What Happened To Dak Prescott: Why Is He Not Playing

dak prescott injured

The Cowboys may have lost more games than just the one they dropped on Sunday night. When Dak Prescott trotted to the locker room after getting his thumb whacked by Bucs defender Shaq Barrett on a late pass, the majority of the 93,797 spectators were already hurrying for the exits.

Minutes after the final buzzer, a lacklustre Cowboys debut that allowed Tampa Bay to win 19-3 at AT&T Stadium got significantly worse.

What happened to Prescott

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, then declared that Prescott will need thumb surgery and miss a number of additional games.

It’s a major injury, according to coach Mike McCarthy, who seemed less eager to assume the position of doctor than his superior. We’ll get that to you as soon as we have all the information.

When the injury first occurred, Prescott claimed he initially believed it was simply a jammed finger before realising he could not hold the football.

How Dak Prescott got hand injury

“I’ve struck players and helmets with my hand. I believed I had jammed it, he declared. I believed it would be okay if they put it back in. However, I now need to get some surgery and go to the doctor in the morning.

The formerly unbeatable Prescott is out with a thumb fracture. Prior to breaking his ankle against the New York Giants in 2020, he had started 100 consecutive games from Mississippi State to Dallas.

dak prescott hand injury

It should be obvious that is bad enough. The issue is that, even with him, the Cowboys’ offence looked woefully ineffective for the majority of Sunday’s four quarters. It is impossible to overstate how different this evening is from the injury from two seasons prior.

Cowboy game after Dak Prescott

In that situation, Prescott departed the game in the third quarter, crying all the way as the compound fracture put an end to the season he had started in a record-breaking manner. Prescott had three straight games with 450 or more passing yards.

On Sunday night against Tampa Bay, Dak completed 14 of 29 passes for 134 yards, 269 fewer than he did in the season opener against the Buccaneers last year.

The Cowboys’ shaky summer offence overhaul was exposed in a nightmare of an opening game on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Dallas didn’t score a touchdown in the first game of the season for the first time since the team could only muster two Tim Seder field goals in a 10-6 defeat to the Buccaneers in 2001 (who knew they started the season against Tampa Bay so frequently?).

Cowboy without Prescott

For the upcoming days, if not the whole week leading up to Cincinnati’s visit here next Sunday, expect Prescott’s allegedly fractured thumb to dominate news coverage and conversations.

The Cowboys will undoubtedly have fewer options without their $40 million-a-year quarterback.

The simple fact is that they weren’t any good with him on Sunday night, and even though his supporting cast appears to be as weak.

dak prescott injury

As it was in 2018, when the Joneses were forced to acknowledge their error and trade a first-round pick for Amari Cooper in the middle of the season, Dak wasn’t exactly on target with many of his throws.

When one of his third-down passes soared high past Noah Brown on the sidelines, the crowd booed. Brown ended up being the Cowboys’ best wide receiver on this particular night, and it wasn’t even close.

On nine targets, Brown caught five passes for 68 yards. CeeDee Lamb, who the team had expected would take on Cooper’s duty in addition to his own, caught two passes for 29 yards. That applied to 11 targets.

Is Cowboy is in trouble?

You would be correct in believing that the Cowboys did not fit the mould of a club that could prepare itself by resting its starters for the whole preseason.

Some people are successful. Many don’t, and Dallas’ offence, predictably, appeared as though it had only ever run a few plays together in practise.

Despite losing Cooper and two offensive lineman in the summer, the Cowboys, who finished 12-5 last season, have chosen to act as if they are the undisputed division favourites and are simply ready to advance in the playoffs.

The Cowboys decided that third-round pick Jalen Tolbert and veteran James Washington would be more than adequate to replace any receiving deficiencies since they also knew Michael Gallup wouldn’t be ready for the season opener.

Washington was injured at the first padded practise in Oxnard, and Tolbert, who had a terrible summer, did not dress for the opening game.

Replacements for the Dak Prescott

dak prescott

It is disgusting for everyone involved that Simi Fehoko, a fifth-round pick from the previous year, and undrafted Dennis Houston were both considered more prepared for the NFL than Tolbert.

That’s not to say that the offensive players appeared particularly prepared for this game, with the possible exception of guard Zack Martin and Zeke Elliott, who gained 52 yards on 10 carries.

The fact that Tampa Bay never appeared particularly concerned about giving up yards, much less points, shows how far the No. 1-ranked total offence from the previous season has fallen.

With Cooper Rush at quarterback, a redesigned offensive line that is fighting to avoid penalties, and a wide receiving group that is nothing like the one the team started the season with in 2021, it will now take on the Super Bowl loser from the previous year.

Prescott added, “This is Game 1, let’s not panic as if we can’t do anything on offence.

They were powerless to do anything on Sunday. They won’t have their starting quarterback until probably somewhere in October, so they’ll have to make due without him.

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