Married to Medicine Season 9 Episode 10: Where To Watch And Latest Updates

married to medicine season 9 ep 10

The American reality television series Married to Medicine (also known as Married to Medicine: Atlanta) debuted on Bravo on March 24, 2013.

The series chronicles the personal and professional lives of several women in the Atlanta medical community. Four of the women featured in the series are doctors themselves, while the other women are doctors’ wives.

It depicts the trio as they attempt to juggle the demands of their families, social circles, and careers.

Anila Sajja, Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Toya Bush-Harris, Quad Webb, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe are the members of the ensemble cast for the ninth season, which is now airing.

More information regarding the tenth episode of the ninth season of Married to Medicine can be found below.

What happened in Married to Medicine last week?

Heavenly remarked that she ought to have heeded Damon’s advice to keep quiet. She believed that she had battled Contessa because of her mother’s medical problems.

Contessa confided in Scott that she had been following the drama in Heavenly and was worried about how Heavenly was handling her mother’s failing health.

Audra and Martin planned their ceremonial wedding but were more than $60,000 over budget. They were officially wed in a courtroom.

married to medicine season 9

Eugene admitted to Damon that working as an ER physician had made him anxious and exhausted. Damon agreed with Eugene’s desire to change occupations.

Toya also admitted that because of Eugene’s demanding profession, her marriage to him was in a very bad place. Eugene claimed that after the epidemic, being an emergency physician was no longer his passion.

Anila and her mother got into a fight over the latter’s refusal to provide any childcare for her grandchildren.

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Married to Medicine Season 9 Episode 10

According to the episode’s description-

Simone and Cecil invite a new set of couples over to help with their book, but when Toya let’s Audra know her wardrobe isn’t good enough, it threatens to spoil the dinner; eager to show off her new home, Quad throws a Christmas party for the ladies.

What could we can see in Married to Medicine Season 9 Episode 10

At Simone and Cecil’s dinner party, Audra and Toya will argue over Audra’s clothing in this week’s episode of Married to Medicine.

As seen in the preview, the women will counsel Simone and Cecil about marriage while they collaborate on a book about relationships, and Audra will merely say that she doesn’t care about friends.

In the preview, she questions Toya about his remarks regarding her clothing while they were travelling. While Audra wasn’t wearing her neighbourhood jumpsuit, Toya claims that others were looking beautiful.

married to medicine season 9 episode 10

When Toya wears Chanel earrings to dinner, Audra responds by saying she doesn’t care about brands or fashion.

Later, Audra will challenge Toya about her assertion that she made a million dollars by selling her previous house, and after doing some math, she will be able to show the ladies that Toya actually lost money on the transaction.

Other than that, Quad will host a Christmas party in her new home for her friends and coworkers. Quad will deliver a fairly uncomfortable statement from her rooftop, as the preview suggested.

After her divorce, she will remark about being able to purchase any brand and being able to give her mother a comfortable living in their new home.

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Married to Medicine Season 9 Cast

Married to Medicine Season 9 will have the following people on the show-

  • Audra Frimpong
  • Dr. Simone Whitmore
  • Anila Sajja
  • Miss Quad Webb
  • Dr. Heavenly Kimes
  • Dr. Contessa Metcalfe
  • Toya Bush-Harris
  • Dr. Martin Curry
  • Dr. Jacqueline Walters, and many other

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Married to Medicine Season 9 Episode 10 Premier

On Sunday, September 11, at 9 pm Eastern Time, Bravo broadcast the tenth episode of Season 9 of the show Married to Medicine, which was titled “Holi-slay.”

The episode will become accessible on Peacock’s streaming site as well as the website of the Bravo network the following day after its initial broadcast on television.

Fans can also watch the show online via DirecTVStream and FuboTV to stay current.

On the episode of Married to Medicine airing this week, the two main characters, Audra and Toya, will get into a heated argument on Audra’s sense of style.

In the upcoming episode, Quad will be seen hosting a Christmas party as well as a housewarming celebration for her fellow cast members.

Where to watch Married to Medicine Season 9?

Every week on Sunday evening at 9 o’clock Eastern Time, Bravo airs the show Married to Medicine. The episodes are also available to view for fans on the Bravo website as well as the Peacock streaming website.

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