In certain cases, such while checking the score of a basketball game, you may get a string of alerts from the same app.

Developers now have access to a new feature called Live Activities, which displays timely notifications directly on the lock screen, eliminating the need to repeatedly unlock and unlock your phone to check for new messages.

Using Live Activities, tracking games, exercises, or even an Uber journey, should be less of a hassle.

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