Overwatch 2 Making Controversial Change to New Heroes

Overwatch 2 Making Controversial Change to New Heroes

The contentious decision to include new characters in the free component of the Battle Pass was made for Overwatch 2. To keep things interesting, Overwatch 2 will have new heroes, much like the first game.

Fans of Blizzard’s hero shooter can look forward to three new characters, the damage hero Sojourn, the tank hero Junker Queen, and the as-yet-unannounced support hero, when Overwatch 2 comes in Early Access on October 4.

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Recent leaks concerning Overwatch 2’s Battle Pass revealed that more heroes would need to be unlocked as the pass progressed. Overwatch 2 players were concerned that this meant they would have to pay for a premium Battle Pass in order to have access to upcoming characters, but Blizzard’s Jon Spector put fans’ minds at ease with some Twitter clarification.

Overwatch 2 Making Controversial Change to New Heroes

Although the new heroes in Overwatch 2 will need the purchase of the Battle Pass to access, producer Warren Spector has assured us that they will be included in the free tier of the pass rather than the more expensive Premium one.

Aside from Halo Infinite, most games that use the Battle Pass concept also restrict the length of time players have access to the Battle Pass and its associated content. It’s important for users to finish the Battle Pass during the season it’s accessible, or they’ll lose access to the content for good.

As a result, some players are understandably concerned that they won’t be able to access the new heroes in Overwatch 2 unless they play the game at the time the Battle Pass is released.

Spector told a Twitter user, “We’ll have clear paths to get new heroes in future seasons as well,” which seems to imply that new heroes will regularly be available to unlock regardless of who hasn’t purchased the Battle Pass, but it’s vague enough that some fans still think they might be missing out on unlocking new heroes if they don’t play the game constantly.

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Considering that there is less than a month before the game’s release, players may anticipate more information on the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass in the near future. There are many who worry that players will have to unlock new heroes at all, despite the fact that this may not be a problem in the long run and fans will never be prohibited from gaining new characters.

Free and instant hero updates have been a staple of the Overwatch experience since the game’s first launch in 2016. This maintained a level playing field by ensuring that all players had access to the same roster of Overwatch characters at all times.

Particularly in professional Overwatch, where having more “heroes” at one’s disposal than their opponents may offer one side a significant edge, this is of paramount importance. Perhaps Overwatch 2 will fix this issue, although how is unknown at this time. Before becoming too agitated, fans should wait for the official details on the Battle Pass and new heroes.

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